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Cuckold Confessions

Forced To Share Bundle

4 Pack Volume 1

By Alexa Lynch

First Edition, Ebook Edition.



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This is a work of erotic fiction and contains GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS OF SEX, WHICH MAY OFFEND SOME AUDIENCES. This book is meant for MATURE AUDIENCES AGED 18 OR OLDER.

All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older and all sex acts are consensual by all characters involved.

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Cuckold Confessions

By Alexa Lynch

As a real estate agent couple working together, my husband Joel and I saw tons of strange shit. Each venture into a new house placed on the market was an eyeopener. What we found at our latest open house, opened doors I thought were locked tight.

“What is this place?” I stepped down into the basement of an older home. The upstairs looked random with floral wallpaper and a country style kitchen. The dark contrast of the downstairs was a little jarring.

“It’s a man cave,” Joel said with a hint of glee. “I can sell this.” He went to work, inspecting under the bar for leaks. I walked to the far end of the room and opened a closet door.

“Uh, honey? Are the homeowners all moved out?”

“Been gone for weeks. Why?” he said not looking around the bar.

“Cause this cave, just got freaky.” I pulled out a whole basket stuffed with plastic penis shaped toys in a variety of colors and sizes. There was a dildo for everyone in there.

“No, shit, Lila!” He quickly jumped to attention to investigate my sexually stimulating findings.

Since there was no furniture in the room, Joel and I sat on the floor to examine them closer. A medium sized neon green one looked exactly like one I had in my nightstand drawer. It was a good seller. I wasn’t surprised, my personal green dildo was at the top of my orgasm enhancer list. “Hell. Where did these come from?”

“Who cares. Rinse them off. Let’s use them.” Joel slid a double ended flesh colored toy up my thigh. “Let’s throw it down right here. I’ll give you a hell of an orgasm with this.”

“Try again.” I snatched up the basket of sex toys and headed to the stairs. “These are going in the trash.”

Lila, they’re still good. Let’s play.” He pasted on his most adorable, convincing sex face. It usually got to me, but with a stranger’s dildos? Hell no!

“Okay,” I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and shoved the basket into Joel’s hands. Taking out the biggest nastiest, black, dildo, I shook it in the air. “Drop your pants. Let me shove this in your ass.”

“I get it.”

Joel didn’t get it. In some ways we were on the same page with sex, but others we were so different. I yearned to be ravaged, forced against my will even. He never role played that scenario. I tossed the dildo at him and took my ass back up to the country kitchen.

“We don’t have to use the toys to have fun.” He grabbed me from behind, cupped my hips, and pulled me into him. His erection poked in my ass. “What do you say? Let’s break this place in.”

“You seriously never stop. Is he ever soft?” I walked with him attached and dropped the basket on the kitchen counter.

“Never when you’re around, sweet cheeks.” Joel was already kneading his stuffed hard on. “Pleeeessse.”

“You want to fuck now?” I knelt down between his legs and massaged his stiffened cock. “In the kitchen?” I placed my lips on his pants and sucked him throughs the fabric. “I could go for that.”

“Fuck, Lila. I need you.” He writhed, rocking his pelvis into me.

“I don’t know,” I teased, pulling his zipper down. “You may not be big enough to satisfy me.” Joel was so fun to play with. His perpetual horniness gave me plenty of opportunities to suck him off everywhere.

“Just do it,” he groaned, falling back against the fridge.

“You want this?” I kissed the very tip gently. He shuddered. I folded my lips over his helmet and purred. He groaned. I took in his shaft and pulsed on him. Turning up the heat, I sucked hard and fast.

“Fuck, Lila.” He gripped the side of the fridge, struggling to stay standing. He was such a pussy during a blow job.

Tired of giving him all the pleasure I popped off. Slinking up his body, I unzipped my skirt, leaving it on the floor. “You stiff enough yet?”

“Hell, yes.” He grabbed my ass, hooking his fingers into my thong. “How wet are you?” he asked, shoving his fingertips into my pussy.

“Enough to slid onto your little cock.”

“Bitch,” he chuckled, slapping my ass. “Bend over.”

“Like this?” I flattened my palms against the patio door and offered my ass to him. “Or maybe here?” I turned to the kitchen island and folded my elbows on it. Spreading my legs, my pussy, I was at the perfect height for his dick.

“A quickie in the kitchen.” He wasted no time grabbing my ass and pulling me to him. He drove in with a hungered force. Plowing in quick, his cock filled me sharp and bordered on painful.

“Oh, Joel.” I sucked in a deep breath and flexed, rocking back on his fast pumping cock.

“I love fucking in other people’s houses. Don’t you?” He gripped my hips and held me in place, grinding his cock in a slow circle, stretching me out to increase his pleasure.

“You on your phone back there?” I looked over my shoulder. Joel was good once he got started, but hell sometimes he had no clue.

“Just making sure you’re good.” He picked up the pace, pushing in harder and deeper. He slammed me into the counter with the next thrust.

“Now we’re talking,” I said, absorbing the force of his prodding. He pounded, with no rhythm, but it was decently gearing up my juices for a climax. I bucked with him, clenching and moaning.

Then I heard the muffled tone of his phone ringing in his pocket. “Hell, really, Joel?” I slapped the counter. “Answer it.”

“I got this.” He kept his cock secure and fished his phone out. “Hello?” He tapped his fingers on my lower back, listening to the caller. “Oh, at the Dobson Ranch location. We’re here now.”

What the hell? I shook my ass, attempting to get his attention. “Who is it?” I mouthed back to him. He waved me off.

“We’ll be here.” He ended the call and placed his phone on the counter. “How fast can you cum?” He sped up his thrusts, almost spasming in my pussy.

“Fuck! Stop!” I cinched my muscles on him. “Who was that!”

“Aaron Nelson. He’s coming over to check the place out.”

Just the sound of his name unclenched my pussy muscles. He drenched my panties more than any other real estate agent in the city. If I was a cheating women, I’d screw him raw, but he was the enemy.

At every showing, he paraded clients in to steal a sale. If we had an open house scheduled, he’d out market us on his open house in the same neighborhood. He was dirty, but his rugged hot body sold homes. He used it too. Women loved to tour with him, alone.

“Mmmm,” I moaned, thinking about how big his cock was. Joel wasn’t kidding about finishing either. He kept pumping in me from behind. The thought of having the smell of sex in the air when Aaron arrived, turned me on hotter. “Oh, yes, yes,” I tensed, creaming for the enemy while I bounced on my husband’s cock. “Fuck me, yes.”

Behind me, Joel was doing his best to hit his stride. He pounded in hard, digging his nails into my ass. “Yes, yes, fuck my cock.”

“Yes. Yes. There. Yes.” I inhaled, tightening with an explosion of a climax. Panting, I quivered on Joel’s thrusting cock.

“Yes, oh fuck, yes,” he groaned. His balls clenched and he blasted out a hot load of seed. “Ohhhhh, fuck.” Joel bent over my back, totally spent from his outburst.

“We don’t have time.” I wiggled under him. “Hand me my skirt.” I dressed just as Aaron was pulling up into the driveway.

“Keep him busy.” I pushed Joel to the front door and exited out the back hall to find the bathroom. A quick once over was in order before I could face the man chest, hunky eye candy at the door. I patted my face with some water and smoothed my tousled hair back in place. Strutting out I turned to the living room, but heard Joel’s voice in the kitchen.

“Lila loves dildos.”

The basket! Seriously? It took me two steps to round the corner. When I did, Joel had the green dildo in his hand and was saying. “I think she has one of these.”

“Joel!” I snatched the thing out of his hand and dropped it and the rest of the plastic penis toys into the sink. “This is not the most exciting thing in the house. Let me show you the man cave, Aaron.”

“Hold up,” Aaron stopped me from pulling him away. “Are you not a fan of dildos? I think all women should use them. On the nights they’re not getting screwed.”

He blatantly, in front of my husband, snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me to him. His hard body, so close, stirred up my already wet pussy. “I agree.”

“Do you really?” He reached around me to turn the water on in the sink. “Cause we could put these to good use.”

His stretch, smashed his pelvis against my thigh. It was evident by his stiff erection that he was ready to prove his point.

“She won’t go for it. I already asked her,” Joel said, missing the point of Aaron’s comment. Another man was offering to fuck me and it went right over his head.

“Well, if they’re rinsed,” I said, cupping Aaron’s balls. I dragged my thumb down the length of his shaft. He was clearly not fully hard yet and he felt massive. “I could try,” I shuddered.

“Or we could just get started,” Aaron said, staring down into my eyes. There was look of lust and desire behind his stare. A look that also said, I intend to fuck you in front of your husband.

I was writhing to feel his rough hands take me. My chest was heaving to be in his arms. Would Joel really watch? Or join in? Could this be happening? “He’s watching,” I said, just above a sigh.

His lust filled stare turned into a seductive grin. Taking my wrist, he jerked around to Joel. “Bring the toys.” He yanked me hard, pulling me behind him to the basement stairs.

“Lila. Where are you two going?” Joel asked, shocked. I shrugged, gleefully following along with Aaron’s plan.

“She wants this, Joel!” Aaron said. “Bring the damn dildos!”

This is not happening. Joel is going to stop this. I was fighting with myself. Sure I want to fuck Aaron, but in front of Joel? How would that work. He’d jump in or stop it from happening. “Do you really have to assault women like this?” I asked Aaron. “In front of their husbands?”

“You think I’m raping you?” He meticulously unbuttoned his shirt and laid to over the edge of the bar.

“No, but what are you doing?” I mirrored his actions, unbuttoning the buttons on my own blouse.

“Giving you what you want.” Joel arrived in the basement. His glance jumped from Aaron’s bare chest to my hands on my bra clasp.

“What the hell, dude?”

“I’m giving her what she wants.” Aaron ripped his belt off and snapped to Joel’s side. With moves like a soldier, he pinned Joel’s arms behind his back and secured them with his belt. “It’s a win, win.”

“What’s going on?”

Aaron forced Joel down to his knees. “I’m fucking your wife with this.” He picked up the green dildo in one hand. In the other, he picked out the large black dildo. “Enjoy the show. Or enjoy this in your ass.”

“Don’t I get a say in this?”

With one wide stride, he was at my side. “You already did,” he growled in my ear, and tore my bra straps down. His massive hands, grasped my tits. I arched my back and he greedily plunged his lips on my mouthfuls.

“How bad do you want it?” He caressed the green dildo up and sandwiched it between my inner thighs. “Just a little.” He turned the tip of the dildo up to knock on my pussy door. “Or a lot?”

“Ohh.” I tensed up tight, grabbing hold of the object between my legs. “A whole hell of a lot.”

“You hear that, Joel?” He reached around and unzipped my skirt. It fell with no resistance to pool around my ankles. Positioning me on the floor, he butterflied my legs, by opening my knees. “The view from here is delicious. You sure know how to pick them,” he called back to Joel.

“Lila, you don’t have to do this.” He attempted to stop Aaron by hobbling forward on his knees.

Aaron held a palm out, smashing it against my husbands forehead. “Big—ass—dildo.” He emphasized each word and Joel backed off. “Where were we?” he said, returning his attention me.

“You were about to.” I teased the dildo at my pussy and stroked it up and down.

“Right here?” He pushed the toy in my wet slit. It was tight at first, but he pumped it back and forth, then slid it further into my drenched hole.

“Ohh, ohh, ohh,” I clamped down on the plastic penis and rocked on it. “Almost as good as the real thing.” He let me hold the toy. I pumped it in and out, moaning and squirming loud for Joel’s benefit.

“It’s not even close.” He crawled over me, allowing his erection to rest on my pussy. “Open my fly. I want you to suck him off before I fuck you.” He rocked his body over me, pseudo fucking me while I made up my mind. “Do it,” he hissed.

I shot a glance over to Joel who had his head hanging down, staring off to the floor. In that position, with Aaron over me, and Joel nearby, was exactly where I wanted to be. It was the kind of sex I’d been waiting to have. I didn’t just want to cheat on Joel, I wanted to humiliate him into trying new things.

Releasing Aaron’s cock was a rush. His dick was massive. I pulled back his pants and he fell out of them. I crushed my hand on his shaft and pumped him hard. My pussy was tingling to have him fill me. I’d let the dildo fall, but once I saw his size, I shoved it back in.

“You’re pleased,” he grinned, tickling his tip across my pussy lips. His hard cock pressing on my clit was driving me insane. “Oh—I think—I’m—going to.” Aaron jammed his cock between my thighs, just sliding down my clit and I exploded with an orgasm. “Right—there—Ahhhhhhh!”

As soon as my climax peaked, he jerked the dildo out, backed up, and pressed his face into my pussy. He drove his tongue in and lapped up every bit of juice I’d creamed out with my orgasm. Keeping me running on a high, he flicked against my clit and pumped his fingers in my pussy.

“Oh, fuck! I’m so hard right now,” he desperately said, with shallow pants. Looking up my torso, he dragged his lips up to my ear. “He’s not ready yet.” He nudged over to Joel. “And I still need a kiss.”

He flipped, fully undressed, and settled on his side in the sixty-nine position. “Suck me until I blow. I’m going to have some fun.”

He was bigger than Joel, I worried about being able to swallow him, but I was eager to try. I swirled my fingertip around his tip while I wet my lips to take him all the way into my mouth.

He slid the dildo back inside my pussy and stretched me out by inserting his fingers with the toy. “Damn nice,” he groaned. He pulsed the toy in and out as he explored deeper in my tunnel.

His curiosity revved me up to keep going. I kissed his cock, opened wide, and pushed him in past my lips. Carnally sucking on his massive rod, I bobbed back and forth on him. He bucked his hips with me, forcing his length further in my throat. I pushed myself, taking in more of him.

“Fuck, yes. Keep going.” He ripped one toy from me and inserted the big black dildo. I inhaled deeply, holding my breath as he stretched open my full passage with the monster toy. “Feels good. Doesn’t it?”

The pain of the stretching was intense, but I imagined it was his cock tearing into me and rocked with it. He pumped the big black toy, wetting me up. “Oh, fuck, fuck,” I cried.

The faster he plowed the dildo in my pussy, the wetter I got, and the hungrier I sucked on his cock. My cheeks were exploding. I was gagging and I could taste his excitement on my tongue. I was wholly his and craved to be taken by him.

“Fuck.” He rolled, grasping his cock and pumping it. “Hop on.”

“I—I—I—” Panting, aching to fuck him, I shook the toy out of my pussy and straddled over Aaron. Our bodies were turned so that I faced Joel. I could climb off and not do that to him. Not humiliate him, by fucking Aaron. The strong enemy under me, held his cock straight up and inched it at my pussy. I clamored for him. Closing my eyes, I lowered down on his commanding cock.

“Uuuuuuhhhh,” I stifled a gasp. His massive length filled me hard and fast. His cock was bigger and fatter than Joel’s. A pleasurable shockwave rippled through my body and I rocked with his sudden thrusts.

“No,” Joel, groaned, toppling to his side.

“I’m doing this for you.” I opened my eyes and pleaded for my husband to watch me fuck another man. “You can’t imagine how hot I am.” Aaron held me secure, keeping up his momentum. “This pleases me so much, Joel.” Aaron drove his cock in and out of my pussy, fucking me hard and fast. My body caught up to his assault and slicked up to ease his strokes. “I neeeeeed to fuck him”

“That’s it. Tell him what you want,” Aaron encouraged. “Cum on my cock. Show him what he’s missing.”

It was all extremely over stimulating. His cock stretching my pussy, his harsh reality, Joel watching. It was a hell of a lot better than I’d fantasized. Every cell in my body was stirring. My senses screamed for an orgasm. I clenched tense. “I’m cumming!” I cried.

“Fuck yes! Look at her face, Joel. Watch her enjoy it!” he tightened his grip on my thighs and jammed his cock even faster.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned, climaxing, pulsing, climbing higher into extreme sexual release.

“Fuck, you’re amazing!” He rolled me to my back. Keeping his stance, he held himself over me with his elbows locked. “Watch me fuck the shit out of her.” He pumped his cock into my throbbing pussy. “You hear me, Joel? I want you to watch my ass tighten as I take your wife,” he growled with a grin spanning the length of his face.

“Ohhhhh,” I shuddered feeling his full length drive inside me. I writhed on his cock, clenching, and clasping onto the hot flesh stretching my tunnel.

“She’s such an easy slut.” He pinched my cheeks, pursing my lips. “Once she loosens up, damn, she’s a ride.”

I assumed Joel was still hiding his face, but Aaron kept screwing me and talking to him. He pressed his body on mine, thrusting, and smashing down on my chest.

“You planning on cumming?” I exhaled, struggling for air.

“Why the hurry?” He pounded his cock in deep, withdrawing, and slamming it back in. “Joel’s enjoying this.”

He tossed a dildo over at Joel. “Watch, asshole. I’m fucking her senseless.” Pulling one leg up, he adjusted, and pumped his cock.

“Fuck! Oh, Fuck!” I expelled, searching around for anything to grab ahold of. With nothing within grasp, I reached a hand up over my head to my husband. “Please, please,” I begged.

“Save her,” he growled, fueled by my begging to fuck faster. He ripped me open, stretching me wider, and plowing his massive cock. “Come closer,” he ordered.

I strained to look in Joel’s direction. He wasn’t bent over like I’d last seen him. He was jerking off. “You’re fucking enjoying this! Get over here fucker!”

“No, Lila—let me.”

“Fuck you! Bring it here!” Joel obeyed, crawling over to feed me his dick. I pumped him hard, fueled by a desire to hurt him for not being a total mess.

“Cuck him,” Aaron said, pleased with the turn of events. Keeping his cock in place, he squeezed my mouth. “Look at these lips. They’re almost as sexy as her pussy.”

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