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2ND EDITION with new content

BY Monica Loo

(aka Ireth Seregon)

Copyright © 2013, 2017 by Monica Loo

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Monica Loo began writing as a child to transform her favourite characters’ tragedies into happy endings. Rpg games and Hellboy indulge her passion for elves and mythology. Her short story has recently been published in Writingthecity’s anthology 2016, an initiative by the British Council (Singapore) Welcome to her website of Dragonage stories: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Reinamarieseregon

The PiXiu Haunting

Special note: A piXiu is a child of the gods in Asian myth and a pair is always placed in front of shops to ward evil. I got this inspiration from checking out photos by a paranormal group, there are some rural abandoned houses that are rumoured to be haunted. Garishly coloured, mishaps happen when people renovate so they are left alone.

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