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BY Monica Loo

(aka Ireth Seregon)

Copyright © 2013, 2017 by Monica Loo

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Monica Loo began writing as a child to transform her favourite characters’ tragedies into happy endings. Rpg games and Hellboy indulge her passion for elves and mythology. Her short story has recently been published in Writingthecity’s anthology 2016, an initiative by the British Council (Singapore) Welcome to her website of Dragonage stories: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Reinamarieseregon

The PiXiu Haunting

Special note: A piXiu is a child of the gods in Asian myth and a pair is always placed in front of shops to ward evil. I got this inspiration from checking out photos by a paranormal group, there are some rural abandoned houses that are rumoured to be haunted. Garishly coloured, mishaps happen when people renovate so they are left alone.

Ong screamed as a grotesque branch clawing his face and a shadowed visage unveiled by the hazy light. His voice was soundless but the pain was genuine.

Why is this happening to me again? The figure vaguely resembled a faded woman, though eyes were hollows, skeletal face and had a guttural voice incanting something not of this world. And then the backdrop became a broken down worn building, entirely red bricked and fenced up. The attack stopped and started drifting backwards. It was night and yet the windows flickered to life and there seemed to be occupants in it. No I don't want to see this! Someone wake me!

He had an ominous feeling in the pit of his sinking stomach. Some children came out running and playing. They didn't see him. The huge double doors fell off its hinges and suddenly a rocking chair was super imposed, creaking though no one was on it. Ong looked around for them, gone. Running footsteps stomping with metal became louder.

With every bit of willpower, he leapt but the exit was still far! Fuck! Although he wasn't a particularly pious man he started praying to any god that could hear him.

The sound of a giant stone being dragged across the floor, and then something physical kicked his foot. Ong thought he'd pass out at the glaring face of a Pixiu- StoneLion. At temples and in front of some shops, there are usually a pair of them for wealth and protection. But this one was gigantic and breathing hotly on him, he could see its eyes glowing with a blue light. Foreign tongues chanting what the first demonic thing had, had become louder and deafening.

Since red means evil, then maybe it's not? “Please help me get out of here. I'll do anything! You're not a bad god are you?” Ong covered his ears futilely and cried out. He did not expect to hear it talk, he would possibly die if it did. The eerie sounds did not let up but the pixiu clacked its jaws. It nudged him to the exit of the house and Ong felt that it recommending him telepathically not to turn and see anything beside or behind him.

Suddenly a guttural voice called out and shadows of things loomed in front of him blocking the open field! Ong swallowed and fell down on his knees. The stone lion bounded in front of him, swiping at them with its paws and emanating roars. It's- it's clearing a path for me!!

Because as the lion attacked the demons, the forms retreated cowering away and it glowed with a brilliant golden luminescence. Its body was now not grey stone but covered in fur, it had staunch legs and unfurled four pairs of wings. The back of its tail ended in a dragon's tail swiping. Ong kept close to his protector. When most entities retreated, the pixiu nudged him. Something monstrous grabbed his leg just as he held its wing. The rough texture of a branchedhand---- fuck that first apparition!
“Help! It won't let me go!”

The pixiu fanned its wings and then they were high above the canopy, Ong felt a sharp acute pain as if his leg was ripped off. But he remembered not to look back and just focused in front.

Then he felt himself bounce with the impact of a hard landing. He snapped open his eyes. Huh he was in bed, sweating profusely the fan whirring noisily in his Hdb flat! He scrubbed his face. 3.03am! He lay in bed waiting for sunrise.

The next day, Ong remembered his promise to thank the pixiu and made an offering at the nearest temple. Pixius all flanked the path to the inner shrine.

The Realm of Gaia’s Daughter

Note: My Gaia short story was selected for a local writingthecity anthology and beta-ed by my great mentor Melissa de Villiers, 2016. When I first did amazon, createspace was a first draft. Really like more audiences to support.

He was treading lightly over the fragile bridge that crossed the violet lake, tantalizingly close to seeing the face of the mystery lady. This time, I have to find out who she is! Is she from some other, lost era?

Rrrrrring …

His old enemy, the alarm clock! Once again, just as he was inching closer to finding out the identity of his fantasy queen, he had been jolted awake. Determined to return to his other world, he shut his eyes again, attempting to calm his racing pulse. The lady always seemed so real, not just a figment of his fevered imagination. Perhaps going into a meditative state would help him to fall back asleep – so deeply he’d be beyond the reach of the hated alarm.

“Daniel, we meet once more. Do you think this is a dream?” her melodious voice trilled like canary song. A pure voice soaring in a mysterious musical key, yet somehow he could understand every word. His eyes were still clenched shut; he did not dare to hope for the impossible. She laughed and told him to relax, not to worry.

Nervously, Daniel opened his eyes and gaped. A myriad of colours were spread out before him. The sky was cornflower blue streaked with orange hues, meteorite stars blazing across it even though it was bright daytime. No sun or heat, only coolness caressing like invisible fingers. Green leaves blossoming around Daniel – sprouts and twigs, huge trees and shrubs. He heard the sound of birdsong before he saw the birds themselves – birds of paradise, feathers iridescent, fluttering on long tails. They swooped and soared, playfully ducking and rising.

Here came some other, clumsier birds, waddling past him on the grass. Purple dodos, more shiny-looking than any pictures he’d seen in books. Great auks were taking it in turns to dive into the green ocean. Glossy black with white stripes, they were the size of golden retrievers! In the distance, he could just make out a pack of doglike creatures pursuing antelopes. For a moment, he couldn’t recall the name, until he concentrated. He’d seen them on a David Attenborough film – they were the extraordinary Tasmanian Tigers. In his world, they were extinct.

The bark of the trees around him seemed almost transparent, as if you could stick your fingers right through. The sparkling green waters of the sea beckoned him in … and now the mysterious woman was whispering in his ear, “Welcome to my home, mortal. I am Gaia’s daughter, and you are already known to me. Daniel, my name is Hermione.”

Was this really happening to him at last? Daniel wanted to cry and laugh both at once. Hermione was cloaked in a mesmerizing leaf gown, auburn tresses flowing. A crown of flowers decorated her head. She smiled. “I marvel at how you manage to come here. I usually see only the extinct creatures of your planet.”

Was he in Heaven? He held out his hands to touch the woman, yet she drifted ahead of him. He jogged to catch up.

“This realm is between Heaven and your Earth. Mother is very busy in her ruling. So, I guard this place.”

Daniel didn’t speak. His throat felt too choked up. “Magnificent” was insufficiently barren to describe this world, his mind was blown away utterly. Yet one thing wasn’t right. Hermione looked just like Kerry!

His wife from the real world, the world of the alarm clock and other hated things. How was it possible? Kerry always found fault with him, no matter what groceries he bought. When he did overtime at his dead-end accountancy job and returned so late, his wife complained she felt unfulfilled sexually. They had grown so distant. Of course I love her, but she’s just so… so human and unstimulating.

Kerry didn’t believe in him. She didn’t believe in his passion for extinct animals and she made it very plain that she didn’t believe in his thesis about the existence of a parallel world. She hated it when Daniel spent weekends in his makeshift laboratory, squinting through a microscope or leafing through volumes of dinosaurs and extinct species at prominent libraries. Yet those were the very things – perhaps the only things – that made him feel alive.

“Hermione, I will come back!” he shouted as he felt the Veil weaken. Had she really come so close to kissing him?

Daniel sighed. He had returned to his mundane world of traffic, buildings, human noise.

He couldn’t live this way. He could no longer bear it. He had to do something to return to Hermione and that world forever.

That night, when he got home from work, Daniel told his family the story he’d been polishing up all day. Yes, it was good news. Yes, he’d had a promotion! He would be posted to Europe for an important position that would earn more for all the family. No, he didn’t know when he’d be coming back. Perhaps in a few months’ time, but it was hard to tell. At first he had considered telling them he had some terminal illness, for the truth was he did not plan on ever coming back.

“Why not play with us, daddy?” his kids had asked, and he found he did not have the heart to pretend that he was dying. He only wished he could bring them along as well. He couldn’t wait to get away, but guilt tore at him too. His cravings needed to be satisfied. He kissed the children good night for the last time. Then, telling Kerry he was going out for breath of fresh air, Daniel went to a park and managed to drift into a meditative state.

“Will you really leave this world behind for me?” Now Hermione seemed like an ordinary woman.

“I can’t wait to!”  A blinding light caressed him. He cried out in joy. They walked into the mists together.

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