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First published 2017


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Welcome to a collection of short form poems, each capturing a snapshot of fleeting moments, caught in the act of passing by, and held up to the light for a closer look.

Pausing to contemplate the “in between” moments of our days often brings a certain clarity, and a more grounded perspective of our place and purpose in the wider world, too easily lost in the chaotic rush of daily life. It’s a way of reminding ourselves of the things that matter.

This collection is an eclectic mixture of traditional Japanese short form poetry (haiku, tanka and senryu) and some of the more recently developed cherita form, along with a handful of longer prose poems.

Many of the poems herein have been published elsewhere, either online or in print (or both), including in:


Atlas Poetica

Friday Flash Fiction

Failed Haiku

Snapshots” chapbook – Ginninderra Press ‘Picaro Poets’ series




Tanka – ‘Leaves fall…’

Tanka – ‘Blinking awake…’

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