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Dear Diary,

My Ghetto Family's Worst Kept Secrets

Book 2 Lust

Copyright 2017 Max Zinny

A licentious story of sex, lust, envy, greed and survival between the contrasting members of an American family.

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WARNING: This story is written for adults only. It contains explicit, graphic sex and language, including

Please Note: What is written in these pages is a fantasy. I write it as a way to invite you to come along on a journey which will hopefully be stimulating.  Along the way you may encounter non-consensual acts, illegal acts, and some things which may be shocking.  However, please note I do not condone every act that I write in my works.  Many stories you read of mine actually won’t even bring that into question but I always put this in the disclaimer.

For those who engage in the types of sexual encounters that you read here and in my other works, please remember that I advocate doing so in a Safe Sane and Consensual manner, and always with someone you know and trust.  While my stories sometimes involve doing away with a “safe-word,” I do not condone this.  It has been my experience and that of many I have known, a safe-word in no way take away from or diminishes a fantasy one engages in … despite the myth of this being the case.

Every person appearing in this story engaging in any sexual act is intended to be at least 18 years old, even if the specific age of certain characters is not stated.

Dear Diary,

My Ghetto Family's Worst Kept Secrets

Book 2 Lust

Copyright 2017 Max Zinny

A licentious story of sex, lust, envy, greed and survival between the contrasting members of an American family.

JaRome Green's family is as large as any southern family. But unlike many families the Greens’ all share an intimate secret. That secret is entangled in licentious relationships, blackmail, lies, money and forced sex. With anger, resentment and bitterness everywhere, each family member guards his or her secrets with more lies and deceit. But with a manipulative step mother, a jealous step-brother, millions in inheritance money on-the-line and a blackmailing aunt threatening to snitch-out JaRome’s familial conquest, accomplices and his worst mis-steps.

Without trying JaRome easily becomes the bullseye and target for a family desperate to deny their own wrong doings. Slowly, JaRome learns the many ways his some are waiting to go-down on him while others are simply waiting to take him down a notch or two.

The drama surrounding his sexual exploits never stop. How much longer can JaRome’s strategy, steer him away from controversy? Not long at all it seems. Which leaves him with one choice. Man-up and tell the truth. Using his diary, JaRome elaborates with a hardcore gritty truthfulness the sex, lust and envy that completely unraveled his ghetto families worst kept secrets.



That voice wasn't Priscilla's!

We both instantly turned towards where the voice was coming from. Marcy. She just got home!

"Oh my Fucking lord, what the hell?!" exclaimed Priscilla!

Marcy stood at the door and watched as her mother rapidly dislodged my cock from her pussy like she was trying to get away from a greedy pipe steak that had no business between her legs. Thats when I first notice the thick musky smell of our sex and how it filled the room as if it was stuck to the walls. Priscilla covered herself in bed sheets while I quickly grabbed the only thing she left for a nigga to hide himself. I snatched up a pillow, placed it over my manhood and turned to face Marcy. My mind searched for any words that might explain the scene before her all the while, I wished we had taken the time to light up some incense.

If there was anyone that was supposed to catch her mom sexing her step-son, it just shouldn't be a daughter that dislikes her mother the way Marcy dislikes Priscilla!

"How the fuck, did I forget to lock the door after coming in?"


I ran after her. When I finally caught up to her I touch her on the arm.

"Don't fucking touch me! Mother-fucking bastard!” Marcy screamed out, causing specks of spit to fly from her mouth. “Don't fucking touch me..."

Amidst Marcy’s shock and confusion, her mom was still lying in bed beneath sheets and blankets, crying like she just discovered that her shit really does fucking stink in the nose of other people.

Meanwhile, I stood before Priscilla’s daughter, butt naked, except for the pillow I used to hide my now limp, but soaking wet Johnson, still filled with a nut that I was a few seconds away from busting. The disappointment of being interrupted right before shooting my load up into Priscilla’s womb must have been written everywhere on my face because Marcy looked me dead in the face and then she bounced. As Marcy turned and raced out of the room, I followed her like a cop in hot pursuit. She ran through the hall pass the guest bathroom and down the main stairway.

Marcy finally stop running and, to my surprise, started walking as I pleaded with her to give me a chance. I needed her to listen to what I had to say, even if I didn’t know what I was going to say. But Marcy wouldn't let me explain jack-shit to her.

"You mother-fucker!" she snarled while pointing her index finger at my face. I was sure that she was either going to try and poke one of my eyes out or straight hock-up-a-loogie and spit in my face.

"Nigga! You said you can't fuck family! Thats exactly what your lying ass told me, you refuse to sleep with me... because we’re family? You mother-fucker lying bastard. You picked that bitch over me?

“Marcy listen for a sec...”

“Why the fuck would you pick old fucking pussy over virgin pussy, nigga?! she asked calmly cutting me words off like a new Ginsu knife. The dark mascara that she used to line her eyes ran down her face and onto her neck like the black tears of a zombi. She folded her arms across her chest, looked me in the eye and waited for my answer. I was sure she was about to snatch the pillow and kick me in my balls or something, I could see it in her eyes. She was beyond pissed and considering the best way to attack me.

“Marcy, what happened was...”

“What nigga? What is it?” she interrupted. “Is it because I ain’t never had dick?!” she asked as she lunged toward me.

I jumped back closed my eyes and held my breath. The last thing I saw was Marcy’s gothic black painted finger nails reaching for me. I felt a cool breeze as she ripped the pillow that I had used to cover my cock, wet with her mother’s pussy juices taken from me. I’ve never felt so naked cold, embarrassed and vulnerable at the same time.

“But you gonna stick dick in my mother’s wrinkled ass pussy, nigga?! she grunted.

I open my eye’s just in time to see her back hand me with the pillow. The pillow caught the entire right side of my face like Venus Williams swinging a tennis racket. Whack! I lost my balance and stumbled left. In the back of my mind I asked myself why the fuck did Priscilla buy this hard ass pillow? I wasn’t about to get an answer but the pain made me wonder why would she buy a fucking brick to sleep on. Meanwhile Marcy was talking madness to me as she tried to pillow bat my head off.

“Don’t run! Hereyougo,” she grunted as she swung the pillow at me again.

This time she hit me on the left side of my face. Whack! I stumbled to the right but caught myself in time to avoid falling. I tried bracing myself by placing my hands on the coffee table that I almost fell over the top of. Thats when I realized that that pillow didn’t have goose fucking feathers in it like a normal pillow. That shit was made of that newfangled Memory Foam bullshit. The point being it fucking hurt when it connected with my face.

“A wrinkled pussy over mines, nigga? she asked as she brought the pillow down on my head again and again.

Whack, whack, whack!

You wanna run-up-in my fucking aging mother, huh nigga?!"

Whack, whack!

"Please let me explain, Mar..." I said before she cut my words short!

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