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The Alpha Male’s Guide to Satisfying Women

The 3 F’s to Keep Women Happy

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You’re an alpha male, right? Hopefully if you’re reading this book. At the very least you want to be an alpha male, but that’s not all you want. Is it? So you’re here because you want to satisfy women, and you want to do it the right way. Relationships can be hard, and I’m not going to tell you to bring your girlfriends flowers every day. You don’t have to go out of your way to recite a romantic poem over a bed of roses to keep a woman. There are three simple rules, the three simple F’s that you have to do to keep any woman happy and satisfied. That’s what we all want, right? To keep a woman happy enough to stay by our side.

The 3 F’s

These are pretty crude, but they’re also pretty simple. These three F’s will help you to do everything you need to fully satisfy and keep a woman. They’ll all be explained in later chapters too! Favor her. Feed her. Fuck her. That’s the three F’s to keeping any woman happy. It may sound a bit odd, but really think about it.

Women love when you show that you care about them or ‘favor’ them above others. A woman also loves when you cook her food and put effort into her well-being. A woman loves sex just as much as you do, and a relationship that isn’t satisfying in the bedroom for both of you isn’t one that will last. That’s why the 3 F’s really do work! In this book we’ll go a little more in depth on what the 3 F’s mean and what else you can do to keep women happy and satisfied that tie into these three prominent rules.

Being an Alpha Male

If you’re here, you’re probably already an alpha. Alphas are men that always know what they want and how to get their way, but there’s more to. You have to fight against the normal alpha stereotype as well as make sure that you have everything you need to get started with this book. So many people think that to be an alpha male they have to be domineering, loud, and imposing. This isn’t the case. You can be an alpha male as well as a gentlemen, and it is this type of alpha male that will be able to keep women happy. In this chapter you’ll learn what it means to be a good alpha male.

Being Direct

No this doesn’t mean just talking up to a woman and telling her to get into bed with you. It doesn’t mean just demanding free things, but it does mean that you need to speak about what you want. This is the first thing that you should know is that to be an alpha male you should be willing to go after what you want, and that’s a good thing.

As an alpha you have to know people and what they do, but you also need to know yourself as an alpha too. You need to be honest, and you need to own up to your intentions and be direct and honest with what you want from everything that you do. Don’t apologize for going after what you want and being assertive in your everyday life. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a jackass to everyone. Just continue to do what is best for you and those you care about, being direct about how you get to what you want.

So ask yourself a series of questions. Do you just want to have sex with her? Do you want to enjoy a relationship with her? Do you just want to get to know her? Do you want to impress her? Do you want to have her addicted to you and completely satisfy her? Maybe it’s something a little simpler than that, and its okay to start simple. Every relationship starts with a hello after all.

Maybe you want to go up and talk to a woman. You don’t try to mask your intentions if you’re an alpha male. You’ll need to be direct and start the conversation. She doesn’t want you to act like you aren’t interested. Make direct eye contact with her after walking up to her directly. Don’t forget to smile and be simple with it. You always want to start with being polite. Women aren’t going to respond to being treated poorly, but they will respond to this type of assertiveness.

Project Confidence

This is all about your stride and your attitude, and it’ll go a long ways. Saunter up to someone and walk with confidence. Women love when a man is confidence, and it makes you feel like you have control of yourself, your future, and your emotions. This will show that you have control of a situation as well.

One way to project confidence is to be committed to talking to her or doing whatever you want to do. If you don’t commit, bail early, or hesitate then you don’t show confidence. Women want to be with someone that has control over themselves and commit to someone. No one wants a man that has commitment issues, and that extends far past just committing to a relationship. Below you’ll find a few ways to project confidence.

  • Dressing Properly: Dress to impress so that you can project confidence. A clean appearance is good, but it’s okay to be a little scruffy as well. You need to dress how you like and feel comfortable in however you dress. Don’t get those old dirty clothing, and don’t chose ill-fitting clothing either.

Chose something that fits your body type and where you’re going. It doesn’t matter if you chose that black t-shirt with jeans or a button-up with slacks. What matters is that you are comfortable with it as well as making sure that it’s clean, fits you, and it’s without stains. That will make all of the difference, and you’d be surprised how many men actually wear clothing that doesn’t fit their body type if you just glance around you.

  • Adaptability: Be adaptable but don’t settle. Not everything is going to go your ways, but you’re an alpha male. That means you can’t’ seem like you’re throwing a tantrum. No one wants to be with someone that gripes and complains. It will keep you from appearing attractive. If things don’t go your way, make the best of the situation. Don’t let yourself be bothered, but don’t feel like you have to settle either. If the food isn’t good, send it back.

If you don’t like the drink, order another one. So what if the waiter brought you something that barely passes as a good margarita with your tacos on a good day? What matters is that you don’t scoff or treat them poorly. What matters is that you just send it back and don’t get to upset. If you don’t like the people that are around, then take her somewhere else. So what if there are obnoxious people at the beach? Just take her to somewhere a little more private.

  • Don’t Back Down: Don’t back down in the face of disappointment. If you show here that you’re disappointed and dismayed, it doesn’t seem like you’re in control of the situation. So what if you had to send that margarita back? Does that mean you should just choose not to drink? No you can order a beer or something else. If it’s too bad you can tell her you don’t want her to settle for second best and chose to pay for your drinks and go somewhere else so that you can have the drinks that you deserve. You need to be adaptable as an alpha male because you need to understand that there are more than one way to get what you want. Look at all of the options you have available to you with a level head, and then adjust your plans accordingly.

  • Stand Up: Stand up for yourself but don’t be aggressive about it. Standing up for yourself while being calm and collected is both sexy and appealing, showing you’re a leader. As an alpha male you have to expect people to challenge you from time to time, and you should never be scared of these challenges. Just embrace them with a cool and collected demeanor. Make sure that you never let that easy going confidence and smile fade in the face of challenges.

Become a Leader

An alpha leads his pack, and eve if you don’t lead a pack you were still born to lead. You have to remember that this is important to being an alpha. To be an alpha you need to have leadership. When you approach a woman directly, you’ll want to lead the interaction. This doesn’t mean that you should keep her from talking. It just means that you need to take things into your own hands, and don’t wait for her to send your signals or to interpret signs.

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