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Ass Fucked by The Asian Ladyboy

Kim Clove

Copyright, 2017, All Rights Reserved

I’d arrived in Asia on the night of the 3rd, and things were already looking filthy a mere two hours later. I’d managed to find my way downtown to the seedy areas where the red light district happened to me. Trust me, it was a mistake -I promise. Regardless, there I was, sitting in a bar watching dancing whores. Although they were not just any more. Scantily clad, thin, and long legged, I finally found out after a few minutes of eyeballing them that these were not women… At least, not completely.

One of them came up to me, and with a husky and yet not quite masculine voice whispered in my ear, “First time?”

“Yes,” I held my hand to my heart, “God’s honest truth.”

“Uh-huh,” she said in a thick accent, “You want go with me?”

“Go where?” I asked, biting my lip. Was I drunk, or was I soberly considering this?

“You take me your hotel.”

I thought about it for a moment. I watched the dancers up on stage; maybe I liked one of them more. Then I looked back at this skinny hot piece of brown ass and I nodded my head slowly, as if I was still deciding but decided to say fuck it anyway. I couldn’t resist. “Yes.” I said

She took me by the hand and then led me to a dark room where she talked to a husky voiced shadow. Then she must have clocked out or something because she put on a light coat and walked towards me like a showgirl going down a catwalk. I loved that exaggerated ladyboy strut – I fuckin loved it immediately. In fact, everything about these “girls” was so feminine, that they were even more feminine aesthetically than real woman… Their exaggerated movements, their dolled up faces and flamboyantly feminine accents.

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