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Laura Knots


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Bayside City, one the most popular places to live in the good old U.S. of A. Good jobs, affordable housing, the beautiful beach right there, and mountains just a short drive away. This utopia was made possible by two things. First, the Kane Corporation, a vast business and technological empire run by Candace Kane. The powerful billionaire has not only made Bayside a business friendly city, but also made sure the working man can earn more than a decent living. The other reason is the famous Bayside City Heroines. This small band of heroines have dedicated themselves to fighting crime and bringing the evil-doers to justice. Led by American Justice, the powerful ladies have brought down the rate of crime to the lowest in its history. Now they mostly deal with the super villains who seemed to be more interested in humiliating the mighty ladies. Some make jokes about the scantily clad heroines being nothing more than bimbos. Rumors of them being ravished by villains have never been confirmed. There were more members at one time, leading to speculation that some super heroines are now sex slaves. This had led to more jokes. Of course, these jokes and accusations are never made in the presence of the super heroines. Most of the time, they got the job done.

Most times.

American Justice trotted down the dark street. She was clad in her famous costume, a very skimpy bikini of red, white, and blue that barely covered her famous breasts. Many had speculated on their size. They were definitely double D’s and in the high thirties, maybe even forties. Despite their size, her huge bosom seemed to defy the laws of physics by not drooping an inch. The rest of her hourglass body was just as perfect. Long shapely legs that ran up to a wonderful round ass. A red mask with a gold star covered her face. Baby blue eyes shone through the slits. These were just part of what many suspected was a beautiful face. Maybe even as beautiful as Candice Kane. The pouty lips that were almost always curved up in a smug smile were obvious. A gold tiara held back thick waves of raven colored hair that fell to her slender waist. Red boots, gloves, and a gold belt finished off her costume. There had once been a cape, but that had been discarded years ago. Let them look at her ass. They were already seeing most of her tits. The sexy heroine was on the prowl for the vile villain known as Nuclear Nerd. The name, in her option, was a joke. He was nothing more than another geek who had read too many comics. Granted, he was brilliant and had pulled off some amazing crimes. These crimes had made him money, but were also obviously traps for super heroines. The Bayside heroines had assumed the geek wanted one of them as a sex slave. He had no super powers, so there was no threat. Many a night, they made jokes about the villain, saying after they beat him to a pulp, they would flash their tits and mock him. American Justice wasn’t sure if she would do that, but a good insult was a sure thing.

Alvin Weathertsien was born to be a villain. He had known that since grade school. On his first day, he had been bullied and realized the bad guys got to do what they wanted and for some strange reasons, the girls liked them. The problem: he looked like a nerd, with his skinny body and too big hands and feet; a nose that could have been a lot smaller; hair that just refused to be combed into place. Lastly, there were the glasses. Wire rimmed, but still glasses. What he did have was a brain. No, not a brain. A computer. A super computer. He had learned to use this brain to get even with the bullies. Anyone who bullied him would end up in trouble. Stolen objects were found in their lockers or backpacks. In high school, it became drugs or weapons. By his junior year, he was pretty much left alone except for the very profitable term paper and homework business he had going. Almost the entire football team owed their grade points to him. Twice, they had tried to cheat him. He had arranged for the quarterback to almost get kicked out of school. After that, they learned their lesson. Despite being feared by the jocks and other members of the elite, he still couldn’t get laid. College was the same story. He had managed to get a couple of girls into bed, but not the ones he wanted. Alvin got three degrees in just as many years. Corporations tried to woo him, but instead he became Nuclear Nerd, one of the most feared villains in Bayside City. Most of his crimes were computer related. Hacking into corporate computers, planting a virus, or stealing information. Then they would pay him to fix the problem or get the data back. Only one company didn’t pay: Kane Corporation. They put a reward on his head so big, he had been forced to go underground. He was infamous and hunted. He was getting laid, but not by his fantasy women. A comic book fan, his perfect lover would be any of the Bayside City Heroines. American Justice would be the real score. It was during this time, Alvin came up with the grand plan. It was so simple, he couldn’t believe no one had tried it before. But no one had his brains.

Alvin was in his lair. It sat beneath an old warehouse that hadn’t been used in years. It would never be used. He owned it. Below the crumbling building was his lair, a combination living quarters, lab, and control center. He was in the control center now, a small round room with monitors on half of the walls. His desk had several keyboards. The computer screens were filled with different shots of the warehouse and the streets around it. Other screens were filled with websites and what looked like formulas and math equations. Alvin’s fingers danced across the keyboards, looking like a concert pianist. A beeping made him look up. He tapped a series of keys. American Justice filled the main screen. He smiled. “Hello, American Justice. Welcome, said the spider to the fly.”

American Justice came to the run-down warehouse and studied it. Could this really be the lair of the creep? Not the building. Perhaps he took a page from her rule book and built his lair underground. Her lair rested far below Kane Manor. The raven-haired beauty pounded her gloved fist into her palm and growled, “Too easy. A trap. But you have forgotten, you are dealing with American Justice.”

Alvin licked his lips as he watched the voluptuous heroine trot into this warehouse. He had been planning this for months. Oh, he could have caught the sexy heroine a long time ago. The problem was her super powers. Super strength, super speed, and other abilities. Most of the Bayside Babes had them. The question was, how to get past them. It was a law of the universe that all super heroines had a weakness. Actually, two. Chloroform was one, especially the new super stuff Dr. Gas had come up with. Stupid name. But the stuff worked. He could knock out American Justice. Then what? He had studied her and finally it hit him. The camera zoomed in on the gold belt. It had to be. Tonight, he would find out and if he was right…


The geek villain watched her walk around the room, his finger on a red button.

American Justice wandered around the empty warehouse. It looked like a normal warehouse, but she could feel him. A glimmer caught her eye. The shapely heroine walked over and started down at the gold coin. She was about to pick it up when the floor gave away. As American Justice fell, she realized she had been standing on a trap door. “Stupid!”

“Got you!” Nuclear Nerd laughed as he watched the tasty beauty drop down into the glass cage. He was typing at the same time. The cube filled with a white gas as the super heroine fell into it. “Sleepy time, American Bimbo!”

American Justice landed on her spike heels ready to fight. The raven-haired beauty gasped when she realized the small cube was filled chloroform. She had already inhaled too much. Her head was spinning. Her eyelids were getting heavy. She had to act fast. Her gloved fist slammed into the glass wall. It didn’t even crack. She began to kick and punch it. By the time it cracked, the super heroine had dropped to her knees, panting. She raised her fist, but didn’t throw the punch. Instead, she fell face forward onto the padded floor.

“Okay, okay, we got her. Now let’s see if I am right,” Alvin said, sounding nervous. He pulled on a gas mask and left the room. It was a short walk to the room where the trap had been set up. He stepped in and walked over to the cube that was filled with gas. Nuclear Nerd pressed a red button and the gas was sucked out. A blue button opened the glass cage. He knelt and carefully took off her belt. His trained eye could tell this was more than a belt worn for decoration. There were some kind of electronics in it. He was tempted to take it apart. A moan made him look down at the sleeping heroine. She rolled her head and licked her lips. He was tempted to squeeze those huge tits, but stopped himself. “Keep on course. Stay with the plan.”

The geek summoned one of his robots. “Take her to the chamber I have prepared for her.”

“Oh Goddess,” American Justice moaned as she came too. She shook her head, but couldn’t move. The sexy heroine quickly realized she was lying spread-eagle on a large soft pad. Her hands and feet were locked into leather shackles holding her down. “Fool! I will make short work of these bonds!”

Alvin watched the bound beauty through a two-way mirror. He was ready to fill the chamber with gas if she broke free. There was also a quick exit if it came to that. The belt was in his hands. He licked his lips and waited. His captive strained against the tight leather holding her down. He laughed when the leather held. “I was right!”

“WHAT IS GOING ON!?” the helpless heroine snarled as she kept pulling at the shackles. They should be snapping like paper. American Justice twisted around as she kept yanking at the leather bonds. Suddenly, she realized what the problem was. She looked down at her slender waist and gasped.

“That’s right. No belt. No super powers,” Alvin laughed, walking up to the bed and watching her squirm around. Her huge tits jiggled as she did. The lust filled geek couldn’t wait any longer. He was going to do what no other villain had done. He was going to ravish American Justice. “Which means your huge tits and ass are mine!”

“WHAT? NO!” American Justice gasped again. She lifted her head and realized the geek was undressing. She was shocked and amazed at the same time. Then she was afraid. For the first time, she was going to get ravished. Most of the other super heroines had been ravished. She’d had save a lot of them from becoming sex slaves. Her anger replaced her fear. “YOU WOULDN’T DARE! I AM AMERICAN JUSTICE!”

“I know that better than you,” Alvin said, pulling off his boxers, climbing onto the bed, and kneeling between her spread legs. His eyes roamed over her voluptuous body. His cock stood up. He hadn’t even touched her. The lust filled geek rubbed his hands together. “You’re like Disneyland. I just don’t know where to start!”

“LET ME GO AT ONCE! NOOOO!” the sexy heroine screamed and then gasped when the creep grabbed her huge breasts. He began to fondle them. No man had touched her boobs in years. His fondling started out tentative at first, but once he realized she was completely helpless, it became rougher. American Justice was shocked when her breasts began to swell and ache. Once again, she pulled at the shackles, but to no avail. “NO! NO! NOT BY YOU!”

“What? You would prefer to get ravished by one of those more macho villains? Losers. I am the one who caught and depowered you. Now I get the prize!” Alvin panted as he mashed her massive mounds around. His fingers didn’t come close to covering them. Her flesh was soft and warm. After a few moments, he pulled down her top, freeing her tits. They were tanned all over. Her big red nipples pointed right up at him. A maniacal laugh came from his lips. He was actually doing this. His fingers tweaked and pulled on her nipples, making her gasp and then threaten him. Nuclear Nerd looked down into her masked face. She was so hot and sexy. “Oh yes, I forgot. I gave you something to make this more enjoyable for you. Just a little aphrodisiac I came up in the lab. Don’t worry. It will just make you horny for a day, maybe two. No bimbo side effects.”

“NO! YOU DIDN’T!” American Justice moaned as her boobs got harder. They began to throb. The throbbing began to spread out through her body. The sexy heroine was in her thirties and supposedly at her sexual peak. Adding an aphrodisiac to this couldn’t be a good thing. This was confirmed when she felt a tingling in the thong bottom of her costume. Then the creep began to suck on one of her boobs. “OH GODDESS NO!”

The vile villain was done talking. Now it was time for action and fun. He had wrapped his mouth around one boob as much as possible. Alvin sucked and chewed on her sweet flesh with loud slurps. God, she was sweet as sugar. Both hands continued to mash her huge boobs around. As his lust and confidence grew, his fondling became rougher and most passionate. The young geek pushed his now stiff cock against her crotch and began to grind himself against her. This was so much better than he had imagined.

“STOP THAT!” American Justice snarled when she felt his cock pressing up against her crotch. He began to dry hump her while still mauling her now aching boobs around. They were so hard and aching. His slobbering mouth was still wrapped around one boob and sucking the hell out of it. His drool began to run down her large breast and onto her flat belly. Her face burned with rage and shame. The bound beauty was still pulling at the shackles, now hoping for a miracle. She grunted as the little creep pushed her down into the pad. “I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS HUMILATION!”

Lost in his own lust and fantasy, Alvin didn’t even hear the threat. He just kept sucking on her tasty tit. His fingers dug into her soft flesh and twisted. The foul fiend stopped just long enough to take off her top and toss it aside. He buried his face in the deep valley, pushing her huge boobs against his face. His tongue came out and slobbered over her gigantic bosom. Alvin grunted as he drove his crotch right up against her covered pussy.

“OH GODDESS PLEASE HELP ME!” the sexy heroine wailed and almost sobbed, but caught herself. She rolled her head around as the little creep continued to have his way with her. This was so humiliating. His face was now buried between her breasts. He was sucking, licking, and biting her. Sometimes he sounded like a motorboat down there. Of course, he kept pushing his cock between her legs. American Justice was still dealing with the fact this was happening. But her body told not only was this happening, but it was liking it. Her massive mounds were hard and throbbing. There was a hot wetness in her pussy. Her whole body was shivering with what could only be called excitement. She was so hot. The helpless heroine was no prude. She enjoyed sex, but had only had female lovers for the last few years. Her male lovers had been disappointing. As she rolled her head around and moaned, she wished her male lovers had been able to do this. She moaned again as the lust filled creep used his body to push her deep into the pad. “PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! I BEG YOU!”

“Oh baby, I will have you begging soon enough,” Alvin panted and laughed as he lifted his face. He wiped the drool from his face and looked down at the great American Justice lying under him, helpless and horny. He could see it in her eyes and body. The nasty geek pushed her thong aside, smiling at the thin strip of black curls. He grabbed her thighs and pushed his cock into her hot wet pussy. Victory was so sweet. It wrapped around his aching pole like an old friend. “YES! I’VE DONE IT!”

“AUGHHHHH!” American Justice wailed as what felt like a log pushed into her body. How could this geek be so big? She felt every inch as it plowed into her pussy. The raven-haired beauty arched up, screaming as she was taken by a villain for the first time. The humiliation was total, but so was the pleasure. She almost came. The defeated heroine told herself it was the drug. It couldn’t be anything else. Then his cock began to move. It slid in and out with slow but steady strokes. American Justice panted and rolled her head around. She had almost forgotten how it felt to have a penis inside of her. But this cock felt so good. Another gasp when his hands grabbed her boobs and crushed them together. The once proud beauty screamed in defiance, but she knew the creep didn’t care. Then the unthinkable happened: she came. “OH GODDESS NO! NOT THAT!”

“Now we are having fun!” Alvin laughed and panted as he worked his cock in and out with almost insane desire. He was actually living out his fantasy. Her tight pussy hugged his already aching cock. She was so wet and hot. His hands mauled her huge tits around with the same passion. He looked down into her masked face. Her eyes were filled with rage, fear, and yes, lust. Nuclear Nerd licked the drool off his lips. Then he went back to sucking on her tits with loud slurps.

“UGH! UGH! FOUL FIEND!” the bound beauty screamed as the nasty creep kept driving his cock deep into her throbbing twat. Each time sent a wave of bliss through her full rich body, driving her to another orgasm. His strong fingers twisting and pinching her boobs while he sucked on them the only added to the unwanted pleasure. She kept thrashing around on the bed, still trying to break the leather shackles. Her flesh was getting hot from her struggling and the sex. Sweat began to run down her body in huge drips. American Justice had to think of something soon. She was fighting time and the foul drug. She could feel her head starting to spin. The raven-haired heroine realized her own sex starved body had become her enemy. She felt another orgasm coming and whimpered. The whimper turned into a scream as she came again. “OH SWEET GODDESS NO! NO!”

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