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Handyman Diary

Written by: Jack Ryder

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Handyman Diary

Miley and her 18 year old daughter moved in next door about six months ago. For a 38 year old woman, Miley is a very sensual and sexy woman. Her 36D-30-36 body is curvy and her very muscular legs fit nicely with her overall appearance. She is a platinum blonde with sapphire blue eyes that sparkle in the bright sunlight. I found myself fantasizing about how terrific it would be hookup with her the day that I helped her and her daughter Gail move in.

Miley was wearing a very loose sleeveless t-shirt that day and as she would bend over to pick stuff up, I got many good peeks at her gorgeous titties. It became more and more difficult to keep my mind off sex. Especially since the short tight gym shorts that she wore allowed me a great view of her nice round ass.

By the time we had the moving van empty, I was sporting a pretty big boner inside my tight 501 jeans. I noticed that her daughter Gail was staring at my crotch so I quickly made my excuse to leave. I saw a faint knowing grin on Gail’s face as I left. I heard them both giggle as I was closing the door.

I was giddy and elated when I returned to my apartment. These two would definitely be on my “to do” list. I was pleased that Gail had seen my erection. It would give her something to think about. It let them both know that my body desires them.

Unlike Kathy, the 40 year single woman in apartment 12, they might be a challenge. But at least I could go do Kathy right now whilst my mind was still racing and fantasizing about the two new tenants. I took a quick shower then had a sniff of Gail’s panties that I had lifted from one of the boxes I carried in.

I did not even bother with any chit chat nor did I seek her approval. As soon as I was in the door, I pulled Kathy to the couch and began to undress her. “Jake...I have an appointment...OH MY GOD YES,” she moaned as I started to bang her pussy with three fingers.

“You Want It,” I taunted. I was now ripping open her top so I could suck on her huge 38DD tits. “Oh Yes,” she Moaned. “SAY IT THEN,” I barked at her. “I WANT YOUR COCK...I WANT IT...I WANT IT,” she gasped. I yanked down my gym shorts and shoved my entire 9 and a half inch prick all the way in to her steamy hot sex hole.

“OH MY GOD YES” Kathy gasped again. Kathy was ripe for this when she moved in a year ago. She had just been dumped by her husband for a girl half her age after 20 years of marriage. She was broken, self-conscious,

and felt ugly. Like no-one would ever want her again. “Easy pickings” in my book.

It took me less than half an hour to spread her legs that first time. She has been available to me ever since. She has been my little fuck doll for nearly a year now. Not the only one, but the one who will service me any damn time I want no matter what time of day or night.

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap… I had both hands full of tits and was squeezing savagely on them both as I pounded into her over and over and over. I was fucking her so forcefully that she literally grunted with each savage thrust.

In my mind, I envisioned Miley with her legs spread wide open for me. I remembered how lovely her pink nipples were and the faint smell of her perfume. I was no longer aware of Kathy’s grunts and moans as I drilled into her harder and harder.

In my mind, I was fucking Miley “OH FUCK YES.” My dick erupted deep inside of Kathy’s cunt filling her with four huge wads of my slippery white baby milk. I yanked my dick out of her and pulled up my shorts. “Can’t stay baby,” I announced. She was still on the couch panting for air when I left.

Chapter 2

When I got back I took a quick shower to wash her off me. “Stupid mindless cunt,” I whispered to myself. After I dried off and put on my short navy blue terry cloth robe, I went to the kitchen for a beer. Then I made my way back to my “control room”.

Since I am the maintenance handyman for this complex of 26 apartments, I have a two bedroom apartment that I get free of charge. The only expense I pay out of pocket is my internet and cable hookups. I use the second bedroom as a den. The entire left wall is a double sized closet which I have stuffed full of electronic viewing equipment. That is my “control room”.

Over the last couple of years, I have installed secret cameras in all of the apartments. I have installed permanent mirrors in all of the bedrooms and bathrooms to conceal the video lenses and audio tubes.

I have wired every unit for my viewing pleasure. I have a router that handles all of the incoming signals which sends each signal to is matching DVD recorder which is on and recording 24/7. I can also view 4 apartments at a time on my 52 inch Plasma Screen on the wall in the den. The screen is divided into 4 equal squares. I can also choose to viejust one feed at a time on the entire screen.

I sat down in my large swivel chair by the computer desk and turned on the TV screen. I selected apartment nine. Miley was just stepping out of her shower. “Wow...I can’t wait to fuck you” I said to myself.

“Look at those fucking tits...wow,”. I could feel my cock beginning to swell as I watched her go into her bedroom. I switched to Camera 2. She picked up a bottle of lotion and began to spread some lotion all over herself. I was now stroking my fully rigid prick as I watched her hands move all over.

As she started to spread the oil all over her tits, I ejaculated twice and it squirted all over my lower belly and thighs. “Oh Yes...it will be great to fuck those tits,” I moaned.

I wiped the mess off myself with some tissues and tossed them in the very full basket next to the desk. Many lumps of cum splattered tissue are piling up to almost an overflow. I switched to Camera three just as Gail was taking her panties off to get ready for her shower. “Wow,” I softly gasped. Her small soft patch of pubic hair is sculpted to look like a heart. Her petite little body is golden brown except the white triangles of her bikini tan line. “Wow” I sighed again.

Gail is also platinum blond like her Mom and has the same sapphire blue eyes. But her nubile 18 year old body is tantalizingly silky smooth. I was already swelling again as I watched her step into the shower.

I again stroked myself as she lathered herself with liquid soap. “You will be so tasty” I whispered at her on the TV screen. I was ecstatic when she reached between her legs and began to masturbate herself. “Thinking about my big hard prick, aren’t you?” I gasped.

When I saw her body shudder when she climaxed, I shot off another load of cream all over myself. Again, I threw the messy tissue in the basket. This time, several broke loose and fell to the floor.

I did a quick check of the other apartments. The rest was mostly boring everyday family stuff. Except young couple in apartment 24 were fucking their brains out in their bedroom and the two gay girls in apartment 16 were doing a muff diving exchange in their shower.

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