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Ricardo Neves

Author’s Edition


Let the shadow take the blame, by Ricardo Neves

Author’s Edition


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This story (like any other) gave me a hard time writing. It took research, time, and patience to find the right words. Even if you do not appreciate the result, I ask you to acknowledge this effort by reviewing on this story, sharing it and encouraging others to read it. I’ll appreciate it in advance and promise to come back with more stories, other than the ones available at http://www.pessoaqueescreve.wordpress.com and in several platforms.

(And it’s all right if you didn’t get this book in the most legal way, just as long as you leave a comment or review.)

Jonathan Light has a friend that only he can see. One that knows him better than anyone else. One that always knows how to cheer him up. He calls himself Rudy and he is more than the brother Jonathan never had. He is his best friend, almost a part of him.

But Rudy has a dark side. If provoked, he can become quite dangerous. Especially, when Jonathan decides to ignore his warnings….


Jonathan Light was born with two shadows: one that anybody could see, and another one that lurked inside of him, always waiting for an opportunity to come out and play. He enjoyed playing with his shadow, but sometimes just playing with himself could become quite boring.

From time to time, however, his shadow would do something that’d almost caught him off guard. Jonathan knew exactly when that would happen, but he pretended he didn’t, just to keep things interesting.

One time, he thought about inviting Billy to come and play after school. Perhaps he could even bring his own shadow and maybe the four of them could play video games together. Rudy (that's how his shadow liked to be called, although he wasn't sure that was his real name), dismissed the idea, saying that it was too dangerous.

“Billy would not understand me”, said Rudy.

“You're wrong. I trust him. He's my best friend.”

As soon as the words came out, Jonathan regretted them.

I thought I was your best friend.”

Jonathan thought he heard a tingle a jealousy in Rudy's voice, which would be appropriate, considering what he'd just said.

You are. I mean, you are part of me, so that must mean we have to be friends, right?”

Have to?”, Rudy replied, much to Jonathan's chagrin. “Are you saying our friendship is not something you like?”

“Yes”, said Jonathan. “I mean, no.”

“I see.”

Rudy, I swear you're my friend.” He quickly added: “My best friend.” He meant what he said, but did he believe it?

“If you need to ask yourself that question, then you already know the answer.”

Sometimes he'd forget Rudy knew what he was thinking.

“You don't understand! I'm—”

“No. I understand perfectly. If you want to invite Billy so much, go right ahead. Just don't say I didn't warn you.”

Before Jonathan could come up with something to say (much less say it), Rudy vanished and didn't return for almost two weeks. Jonathan tried to pretend that he wasn't bothered by his absence, but playing alone was not as fun as playing with himself. Despite all his anger and animosity toward Billy, Rudy was still part of him. Could it be that the reason Rudy didn't want Billy to come by, was because he didn't want it either?

A knock on his bedroom door brought him out from his wondering. His mom opened the door and peeked inside.

“There's someone here to see you”, she said.

Jonathan wasn't expecting anyone, nor was he in the mood to, but before he could say so, Billy appeared.

“Hi, Jonathan”, he said.

Hi, Billy”, he replied, rapidly grabbing some random action figure to avoid further conversation. He still thought of Billy as his friend, maybe his only friend aside from Rudy, but having him there, just so soon after Rudy’s disappearance, didn't feel right.

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