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Sexually : Active : Robot : Artificial : Human

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Sexually : Active : Robot : Artificial : Human

P.C. Ryan

Copyright © 2017 by P.C. Ryan

All characters are age 18 and over.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, places, events, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblances to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Hi, my name is Robert Vincent. I’m thirty-eight and I live alone, with no real friends. In a big city, you’re just one of the numbers. That’s about it, really — I’ve no wife or girlfriend. To be fair, I’ve never really hit it off with the female kind, even though I desperately wanted to. I’m shy around women, and I did try online dating, but that all ended in disaster.

I’d get so frustrated sometimes, going without sex for so many years. Masturbation can be a substitute, and was part of everyday life. But I do yearn for the gentle caress of a woman’s touch.

It all came about in 2040. I could see light at the end of the tunnel, and realized that I could actually find a sexual partner to fulfill my needs.

Things have moved on in a big way, technology-wise. Robots have incorporated human form and can actually do everything that a human male or female can do (except give birth, of course). The news about the latest developments in artificial entities kept hitting the media day after day. I was fascinated to find that more and more single people were buying robot partners. Apparently, they smell and taste exactly like us. I weighed the pros and cons and came to the decision to buy a robotic friend. The thought of something artificial had never really crossed my mind before. But, the idea of a partner that would listen to my commands really excited me. The cost was a quite high, but I saved as much as I could and went ahead and bought one.

Sarah arrived this evening in a large crate. S.A.R.A.H stands for Sexually-Active-Robot-Artificial-Human, but I can call her any name I want, and I like Sarah. The delivery guy eased the container into my living room and grinned as I signed his electronic pad.

“Okay, Mister Vincent,” he said, still smirking, “enjoy the product.”

I escorted him out, closed the door, and then I grinned. I was shaking with nervousness as I made my way back into the living room. There was a parcel that came with the crate and it read on the label, “Please open first”.

Inside was a manual and it had simple instructions set out in easy-to-read sections. It told me exactly what I’d ordered: a five-foot-six synthetic human — with long black hair, and dreamy, brown eyes. This model was a size ten, and the instructions stipulated that S.A.R.A.H. could do everything, the same as a human being. The robot would read the situation beforehand, and would perform in a way that would fit the mood. As a bonus, each model — male or female — could cook and clean as the normal domestic models.

The crate itself was roughly the size of a kitchen refrigerator, so I set about unscrewing the wooden exterior. This left the energizer pod, where Sarah could recharge. The pod had a button on the front panel and I waited before I pressed it. Excitement brimmed inside, and I felt nervous as well as expectant — like a kid waiting for a favorite toy. I pressed the green button and there was a hiss of air. The door slid into the side of the pod, revealing Sarah for the first time.

“Oh … wow,” I gushed. She was all I’d ever wanted and more. I stood and gazed for a short while. Sarah was standing and wearing an all-in-one white jumpsuit, with a zipper on the front, quite see-through. Her black hair tumbled to her shoulders and didn’t look any bit false or fake or like a wig. Her eyes were shut and her long lashes delicately rested on the top of her high cheeks. The android’s nose was slim and dainty, and further down were the most full and luscious red lips. I lowered my gaze and the thin material revealed her pert, pink nipples, and full C-cup breasts — I could feel my dick stiffening. Her body sculpted to a petite waist and in the center of her stomach was a dainty belly button. I continued looking and saw a triangular mound of black pubic hair, perfectly groomed. I felt a small droplet of seminal fluid ooze from the tip of my already throbbing penis. I ran my tongue over my lips in anticipation. Her legs were slim and smooth, and as I absorbed more, came to rest my gaze on her dainty feet.

The electronic manual said all I had to do was speak, and Sarah would come to life! Everything, as far as I could make out, was programmed into her mainframe. I opened my mouth to speak, but found I couldn’t at first. I swallowed hard; there was this beautiful woman standing in my living room. She didn’t look exactly like anyone I knew, but the manual said that she did have different personalities mixed in. I took the plunge and spoke.

“Sarah, wake up.” Instantly her eyes opened to reveal beautiful brown eyes, and the cutest smile.

“Hello, Robert,” she said smoothly.

“H-hi,” I eventually garbled. This isn’t at all what I expected, I thought. I was expecting a straightforward robotic voice with broken answers.

“May I step out of my pod?” Sarah asked, her tone soft.

“Y-yes, please do,” I responded. She stepped forward and joined me in the center of the room. God, she’s beautiful. My heart thumped faster

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