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Turned into a Bitch for Boyfriend’s Dog

Mounted by Halloween Hounds

Dame Doggy

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Turned into a Bitch for Boyfriend’s Dog


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Turned into a Bitch for Boyfriend’s Dog

Mounted by Halloween Hounds

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Her boyfriend wanted to dabble in puppy play. She didn’t think he would turn her into an actual dog. And the collar he put on her ensures she’s going to be an obedient bitch until he takes it off. But first he and his dog wants to have some fun.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains zoophilia bestiality dog sex, double penetration, oral sex, unprotected creampie breeding sex, public sex, outdoors, dubious consent, mind control, and bondage.

Turned into a Bitch for Boyfriend’s Dog

All I could do was growl and let out pitiful yipping barks that made my boyfriend laugh in my face. That fucker had turned me into a dog. I didn’t know the collar he’d gotten for a little bit of kink play would turn me into an actual dog. Fur, four legs, tail, pointy ears—the whole fucking bit.

Tim patted my head. “Ahhh. What’s the matter, Glory? Is my cute little bitch mad that she’s now a real bitch?”

I tried to bite his hand off.

“Hey! Bad girl! No!”

The collar around my neck gave me a shock. I whined and scratched at it.

“That’s what you get. No biting. You’re going to be a good girl or else you’ll get shocked again.” He held me by my muzzle—I shouldn’t have a fucking muzzle!—and made me look up at his grinning face. “You have to obey, bitch.”

I curled my tail around my legs and whined. This wasn’t fun. When Tim said he wanted to do puppy play, I didn’t think he meant I would be an actual puppy. But the second he put the collar on me, I’d gone from being an eighteen-year-old girl to a long-haired Border Collie. Sure I was cute, but that was beside the fucking point.

Why was I fucking dog!? How?

Tim said, “The guy at the shop said this collar could turn you into a dog. I thought he was shitting me. But that money-back guarantee was too good to pass up. And this shit actually worked.” He ran his hand over my back. “You’re really a dog.”

He rubbed my ears and stroked my tail.

Both weird sensations.

And then the tips of his fingers passed over my pussy.

I yipped and tried to sit.

“Ah! Stay!”

Not wanting to get shocked again, I stayed on my feet and let my boyfriend tease my labia. Tim was always good with his hands and didn’t seem the least bit deterred by the fact that I was a dog right now. If anything, he seemed more turned on. The bulge in the front of his pants was proof of that.

“Someone likes it. Look at the way you’ve got your tail off to the side.”

I would have told him I didn’t but I couldn’t talk and he was right. I had my tail off to the side. A clear sign that I wanted it.

Okay. So putting aside the fact that I was a dog right now, I was getting hot and bothered the more Tim ran his fingers over my pussy entrance. And really, this was puppy play. Sure I was a real dog right now, but that just meant I could play the part better.

Whatever this was couldn’t possibly be permanent, so I would just have fun with it.

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