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The Charm

Kelly Addams


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Chapter 1

Simon watched her as she pegged out her washing in the small garden behind the big old house that, along with two other tenants, they called home.

How long had he loved her? Maybe not love he admitted, possibly at the beginning it had been a form of love, or infatuation? But that had ended the evening she had spurned his affections so cruelly, she had laughed at him, looked down on him as though he were some wriggling worm or a bacterium under a microscope. Small and insignificant, how the hell could she be interested in him, of all the men on earth he would have been right at the bottom of her list. She had wounded him deeply despite his show of laughing her casual insults away. He had been joking after all when he poured out his heart, of course he didn't love her, he looked on her exactly the same way she looked at him, friends and never anything more.

“The very thought of it,” he had chuckled, “You and me, together, a couple… ridiculous!”

Since that day he had maintained his smile, but his heart had hardened, he still wanted her, that would never change but he wanted her on his own terms. But I will not force myself on her! That was clear in his mind, his feelings toward her may have bordered on the very edge of obsession, he might even admit that there were hints of stalker in his attitude… but force himself on her, no way, disturbed he may have been, but a rapist! Never!

Dawn stretched up to secure a small thong on the high line and Simon watched her t-shirt rise to reveal a few inches of flat toned stomach punctuated with a neat little navel. How many times had he dreamed of drizzling those beautiful abs with honey, the thought of licking it off her flawless skin always forced a hand into his pants as his erection strained.

She may have been a bitch but she never failed to get him hard, especially when she carried a towel out onto the grass and spent a hot Sunday afternoon soaking up the sun. Those were the days that Simon's cock became so sore he could barely touch it in the days that followed, hour after hour he would spy on her and stroke himself harder and faster, until by the end of the afternoon he was incapable of producing even a bead of cum with each painful orgasm.

“Go on Dawn, bend over again!” he whispered as she turned to a plastic basket crammed with clean washing, she would keep him occupied for a few more minutes, and her skirt was so short that every time she reached down to grab another item of clothing she flashed a glimpse of white panties.

She was younger than him, not by many years, he was twenty eight and she was a few months short of twenty three, so her objections couldn't have been based on age. And I'm not a bad looking guy he assured himself, so okay, he was also realistic, he wasn't the type that had beautiful chicks fighting each other to get to him… but I'm not Quasimodo either, just an ordinary, run of the mill guy!

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