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First Time Intern!

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Note that this work of fiction resembles a fantasy world, all events taking place are a result of a role play amongst all parties and all parties are fully consenting adults.

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First Time Intern

****Thursday 9.15am****

“What could be easier Samantha, close your eyes, lie on your back, spread your tanned legs wide open and the job is yours"

I placed a finger on my lips gesturing Chloe to keep her voice down. The coffee shop was busier than usual for a Thursday morning but her voice always ticked up a few octaves when the discussion of sex was in progress.

"What's your problem?" Chloe ripped open sachet of sugar and emptied her third one into her cappuccino. She stirred the cup and took a sip, wincing as she forget how hot the beverage was.

"I'm not you Chloe" I lowered my voice "I don't just sleep around with men for the heck of......."

"It's not for just for the heck" Chloe interjected abruptly "there is always a goal " her voice was rising again.

Chloe and me go back a few years, back to the start of university in fact. Many times we have been mistaken for sisters, our physical appearances are similar. Both blonde, same height, we both hold our tans well and both larger than average breasts. Mine are bigger than Chloe but I daren't tell her that, she takes pride in the sexual beast she is. But this is where the similarities stop, on the outside.

We really are two very different people, I tend to go through life like most people do, you know, working hard and taking pride in what I do. Chloe, on the other hand is a, how can i put this diplomatically, a promiscuous bunny on an overdose of viagra. Chloe is the town slut, but she puts it to good use. The moment she wants anything in life, she'll wrap her mark around her finger, part her legs open and coast through life.

"Look I've already told you" I quickly jumped in "I'm doing this my way "

"How long you got before your well runs dry " trust Chloe to find a way to make the most innocent sentence sound filthy

"I have enough money to last me for another 3 months " I mutter to myself knowing I have no room.for any unexpected bills or expenses. " but I'm confident I'll get the job "

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