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3 stories of hot vampires paying for hotter sex!

A trio of tales where women start off in dark alleys and wind up begging for more in the arms of fang-bearing, hard-ramming vampires. Includes Bought by a Vampire 1, 2, and 3: Tanya’s Bargain, Josie’s Rescue, and Paula’s Price. Get the bundle and save!

An erotic paranormal short featuring raw, rough vampire sex.

Genre: Paranormal Erotica -Vampire

Length: 6,500 words

Copyright © 2017 by Jade Bleu, Smashwords Edition

First eBook Publication: December 2017

Cover design by Jade Bleu

All cover art and logo copyright © 2017 by Jade Bleu

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All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.

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Bought by a Vampire #1: Tanya’s Bargain

Bought by a Vampire #2: Josie’s Rescue

Bought by a Vampire #3: Paula’s Price

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I was sold off to a hot vampire by my jerk ex!

Tom owed money to sexy, supernatural Cole—who took me as collateral and offered me three options. I took the path of hot pleasure, letting him pound me and bite me until I screamed.

When my bastard of a boyfriend handed me over in lieu of monies owed to the very seductive, very wealthy Cole, I figured I was done for. Not everyone knew that vampires existed, and still others chose to bury their heads in the sand. I knew, and had vowed to steer clear. So when my boyfriend told me he was going to “stop by” to talk to settle up with Cole, I stayed in the car, quiet and unobtrusive in the dark alley.

Cole, stoic and yet finely chiseled, listened to whatever bullshit Tom was slinging, and then his eyes, glittering unnaturally in the dim light, lifted to mine. He raised a finger and pointed, and Tom turned. I slunk down in my seat, wondering what Tom was saying that kept Cole’s attention riveted to me. When he moved, I swore under my breath and climbed into the driver’s seat, preparing to hit the ignition and get the hell out of there. I never made it. Cole’s supernatural speed had him at the door and pulling it open before I could reach for the key.

“You should know that your man just made me an interesting proposition,” he said to me. “Pity he values his money more than your neck.”


I was out of the car and over his shoulder in a hot minute.

“What are you doing? Put me down! Tom? Tom, you bastard! I’ll get for you this. Do you hear me? I’ll kill you!”

All big talk, considering I figured I was pretty much dead already. Cole gripped my ass firmly in his large hand and crouched down. He leaped high—too high—and we were flying. That’s when I passed out.

I came to in a lavish black and tan bedroom, lying in a comfortable bed. When I remembered what Tom had done, I sat bolt upright and got dizzy. I groaned and held my head.

“Flying with my kind can be hard on human physiology,” I heard. I whipped around to find Cole seated on a chair in the corner. “Of the few things I remember from my former life, I do recall that.”

I scooted up to sit with my back against a plush headboard. I was still alive, which sort of surprised me. Cole could have just sucked me dry while I was unconscious. My fingers flew to my throat, probing around for painful marks. I didn’t find any.

He gave a little laugh. “Not yet. I prefer my meals to be fully awake and aware of the gift they are giving.”

I swallowed. So much for thinking he wasn’t interested in my blood.

“Well, Miss Sutter, I’d say you’ve had a rather interesting time of it with your Tom.”

“How’d you know my name? And he sure as hell isn’t ‘my’ Tom.”

He pushed back a strand of dark hair and held up the cell phone I’d had in my pocket. “Your recent texts back and forth are revealing. Seems Tom was less than attentive. And I quote,” he turned the display to him and read from the screen, “‘lousy in bed.’ And now he’s traded you to save his own skin.”

“Which he had no right to do. He doesn’t own me.”

“True.” He stood, and I tried to ignore his lethally sensual good looks—and the large, straining bulge behind the fly of his black jeans. “So you have three options.” He held up a finger for each. “One, you pay me the amount owed, and I set you free. Two, I keep you here as a food source for the next several months, by which time I’ll have gotten my value out of you.” He stepped closer. “Or three…”

He reached for his zipper, and I sucked in a breath when he dropped it and unleashed the biggest, hardest cock I’d ever seen.

“You want me to be your whore to pay off Tom’s debt.” My voice had gone hoarse. “That’s not really my style.”

“I want to see if we’re compatible. And don’t think of it as settling his debt. Think of it as me giving you the satisfaction you haven’t been getting from him.”

He stroked his long, thick member, and my lips parted. I watched, mesmerized, which he stared at me with blue eyes ringed in red. That red glowed brighter the longer he gazed at me, rubbing his cock. Jesus, he was fucking hot, and the thoughts of “testing compatibility” made my nipples tingle as they hardened. But he was also deadly.

Cole drew closer, his erection bobbing with each step.

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