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Caught in the act: Naughty Older Men & Their Little Lady (4 Short Stories)

Rosie Zweet

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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First Edition: November, 2017

Author’s note: This work is only for ADULT.

All characters are 18+

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Voyeur: Father and His Young Ward

Cuckold: The Doctor Breaches My Virgin Bride

Older Man: His Father Deflowers Me!

Caught In the Act: His Father & Their Little Maid

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Book 1

Voyeur: Father and His Young Ward

Trevor Wilson

1831, England.

It was quite a shock when I heard my father married Cousin Sarah two weeks ago. The girl had been Father’s ward for the last ten years since Mother was still healthy and alive.

Sarah, Ginny and I, we had grown up together, and Sarah was like a sister to me. Besides she was younger by three years, far too young for my middle age father. And the girl was just turned eighteen last Christmas, a girl barely out of schoolroom same as my younger sister, Ginny.

The last time I met Sarah, two years ago, she still played a doll with Ginny and giggled together. I shook my head; it seemed true what people said that girls were fast to mature. While I, at age one and twenty, not yet ready for parson mousetrap.

Sarah must be different now. She had to be. Remembering my stern, stuffy father, I couldn’t imagine he would marry a woman with less than impeccable manner, yet I wondered, for Father always treated her like one of his children, and now, they were husband and wife. It must be so damned awkward. And about the bedding no, no, I wouldn’t think about it. Even the thought of my parents doing that was still deuce uncomfortable.

The carriage suddenly lurched to halt. I’m home… finally after two long years never had I thought I would be eager to back home. The dreary, gloomy weather and all.

The footman opened the door, and swiftly, I stepped out. Out of sudden, something—or someone barreled down, crushing my chest. It was so unexpected. I wasn’t ready for the impact as the wind knocked out from my lung. Darn it!

“Brother!” Ginny squalled, hugging me tightly. Her red, frizzy hair tickled my nose, made me want to sneeze.

“Wait, Girl,” I mumbled, trying to shove her wiry arms away.

A helping, impatience hand tugged at my arm from the side, freeing me from my sister’s hold. “Cousin Trevor!” said Sarah, grinning before she swiftly hugged, crushing my bone once again.

But this time, a different sensation assaulted my body. “Uh… Sarah,” I sputtered and flushed hotly.

I felt the girl’s tits pressed against my chest. I stole a glance at my new step-mother. Her black hair was pulled back, but some fell into ringlets framed her beautiful face and pouty lips. She gazed at me with big innocent green eyes. It made my heart beat harder, and the randy-part of me stirred, well, I really couldn’t help it, my cock had a will of its own. And this was its way to show its appreciation of pretty thing, and Sarah was a pretty girl, even prettier than I remembered.

Awkwardly, I freed myself from both of them, trying as best as I could, not to brush another of Sarah’s charm.

I stepped back, eyeing my young relatives. “You two grown a lot,” I said, still red-faced. And it was true, both of the girls were no longer flat as a board, but curved like a woman.

Ginny and Sarah looked at each other before giggling. I shook my head in exasperation. These girls always acted like this. They acted more like a sibling than I ever had with my sister.

“How is the continent, Brother… is Paris as fun as people say…”

My sister droned on and on, but I couldn’t concentrate, for now, Sarah’s rounded, big tit was pressed on my arm as she led me into the foyer. But the girl seemed oblivious to the fact that her soft mound was rested on my person. She was a married woman, wasn’t she? Yet, she so damned oblivious!

I stole a glance at her innocent face again. She looked almost the same as two years ago, just slightly bit matured, her lips became fuller and her high cheekbones more pronounced, but still looked young and gullible.

The girl could be a smashing success in marriage mart, but why she settled with Father, a man close to his fifty. Not that Father was ugly or anything of the sort, but still her reason was so ridiculous. She didn’t want to leave this house. She loved being here and wanted to stay here forever, or so she had said in her letter.

I suck a breath as Sarah’s ample charm brushed more insistently. Oh, lord this was unpardonable! Lusting after my own step-mother!

Trying to fortify myself and block my naughty thought, I glanced around the house. And there, at the stair, I saw father climbed down. His clothes were austere and impeccable. His graying, blond hair shone under the sunlight. And his gray eyes looked at me sternly, yet warmly at the same time.

“Sir,” I said.

Father walked closer and gave me a warm hug. It had been two years after all. I knew Father missed me, his only son and heir.

He drew back. “Welcome home, Son,” he said as he patted my back. “Tell me ab—”

“No, no, Uncle. We got to him first,” cut my new step-mother. And it was odd that the girl still called her husband ‘Uncle’.

“He’s ours now… you can have your interview later,” Sarah added before dragged me to the drawing room while Father just looked at us, amused, like he saw his children being a child, yet…

I truly couldn’t comprehend what had happened here. As if nothing had changed in this house, but it was changed, wasn’t it?


I woke up with a start. I blinked my eyes, everything was dark, only ember in the fireplace lit the room. I stretched my arms and legs, and yawned. Oh, lord, I fell asleep. And now, what time is it?

I leaned down to pick the book that fell on the floor, stood up and put it back to the shelves. I spied the yard outside. It was quite bright, then I noticed that tonight, the moon was full.

Forgoing a candle, I walked out the library and climbed the stair. It was good staying in my own house, no one would rob me when I was careless, unlike when I was in Paris or Rome.

A moaning sound made me stopped in my track. What was that? It sounded like… I shook my head to chase away the naughty thought. Involuntary, I remembered a pretty maid who seduced, then robbed me in Paris. But I couldn’t resent her overmuch, for thank to her, I no longer a virgin, I had to give the darted girl that.

The moaning sound got louder, and as if in a trance, I followed the sound. It came from Sarah’s room. Did I dare to take a peek?

I put my ear on the door. I could hear the girl’s voice clearly, but not the man—if there any man inside. My heartbeat raced, thundering in my chest. It seemed the girl was getting pounded, but I wasn’t sure. I was debating, I wanted to see what was happening inside, yet… was it Father inside? Immediately, I scrapped that possibility. It couldn’t be Father. I was sure Father merely married Sarah because the foolish girl’s ridiculous fear of being chased out from the house.

Even though the marriage was just a sham, I didn’t like the idea of Father being cuckolded. As detestable as the task, I wanted to catch the blackguard in the act. Slowly and carefully, I opened the door… oh, god, I heard a buzzing sound in my ears as I saw the scene. It was so lewd!

Sarah stayed on all fours while the man—whoever he was—pounded her from behind. His butt flexed and relaxed as he drove in and out my little cousin’s cunt while she moaned like a banshee.

Involuntarily, my cock hardened inside my breeches, making it suddenly felt too tight. I shifted and slipped inside carefully.

Hell! I cursed inwardly. The man was Father! The moonlight illuminated his old, lined face. He threw back his head while his mouth was opened in a silent moan. Seeing Father’s raptured face, I could imagine the sheer pleasure of shagging his young ward.

My eyes widened when I saw Father pulled out his monstrous cock from his wife’s teenager cunt. It was so thick and long and shining, coated with the girl’s cream. Roughly, Father opened Sarah’s butt crack and stroked the underside of his cock there, up and down, again and again.

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