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The Breeding Tactic
Part 3: Brad

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The Story So Far

Tryouts Complete

On The Way Home

Tina and Brad Working Out

Cumming Back Home

Home: Showers and Bedroom


Telling Nicole

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This series is for Sgt. G. and The Wannabe – two of my best friends I’ve never met, but with whom I feel like I’ve always had. Thank you for always being there for me, even when I’m unpleasant to be around with.

The Breeding Tactic

A Cheating Hotwife Story

Part 3: Brad

The Story So Far...

Tim and Tina had always wanted a baby, but they didn’t seem to be able to conceive. Through a coffee catch-up with Nicole, Tina’s slutty friend, Tina got the idea of finding a surrogate father - maybe it was that Tim’s sperm wasn’t virile enough, or something like that.

The only catch? Tina wanted to conceive naturally - which meant that she had to fuck another guy.

They were serious about it - and they even drew up a contract with terms of ownership of the baby, what Tina and Tim were allowed to do during the course of the “conceiving plan”, and a non-disclosure agreement for the “contributing party”.

She wasn’t about to just fuck any random guy off the street. It couldn’t be someone who would reveal this kind of dirty secrets about them to others either - it had to be someone they could trust. But Tina wasn’t only focused on herself and Tim’s concerns. If she was going to have a baby, it had to be a healthy one, and she wanted one that at least had some semblance of good genes; Tim and herself had been the benefactors of that, and she strongly believed it would be beneficial for the next generation. It would also have to be someone with a good background, because she didn’t want just anyone to impregnate her.

While she was at it, she thought she might as well enjoy it too - she’d be the one carry the baby inside her for nine months, and if she had to endure a mindless sperm depositing in her with no passion, then she might as well have done it artificially. Tim didn’t quite agree with this, but he saw no choice if they really took this path; he wasn’t in any position to argue since he thought Tina would have to be the one to deal with the difficult part of the whole plan anyway.

All that meant that there had to be a selection process - in which, much to Tim’s chagrin, fucking the men was part of, to ensure sexual compatibility with Tina. So they had looked for people, met people, and Tina would fuck them, with protection (at least most of the time - she broke the rules a few times), before they made up their minds.

Which brings them to where they were at this point.

Tryouts Complete

Tina kept up her tryouts for candidates even after Bob - and at an amazing pace. Tim didn’t yet know that Tina was already fucking some of the guys bare - the arrangement was for them all to use condoms, and so Tina used some each time Tim knew she had someone over, just to keep up that illusion. She didn’t have a preference for fucking with or without a rubber, but having the guy cum inside her was so much hotter than having the cum accumulate in the tip of the condom - although the latter also made for some kinky scenes and play later.

Almost every day, Tim would come back from work to see evidence of another person having been in the house recently, usually having just left. The sofa or guest bedroom in disarray, a number of finished plates of snacks on the counter, the guest shower area wet from use, an occasional forgotten personal item here and there. Some days, things were more explicit, seemingly because Tina and her candidate didn’t have as much time to clean up after - a used condom in the trash (or multiple, which sometimes made Tim wonder if all her choices could go multiple rounds or if she had seen more than one guy in the day), her bra and panties hung up or strewn on the floor in some open area of the house, and sometimes even Tina still recovering from her last round, sprawled in the guest bed with the covers around her.

That was the case today, when Tim reached home only to see another car exit their driveway just as he approached within visual range - it was a Lamborghini this time. A Maserati the last time, a Porche before that, and a McLaren before that. Either my child is going to have a very comfortable life, or I might as well be getting paid for Tina, Tim thought, then stopped. He was shocked at his own train of thought - whoring his wife out like an escort? What was he thinking? This was for their own happiness, he tried to convince himself, and that he should bear no jealousy given that Tina was going to great lengths to conceive and put herself through all these ordeals - this was very much unlike her, he recalled, and the thought was assuring.

Entering the house and finding Tina lying on the sofa, stark naked and with a satisfied grin on her lip, Tim’s doubts resurfaced. Her legs were spread at an angle that led Tim to believe that she hadn’t moved an inch since she was fucked, and the two used condoms that were in the trashcan just beside the sofa confirmed it. A slight anger welled up in him, and he had to control his rage as he snatched a blanket from the guest room and tossed it over Tina unceremoniously, waking her up in the process.

“Oh, hey.”

Tim grunted his response, and Tina took note. She hadn’t expected things to turn sour between them, and especially not so fast. She knew she would have to deal with his unhappiness at some point, and she was aware of that from the time she popped the possibility to him the first time. She watched him from behind as he went to grab a shot of whiskey from the cabinet, and sat up, wrapping the blanket around her. It seems that dedicating the weekends to just the two of them without seeing anyone else was only a minor measure, even if the two days they had every week was filled with sex for as long as they could manage. Tina had thought about this inevitable happiness, and despite her best efforts, she could only think of one way to ease the tension and perhaps make him a little happier.

“I think we can finally settle on one person”, she spoke across the room, emphasising on “we”, as if they were both involved in the decision.

That did the trick - Tim perked up. “Oh? Who?”

“His name is Brad - he was here the week before.” Tina realised how hollow her words sounded, especially giving the flashback.

Oh, you mean one of the many men who have stormed into my house and come to fuck my wife? Tim had to hold himself back from vocalising the thought, and calmed himself down by telling himself that perhaps this was good news, that it was about to end, and that they might finally have a baby. Instead he looked at Tina, holding his gaze, and prompting silently for more information.

“Clean cropped hair. Came in business attire. Drove a Lexus, you had coffee and some drinks with him, and even talked at length about business with him. In fact, that was the only guy I think you seemed to actually like, and I had to rearrange a second date with him because you took up all the time talking with him on the first!”

Tim unknowingly let out a smile. He did remember that guy - and he did like him. He was one of the few, maybe even the only one, that had a regular, normal job, and who could talk with Tim on equal, polite terms. If memory served, Brad was holding a decent position in a local firm, dealing with managing a chain of financial services with international banks. Despite that, he was neither extravagant nor flashy - instead, being down-to-earth and realistic, he preferred to live a sustainable lifestyle, keeping himself healthy both physically, mentally, financially, and of course sexually. He could hold a decent conversation, and was well-educated both in the real world and in school - a Masters from Harvard and a good number of years in investing, startups, and acquisitions had assured and ascertained that.

Tim remembered that Brad was very polite, though not falsely so. Even while he and Tina was having their “tryouts”, he appeared to be considerate, with the whole sessions being very quiet, and even having cleaned up after. Tim wouldn’t have believed he kept Tina busy for a good six hours, if not for the fact that he saw him first arrive, and then leave, and the thank-you gift he left on the mantle - a simple but rather exquisite silver rose ornament that then became their dinner table centrepiece. In some ways, Tim was quite relieved that among the throes of men that were hankering after Tina, and the ones that she had already “interviewed”, she picked one reasonably similar to himself, and a decent chap to boot.

Unknown to Tim, Tina had met up with him an additional two more times, after the second one (or the first round with Tina), just for the fun of it. He may have been a clean, good man on the front, but he was a monster, a devil in the bedroom. There wasn’t any position Tina knew that he didn’t have experience in, and he was always up for learning a few more - and better still, sharing his knowledge. He was kinky, rough, brutal, and had the stamina of a literal breeding stud - he’d never gone for less than three rounds, and even then when he only had three it was because of time constraints. Very often he had to leave Tina because he had another appointment to keep, or more likely because he had worn Tina out from all the orgasms he’d been giving her; if Bob and Stan had been giving her amazing orgasms, Brad had been bringing her to what could only be described as nothing less than heavenly explosive bliss. Tina had never been so worn out and yet so rejuvenated each time Brad made her cum - it was like a physical fatigue but something deeper inside awakening, that she was more than willing to go through the aches and pains to achieve it once more.

“So, when are you two erm…meeting up again?” Tim broached.

“We’re supposed to have coffee at…shit! At six!” Tina’s quick glance at the clock showed she only had half an hour to wash up, look presentable, and then head down to the café, which by now had become a usual meeting spot, to the point that Tim couldn’t grab his usual latte there without the baristas giving him weird looks. Tim even suspected she might be fucking a few of them on the side on the pretext of keeping them quiet - even though it wasn’t necessary.

But Tina didn’t think they needed to know that; and Tim was right. He would just never know.

Tina threw the blanket off her, and ran to the bathroom, slipping on a condom on the way and having to catch her balance. Tim sighed. He hoped this would be the last of it, and they could go back to their normal suburban lives, preferably with a new addition to the family. He heard the shower turn on at full blast, and also decided not to change out of what he wore to work - he supposed Brad would be in similar attire and he didn’t want to stick out among the three of them.

It turns out Tina was the one who stood out the most - she didn’t have many clothes left at that point of time, given that she hadn’t done the laundry for all of two weeks, so she just threw on the first thing that looked decent enough - which turned out to be one of her tight-fitting tees, and a pair of ripped denim shorts. She’d run clear out of underwear, so her nipples pressed against her top and had to be covered by a matching denim jacket, and in some places her ass cheeks could be seen through the deliberate holes in the fabric as she walked through the door to the café. Brad was already there, and had found seats for all of them in a discreet corner. Contrary to Tim’s thinking, Brad wasn’t dressed for work - yet not really standing out either. He was clad in a dry-fit tee shirt and gym shorts, wearing his trainers.

“Sorry for the get-up. I thought something might have come up with Tina, and so I changed to go to the gym, then I got her text saying she’d be late - figured I’d hit the gym after we met, so I didn’t bother to change out, if that’s ok.” Brad appeared apologetic that he wasn’t as presentable as when they’d met before. Tina didn’t seem to mind - his outfit showed off his buff physique and muscles, not bulging but clearly put to work in the gym, with his chest filling out the top of the shirt and the lower part hugging his slightly toned abs. Tim didn’t notice previously how fit Brad was, and though he wasn’t the kind to neglect his own appearance and fitness, he couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious despite being almost on par.

“We’ve got good news for you!” Tina chimed. “You’re our selected donor!” Her voice rang out loud enough to attract the attention and curiosity of other nearby patrons - and Tina hung her head down, embarrassed.

“Well, that’s certainly the best news I’ve heard in a while!” Tim returned the compliment, and raised his glass of cold water in a toast, before gulping half of it down. “May I ask what’s next to do then, if this is to continue?”

Tim and Tina laid out the terms more discreetly and with a hushed voice, compared to Tina’s earlier exuberance. Tina would have freedom to be with Brad, whenever the both were available, but only with mutual consent - she was also free to refuse any act, or dismiss Brad should she decide that he had become unsuitable. Otherwise, everything was by consent. “Also, given that the objective is to get pregnant, you don’t have to use condoms when you fuck me. And of course, you can finish inside.”

Brad was careful to hide both his enthusiasm for barebacking Tina all the time now, and the fact that they already had fucked bareback a few times - but he had to assume, and rightly so, that Tim didn’t know. It turned out to be a wise caution, because at the mentioned of not using condoms anymore, Tim seem to shift nervously in his seat.

“Hey, if it helps, I got tested when Tina first approached me, and I’m all in the clear. So you really have nothing to worry about.” Brad tried to put a comforting fact forth to ease Tim’s tension - it seemed to do the trick, although it had absolutely nothing to do with what Tim was concerned about. “So is there something I need to sign in agreement or…?”

Tim slapped his hands in realisation - again attracting the attention, and this time annoyance, of the patrons near them. “Ah fuck. I knew we forgot something when we rushed out of the house!” Tina had her puppy-eyes look on, fixed on Brad, and seemed apologetic.

Brad sank back into his chair and shrugged. “Hey no worries. As long as we’re all in agreement, I don’t see a rush to formalise it just yet - it’s not like I’m going to run away anyhow!” Tim and Tina were relieved that Brad took their carelessness lightly, and the three decided to shake on it as a gesture of goodwill.

“If you don’t mind though, I do need to hit the gym - I have just enough time to complete my workout before it closes, and I reckon I can finish up pretty fast, seeing as it’s going to be empty at this hour. What say I head on to your place for a nightcap after, and to finalise all the documents?”

Tina perked up considerably. “Why don’t I join you at the gym? You’ve always mentioned bringing me there, but we’ve never had the chance - now’s a good opportunity for it! You can head there first, I’ll head back home and grab my gear, and then Tim can drop me off at the gym.” Tina nudged Tim, and he nodded reflexively in agreement, though at the pace things were going he wasn’t quite sure what he was agreeing to.

Brad shrugged again, happily. “Sure, join in - I’d ask you both along, but members are only allowed one guest. Stupid rule, really, especially since the gym is gonna be empty at this time, but I suppose they make the rule so that it doesn’t get crazy at the peak hours.” Brad stood up, pulling his duffel as he did so, and the other two rose as well. “See you soon!” he waved as they parted directions at the door.

On The Way Home

Back in the car, there wasn’t much to say between Tim and Tina - the decision had been made, and now the third party had agreed to it.

“You’re sure you want this?” Tim probed. Tina looked at him quizzically.

“I thought we agreed that this was the best way to have a baby.”

“No, I mean, are you sure you want it to be Brad? As much as I’m glad you’ve made up your mind, I want to you to be certain.” Tim wasn’t so much probing for Tina’s clarity on her own decision - he was more of hoping that she would give him some assurance that this arrangement, this setup, this whole situation, wasn’t his fault.

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