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(Poetry Collection)


Dharmendra Rajmanga

All right Reserved 2017

Dharmendra Rajmangal


“Mid Day Soul” a poetry collection. This is my first English poetry collection , After 17 hindi books. So please Don’t take seriously. You can say this is a effort to work with English language. I always wanted to write something for English readers. So this is for you. Thank you.

Dharmendra Rajmangal


You Can Call Me Lazy

I am sleeping

It is 8 o’ Clock.

Someone calling

my name,

Outside of my Room.

But I don’t want to reply.

Because I am Dreaming,

Dreaming of a

little soul

That little Soul is my

Part of dream.

Pleasure of Dreaming

Is also

Part of Sleeping


I want to more Sleeping.

More means more

Not a calculation of

Morning alarm.

I am Sleeping

It is 9 o’ Clock.

Now I want to wakeup


Someone wants to

Meet me today.

Someone “A little soul”

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