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My new job involved getting fertilized by my boss!

When I heard I could double my pay, I was eager to please the boss. Little did I know this would involve him bending me over to fill me with the heir to his fortune!

An erotic short featuring rough, fertile sex with the boss and risk of discovery.

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Length: 2,470 words

Copyright © 2018 by Jade Bleu, Smashwords Edition

First eBook Publication: January 2018

Cover design by Jade Bleu

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Fertile for the Boss: Danica

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“Thank you for coming in my office,” Adam told me.

There was something about the way he said the words that made me think of “coming” in the carnal sense. But that was a bad, naughty thought for a new secretary to have. The man was my boss, after all. A hot, sexy boss with big hands and who wore the brand of designer after shave that was guaranteed to make me instantly horny. But still.

I shifted in my seat and crossed my legs, trying to ignore the fact that doing so put delicious pressure on my clit.

He flipped through some papers on his desk. “I was just going over your personnel file.”

“Oh?” I blinked. “Is everything alright?”

“No. It isn’t.” He looked up and met me wide-eyed stare with smoldering brown eyes.

Panic flooded me despite the chemistry in that gaze. Shit. I’d barely had the job a week and already there was a problem. And I really needed this job.

He tapped a finger on one of the pages. “Your salary is barely above minimum, despite previous experience.”

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