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Violently VIOLATED by The Home Invader

Copyright 2017 Dolly Burrell

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Violently VIOLATED by The Home Invader

Janice sat up in bed with a gasp. Something had woken her up. A glass breaking? Since she lived alone, that was concerning. She lay in bed, holding her breath to listen. Just when she thought she must have dreamed it, she heard a crunching sound like heavy shoes on broken glass.

Scrambling for her phone in the dark, Janice tried to switch the flashlight app on. Her trembling fingers finally managed it and she shone the dim light around the room, her breathing heavy. She felt herself starting to relax a little as it passed over the familiar shapes of her furniture, her stuffed animals, her desk.

“Guess I’m imagining things,” Janice sighed, casting her light around the room one more time.

Nothing seemed to be amiss, so, still slightly on edge, she lay back down in her bed, trying to calm her racing heart and ignore her jangling nerves.

Just as she was starting to settle in bed she heard another noise. This time it sounded like something being scraped across the floor, footsteps on the carpet. Closer now.

“Who’s there?” she called into the darkness. “I, I have a gun.”

Nobody said anything in response to her lie, but she heard more thumps, closer together, approaching her bed. She found herself breaking out into a cold sweat, heart racing, trembling and frozen with fear. Finally her mind kicked into gear, and she grabbed scrambled for the bedside lamp, trying to switch it on.

Before she had the chance to, the room was illuminated in light anyway as somebody threw the main switch. Janice didn’t even scream as the balaclava-wearing figure came into view, all her worst fears realized. They stared at each other for second after second, wide terrified eyes meeting angry, hateful ones.

He took a step towards the bed, and time started moving again. Janice screamed, grabbing the bedside lamp and ripping the plug out of the wall as she brandished it. In the moment it took her to do that, the man had crossed the room, close enough to reach out and grab her.

Janice cried out again, swinging the lamp wildly in his direction. He easily dodged it, and then as she swung it once more, she felt his fingers closing around her wrist, stopping it in mid-arc. She moaned, trying to pull her wrist away, but the man narrowed his eyes, yanking it in the opposite direction.

“Pl-please,” she whimpered, not even sure what she was begging for. “I, I won’t tell the police, you can take whatever you want.”

The man made a noise that sounded like it might have been a laugh, and his fingernails bit deeply into the soft pale flesh of Janice’s wrist.

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