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The next morning seemed to come early although for Trevor, when the first rays of the morning sunshine hit his face caused him to groan his hand trying to brush away the light only to find it continually hitting his face which forced him to start waking up letting out a groan coming to realize one of several things.

One being that he was now laying in his owner’s bed which Karen never allowed him to sleep in the bed with her, two being that his body felt extremely sore like it had been hit by a truck and he had survived it even after several times by the same truck. Three only came after a few minutes when he felt a heavy weight wrapped around his waist with a quick glance down Trevor was startled when he saw a hairy arm was wrapped around his waist did some of last night start to come back to him.

The fact that the other day he had become a total submissive slut stunned him but something that was just starting to wake up becoming excited by the fact that the CW was really close to them that he found himself pushing his rear up against the Cyber Wolf’s sheath wiggling it trying to get his cock to come out. The fresh memories of the last nights breeding coming into his mind causing Tina to come to the surface even more moaning out feeling the massive arms moving around to his chest as the fingers went about massaging his chest causing him to purr.

“Good morning, my little bitch…I see that you are all ready for round two.” The Cyber wolf growled into his ear which seemed to caused Trevor to shiver yet become confused by what was going on considering his body was starting to react in erotic manner toward the beast. While he admitted that when he handled the beast’s balls he felt a bit of a stirring in his gut that finally got something inside of him that got him acting like a slut.

He could feel the beasts cock start to rise out of its sheath pressing up against his back but between his ass cheeks rubbing the massive organ in between leaving it slick with pre. The beast’s fingers continued to play with his nipples causing Trevor to squirm, quickly out of the back of his mind which seemed to purr with excitement the actual purring seemed to vibrate throughout his body causing him to squirm fighting against the pleasure that he got from the wolf behind him.

The new part pushed away Trevor’s personality allowing the sluttier type to spring forward letting out a loud moan pressing his body up against the wolf his arm automatically reaching around bringing the wolf’s muzzle down to his mouth kissing the wolf deeply. “Oooh master, you are too kind to me…my less respective self has been denying your advances.”

This seemed to cause the CW to grin pleased by his new pet is telling him about Trevor’s masculinity attitude reaching around again pinching and pulling on Trevor’s nipples which seemed to stiffen becoming puffy. “Oh really? I guess we are going to need to fix that, won’t we?”

Trevor felt the second personality squeal in delight from the very idea of what the Cyber Wolf would do to the male personality if he did not follow his new role. It caused him to shiver in fright wondering what the two was planning as the wolf drew away from his body again his fingers going about pinching his nipples one last time causing both him and the new personality to whimper.

“Get on all fours, bitch! It’s time to show the other you who truly owns him and you!” the Cyber Wolf growled out a command to Trevor or whoever was in control of his body. Again, he felt the new personality squeal and giggle with delight from the command quickly turning over getting on to all fours wiggling his hips while shoving it in a teasing manner he cast a teasing glance over his shoulder at the wolf who was already sitting up stroking his massive canine cock which was fully erect it looked poised to own him.

However, while the massive beast looked ready and willing not to mention its massive cock which stood at attention although unlike before it was not drooling pre-or anything just standing there waiting for something. It continued to throb like it had a life of its own joint with its swaying motions it seemed to be a cobra waiting to strike.

This startled the unfamiliar presence that occupied Trevor’s body forcing him as a prisoner while the two played the scene out in their own way as it whimpered in a needy way, his lips pouting hating the fact that the beast was not taking him like before. “What is wrong, my master? I can feel this pathetic male trying to regain control of this form, please hurry.”

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