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A fetish love story


I was returning from some place in a bus, I saw one girl getting into bus, I was so lucky to have seat beside me, she sat here touching her bare shoulders to mine, her blonde arms with green nerves could be clearly seen. A nicest perfume smell used to come whenever she raises her hand a little. I’m not a guy who just watches a girl’s boobs and stay quite or compliment in mind. I started to observe every parts of her body as much as I could. Don’t think me a just pervert, nope, I don’t see every girl in that manner, my eyes capture only beautiful things. She had worn a green sleeveless top. I started looking at her silently. My eyes started drawing imaginary outlines on her But the disaster happened- I was caught and her eyes stared flaming at me. I had to save myself; I took courage and I broke the ice. ‘Hi! I'm Jatin’, I took a gulp, she not seemed like interested, her eyes appeared like war prepared fighter jets. They were so intense. I added ' yes I stared at you, but it's my job'. ‘What? Staring at some girl is your job?' she was furious. 'I'm a nude photographer, means ......I take nude photos' I pulled out my camera and tried to convince her. She looked at my camera and face repeatedly and as I expected; she asked ' then show me some' now her face was grinning and she seemed like thrashing me in very next moment. I switched on my camera. Luckily I had some pictures of a slut whom I paid money for a hook and clicked her photos after she turned on. 'See here I showed her by covering my hands to the display; not to show others, she saw the pictures. Because of my taste on scanning bodies I had few nice pictures. After seeing those photos, she gave a pale smile and kept silence. Now I saw her thighs, they started rubbing each other slowly. And now i observed her lips, they were dry and she again and again liking them. By this I could easily conclude that those photos had made her go crazy and she got some sensations or might be a little wet! Now I started imagining her wet spots. I wanted to ask her!. She knew that I was staring at her but she was just smiling and never got a dare to stare at me. I continued ' if you ask me. You got an amazing body which that model had not' now she turned at me and giggled. I didn’t know girls turn on for some shitty black nude slut. ‘Are you interested too?' I asked. 'i don't go naked' but I can pose either'. 'Ok!' I wore a serious look, ‘you want to get into my contract?' I asked.

'What is it?’

‘You have to come to me, whenever I call you for a shoot and you have to wear cloths which I provide. If you go nude I pay better ' I finished in a breath.

'You think I'm capable of it?'

'Yes dear'.

'Ok! When should I come?'

‘You can come today also, or, if you want to stay in my studio; that is also ok'.

'See I stay in paying guest, I cannot come whenever I want, I have to inform the owner'.

'Ok, but before we start regularly I need your some pictures and usual i prefer sensual poses. ‘I told know I don't get naked' she burst. 'I didn't mean it, we have many hotspots baby I tell you if you want' I waited for her nod. ‘Hmm’ she uttered. 'Hotspots are armpits, breasts, butts etcetera... etetera...need to be sizzling not always naked' 'ok, I can't show anything here ' she declined. 'You can show armpits' I wmypered. And she started blushing and she folded her hands tightly. ‘You know one thing?. You don't need to show your face, just those parts’ I emphasized. She started to pose. One was like placing her hand straightly on seat top, one more placing her right hand behind the head.

Now I just moved toward her and kissed on her shoulder, and continued it. another hand was on her lap unknowingly. She didn't resist, i kissed her arm till her elbow. It was a pre booking bus so no need to afraid that new passengers would come. She started panting as she couldn't control her breath. I started sucking her fingers. And my right hand started to press her thighs. Now I was kissing her palm and my left hand was rubbing her back. Now suddenly grabbed her waist with my left hand and she fell on me. 'No' she wmypered. I had won. She didn't resist instead her eyes were saying like proceed. ‘I forgot to take photo’ i sat back on my seat. Now she held her palm behind her head and gave a sexy pose. I captured many photos and showed her my talent. She felt happy and kissed on my cheek, i showed my lips to kiss she hesitated. ‘It’s ok, leave it’, i made a sad face, and she suddenly grabbed my head and landed a kiss on my lips and sat back like nothing had happened. I rubbed my lips with a victorious smile.

I was at my home; sleeping naked. My phone started vibrating. 'Some fucker is phoning' I was irritated. But that was an unknown number. 'hello'. 'hi I'm Nina. you remembered from yesterday?' suddenly i remembered the previous day's incident.

'Oh yea I got, tell me what is the matter?’.

'I want to join you. Are you free today?’.

'Of course'.

'At what time I should come?'.

'Whenever you are free!’

'I’ll come in half an hour. Send me your addresses. I texted her address; also I said that I will wait in halfway. 
Two hours later Nina arrived, I took her to my home in my car. You might be thinking that how did I make money. Well the story was a very bitter. I can't forget in my entire life. Story goes like tmy:

After my BCOM I was jobless, one small sales company called me for 5K salary; I got into it. That company was about textile. I had to sell female Kurtis, Women tops, Salwar Kameez and Sarees at doorsteps. I was sent to some strange street, where i saw many foreign families. I knocked many doors some old ladies with shorts, wasted my time asking about colours which I never saw in my entire life. I sold some stuffs to the young ladies and repeated tasks had made me exhausted. I was about to leave that street, one small boy came to me and said that I left one single home to v visit and that lady wants some clothes. 'Are you sure?' 'Yes'. 'Show me which house?’ That guy took me to that home and hit the bell. 'Aunty, here's the sales man' and boy stood there I thought he was expecting something.  The door opened after 5 minutes; thrice I attempted to leave the house. But boy held my hand to wait. A lady about forties with a short sleeveless top came out with a huge chocolate in her hand. 'That was not for me; but for tmy little idiot ' my guess was right. She bent forward to face the kid and made a deep cleavage. 'Tmy is for you' she handed chocolate with a kiss. Kid giggles with gay, and ran from there. Now i was alone there with tmy mature lady. I looked at her with hesitation. She was pretty and never seemed like old. Her dimple cheeks, colour lips, body fragrance, a couple of round breasts, firm exposed thighs amused me. “She must be of thirty; I was wrong” I assumed. 'Come inside have a drink. You are tired' her voice awoke me. 'Sure ma'am'. I followed her with watching her dancing ass. 

That was an old bunglow, contained all mytorical items. Large portraits, paintings, ancient vases on tables, a large standing mirror, wooden staircase everything remembered me ancient time. She had a jug of wine in her hand


'Please' I uttered.

She took two glasses and poured wine in them. 'Have it'
I took a sip silently. That was very old wine and I never tasted before. By observing my face she started to talk 'tmy wine is from Europe. My grandpa brought tmy, I grew up in Europe, and my grandpa lived here. I was only member he could save from the earthquake. And he took me to this Bunglow. After my pass I alone living here' she made a sad face. 'Don’t you hang out with people around here?'. Here expression changed and she not seemed like explain it 'no they are not good people' she replied with detestation. 'By the way what and all you have. Show me' She became hasty. I unpacked my bag and threw some of the attires. She never seemed like purchasing them. 'you sell inner wears?' her questions.' No ma'am. Nobody will buy them from us, they go to showrooms to buy them'
'Oh ok. Then!’ She took both glasses and put them on table with thinking something. I was repacking my stuff's and thinking that I lost that customer too. 'Hey one minute!. Don't you have girl tops?'. 'Yes ma'am I have so many' I again took off my bag with joy from the shoulder and opened the zip. Now she came in front of me and knelt down to see the dress. Her dress was so short and it allowed me to see her panty, she never seemed like aware of it. And her dress was so loose I could see her exposed fleshes; she had no bra on her. I tried to distract myself. 'Show me man'. She inserted her hand inside my bag. Now the strap of right shoulder slipped down and came near elbow. Clearly I saw her right tit. She didn’t even try to cover that back, she was busy in taking dress out. 'Oh she is doing everything on purpose' I understood. I started to shiver with excitement as i never saw one before. Finally she took out a white top which was very small to her. 'Ma'am you can't wear it. That's for teenagers’. She stared at me' what did you say?, You want to see. Ha?' she just took off her top and became topless I saw her bare top. See I can wear it she wore the top. That became too tight for her and even it did not cover her naval. Ma'am didn't I say it's not for you?' give it back I have bigger one I was hesitated. 'Are you A man or what?' her voice were teasing.