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Birthday Fun

By Javin Strome

Copyright@2018 by Javin Strome

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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Denis walked up to his friend and flopped next to her. She looked bored, which was not supposed to be the case. It was her birthday for crying out loud. Why the hell would she want to look bored on that day? He took a couple of seconds before he actually spoke to her. Sonia did not attempt to tell her anything; she just sat there and watched toward the rest of the students leaving campus.

“Are you going to tell me what it is that interest you so much with people that you actually forgot how to smile?” Denis asked.

The woman looked at him and shook her head, “People don’t smile all the time. People are not like you,” she said.

“What do you mean like me?” Denis asked.

“All smiley and shit. I am not in the mood to smile today so do not even start,” the woman said.

“It’s your birthday you should be happy. You sounded enthusiastic about it last night when we talked,” Denis said.

They had raked last night. Hell they had talked every night for the last one week. Long and deep conversations about everything. It was apparent that they were falling for each other and it was driving both of them crazy. Not because they did not want each other, but because no one wanted to make the first move. Denis knew he was supposed to be making the first move, but there was something about this woman that always made him hold back.

The truth was that the woman was more complicated than she appeared. It was not even funny. This was one of the times when Denis did not understand her. Last night, things had been different. The woman had almost been excited about her birthday, and now here she was, looking all sulky because it was her birthday. Sometimes Denis wondered whether he was dealing with a child.

“I hate all my birthdays.”

“Didn’t sound like that to me.”

“They always plan a party, and I hate such parties. I am just turning a year old, not getting married. Why can’t they just keep it simple? Why can’t they just send a card and tell me that they are proud that I am finally twenty-five years old?” she asked.

“Who are we talking about?” Denis exclaimed. He had to look around him to make sure that there weren’t people he was missing.

“My family. I am supposed to go home tonight so we can have a nice birthday party,” she made it sound like she was being taken to the slaughter house.

“That can’t be that bad,” Denis said.

“It is not, I just don’t like it. And they never really get it. I don’t like the songs, the cakes, the gathering of family members, I don’t like everything. It is just a normal day for me and it should be for everyone else,” she said.

Dens wanted to disagree with her but he decided against it. The last thing he wanted was to appear as if he was against her.

“Oh, and guess what.”

“They are buying you a better car?” Denis asked.

“No, you idiot. They want me to come with you to the party,” she said.

Denis had not expected this, and now that’s he had heard it, he felt his head swoon. How did they even know about him In the first place?

“Whoa, that was unexpected,” he said.

“See, even you don’t want to come to the dumb party,” the woman said. She was really angry.

“Okay, I have a suggestion. Clearly there can be a way to handle your family and still come out happy,” he said.

“Do you have any genius ideas?”

“Actually, I do. They called me, meaning I can provide you with the perfect excuse to stay there for the shortest time possible. We will pretend we are dating and that I am planning on taking you out on a date later on. So we will only eat cake, I have to eat cake, and then we will head on out. Then maybe we can find you a birthday routine that you will like,” the man said.

It sounded plausible enough.it was actually doable. Sonia knew that her parents liked Denis. How they had found out about him was still a mystery, but she had stopped being bothered by such stuff. Her father worked for the government, clearly he knew what she was doing at all times.

“You might be a genius after all,” the woman said and smiled for the first time that day.

“See how beautiful you are when smiling,” the man said siting up. He really loved her, nothing about the woman was imperfect. The way she smiled, the way she laughed, her voice, her eyes, the way she even sat was perfect.

“Come on, get up. We need to head home and get over with this party,” she said getting to her feet.

“Whoa, now?”

“Do you need any preparation?” she asked.

“Well, not really.”

“Good, I need preparation. So come let’s go,” she said and pulled him to his feet. When he stood, he was taller than she was by a good foot. She had to step back and tilt her head so she could see him. They were standing so close that she could smell his aftershave.

She liked the man, she knew she liked him because he would always make her smile whenever he was around. Sonia understood just how hard it was to make her smile. She was a no nonsense lady and Denis was the only guy she could take nonsense from. But that was probably because his nonsense was always funny… and that she was in love with him.

They walked to her room where she proceeded to get dressed. It did not take a short while. Actually, Denis dozed off on the bed as he waited for her to shower then get ready. It was as if the woman was replacing parts of her body.

Finally she was done. She woke Denis up and both headed to her home. Denis knew that Sonia came from a rich family. She was the only student in campus who drove a sports car, and she never let anyone else other than Denis or her drive it. This was never negotiable. Her answer was always no. no one else would drive her car.

Denis had known that she was a rich girl, but never before had he imagined how rich they would be. So when they got to her home, he almost crushed the car because he could not understand how someone could even be that wealthy. One would never know by looking at Sonia. Other than the car, everything else was normal. Hell, there were people who wore more expensive clothes than she did.

The part was like none Denis had even attended. He was happy, and they were happy to finally see him. It turned out that they all knew that the two were in love. They did not need telling, they could all see it in the young couple.

Denis did as promised, said that he was going to take her out in a few hours so he was not planning to stay for too long. They readily allowed him to take their daughter.

“Wow, you are really a princess!” Denis said as he drove away. Sonia laughed, she never talked about her private life. And she did not want to talk about it. She wanted them to do something else, something she had been hoping they would do for a very long time.

“You were to take me somewhere,” Sonia said.

“I, uhm, I never thought about that. I was simply giving you an option to get out of an awesome party. How could you walk out of such a party to begin with? Your folks know how to throw a mean party!” Denis said,

Sonia knew she had to shut him up so in one swoop, she leaned in close and kissed him on the lips. Denis almost lost control of the car before the woman sat back and started laughing.

“Okay, that was great,” Denis said

“Take me to your place, I am about to show you what great feels like,” she said patting him on the thigh.

Denis floored the gas and the car shot forward. He could not believe what was happening. Finally, he was going to show this woman a god time. It was not as if he had fantasized about this day a lot. The last thing he wanted were ideas that would make her miss a step with Sonia. Sonia was a special girl, she was a beautiful woman who needed to be taken slowly, step by step. Missing one step would make him miss out on everything.

They got to his house and tore through the door like two football players. Denis hadn’t even closed the door when she turned to him and kissed him like the world was coming to an end.

Denis stepped back, breaking the kiss and looked at her. He groaned and shook his head, “please tell me you want me to kiss you more,” he said.

“Yes, kiss me more,” Sonia almost moaned.

“Great because it would not want you to be disappointed,” Denis added.

Then shut up and kiss me, baby,” Sonia said pulling him closer to her. They kissed as they undressed whatever was left of their clothes. No matter how many times they had sex, they would never get bored of each other. Her body was already uncoiling, heating up and letting him know that she was his for the taking. This was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She had known she wanted Denis the moment she saw him standing there. It was like hitting a switch and everything started moving toward the right direction.

And now they were here and he was affecting her. His hot breath on her was doing a lot of damage to her nerves. It was bringing her whole system to life. It was always going to be a good time with Denis, a man who knew where to touch. She allowed him access to her, giving him all the access he would want.

Denis busied himself with bringing Sonia pleasure until she moaned with abandon. She wanted him as soon as possible. Any delays would only build to her frustrations. Denis took time bringing her pleasure, making her writhe with pleasure on the bed before he raised his head and smiled.

Sonia watched with awe as her lover displayed himself impressively before he joined her on the bed. He was now ready to take her to a world only h could take her to. And she looked down at her body and noticed his hardness. She was excited, way too excited. She could not help but ask for his it. Her whole body seemed to have been electrified by his oral performance. He had prepared her well for the love making that was to follow.

He slowly entered her, allowing her to adjust. Denis slowly pushed himself forward until he was buried to the hilt before he finally looked into her eyes. As if giving her a green light, she moaned “yes” and Denis started to move. Like a professional or something even better, he took her hard, bringing her to the throes of pleasure like no one had ever tried before. They were both submitting to an animalistic instinct that seemed to drive them from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Nothing else mattered at this particular time, they were both happy to be here.

There was a time Denis had never before seen himself doing this, but it was actually a good thing he had tried. It was a feeling he had missed for so long. The sensations he had to live with were just too good. He closed his eyes and concentrate on giving her pleasure, taking her needs and handling the like the man that he was. No one was going to stop him as long as Sonia was close by. And she flexed herself every now and then, milking him as he pistoned in and out of her.

He moved until he could not move again. Rolling off of her, he looked at the ceiling and realized that he was going to have to enjoy this woman as much as he could.

The End

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