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Entertaining Her Husband's Friend

By Javin Strome

Copyright@2018 by Javin Strome

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Silvia was running late. There was supposed to be a party in her house and she was yet to get everything ready. She had been working all morning to make sure that everything was ready. It was not an easy job, planning such a party. Especially because she had never planned another party herself. But it had been her idea, a home coming party for her husband who would be landing in a few hours.

Mike had first refused the party, not want too much attention on him. It was not cool. But Silvia had insisted. She wanted to have a party because she was so damn proud of him. So eventually, he agreed to her demands. They were not going to call a lot of people. In any case, they were just going to call his best friend, who was always there, and a couple of work friends who had agreed to come.

Now here she was, trying her best to make the best party ever there were drinks. She knew his friends loved drinking, so she had gotten a lot of drinks. She had also made some food for everyone. Since it was not going to be a large crowd, making food for everyone was an easy task.

Mike had gone overseas six months ago for a random job promotion interview. He had not even been on the list, but he had been on leave. So he took that random flight and jetted out. What was supposed to be a funny trip took turn when he found out that he was the most qualified person to take the job and so he started immediately. It was something so impulsive that it took him completely by surprise.

His wife and friends had not believed him. Silvia had not even thought that was possible, but so had Mike. They had spoken for days until he was finally able to show him the letter he had been given. Soon work started and he got busy. Too busy to come back home for the next six months. Silvia might have flipped and was actually starting to flip until she heard the deal they had given him. He was going to work for six months for them at the post before being given three months to prepare for the move.

That was not what made the deal sweat, it was the seven figures bonus he was getting after six months. It seemed pretty insane. Everything about this seemed insane but he was ready to roll with it. Silvia did not have any problem moving as long as the bonuses kept coming. Her business was also doing great and she had spent the last six months making preparations for the move. She would comfortably run the business from overseas as it did not need a physical office. Most of the work was done from home.

Six hours later, the guests were starting to arrive. They were a happy bunch. Mike was supposed to be there, but he was not coming. Silvia had tried making calls but none was going through. She knew he had started his flight because he had called her as soon as he had taken his seat on the plane. The flight was supposed to have taken eighteen long hours. Twenty hours later, he was yet to land. Silvia had tried to call him countless times and she was beginning to get worried now. She did not want to be the wife that thought bad things would happen but she also was not comfortable that he had not called or tried to, or was not receiving her calls.

To make matters worse, he had refused being picked up at the airport. Mike was not that kind of guy. He liked hiring a cab and finding everyone in one place, not at the airport.

“Hey, you look worried,” Daniel said. Everyone else was having a good time. She had informed them that the flight was getting a little delayed which was a lie. So they were free to proceed with the party, Mike was going to be joining them soon.

“Do I?” Silvia asked. Daniel was Mike’s best friend. When he left, he had come by a number of times to check up on her.

“Yes,” Daniel said, placing his hand on the small of her back. She felt her spine spring into action from his touch. She and Daniel had not done anything yet, but it was just a matter of time. The two had flirted with each other for the last six months and every day, Silvia got closer and closer to sleeping with the man.

She looked at her guests and shook her head. This was not supposed to be happening. Her hubby was supposed to be there already.

“How about we call the airline and ask them what is happening?” Daniel asked. Silvia had not even thought of that.

“I guess we could do that.” A few minutes later, they had located the number and were already calling the airline.

It took some minutes before someone actually talked to them. Silvia tried to keep the anxiety off her voice. She explained what was happening, the flight her husband was supposed to have taken more than eighteen hours ago and told him that he was yet to get home. The man punched on his computer and sighed.

“Yes, I see the flight here. I am sorry to inform you, ma’am, but they had to make an emergency landing. They will not be released until tomorrow morning.”

“But why?”

“Bad weather. Everyone is fine, however. The airline has placed them in a nice hotel and will cover all their expenses. Also, you might not be able to reach anyone on the flight because the city they were forced to land in is experiencing a storm as we speak,” the man said. He sounded helpful, sympathetic even.

Silvia thanked him and hung up before she turned to Daniel. She relayed the information to him before walking to her living room. She then told everyone what was happening. The party was being called off because Mike was not going to show up. His plane had made an emergency landing. There was a collective disappointment around the house but there was nothing that could be done. People ate and started living shortly after. Salvia would not let them go until all the food was done. What was she going to do with all that food anyway? So she only released them after they had finished the food she had made.

This was probably the worst day in her life. She had expected to have a great time tonight. She had made a lot of preparations but now it seemed as if all that was going down the drain. What actually made her angry was that a storm had to happen on the one day when she had prepared herself for her husband. No one understood just how much she wanted him.

Daniel, on the other hand, was going crazy. His chance to get laid by this woman was slipping him faster than he could imagine. He wondered what he was doing wrong. Daniel decided that he was going to move faster this time he sat next to the woman and held her close.

“You know, you don’t have to feel bad. He will still come and you two are going to have a better time alone,” he said.

“I really wanted to surprise him.”

“You can think of something else to surprise him with, maybe some bomb ass sex,” he said and the two chuckled.

“I am going to miss you when you go, however,” Daniel said, running his hand along her back. She shuddered, which should not have happened because Daniel did it again, and again until she turned to look at him.

“What exactly are you going to miss about me?” she asked.

“A lot of things.”


“I will miss watching you, the conversations we had, the intimacy, I will miss watching you smile,” the man said. Silvia blushed.

“I didn’t know you were that observant, she said.

“Only when it comes to you, darling,” he said and inched closer to her. Silvia knew she should push him away but she did not. Instead she leaned in closer and took a deep breath before their lips touched. If she had been planning to pull out of the kiss, the chance was long gone because the two kissed like the world was coming to an end. Suddenly, she forgot about her husband, that he was stranded in some godforsaken place in a storm that was not about to come to an end. That he was dying to see her. All that did not matter. What mattered was the fact that Daniel was here, and he was such an amazing kisser.

Daniel did not want to give her the chance to change her mind. What he did not know was that Silvia was not about to change her mind. Silvia did not waste a moment, she simply leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

Silvia suddenly had an idea. She needed both of them to clean up so they could enjoy the night. When she mentioned it to the man, Daniel simply got to his feet and led her to her shower. No one would have thought that something like this would ever happen.

“Where have you been all this time?” she asked, stopping him. The questions did not make sense, but she felt like she needed to ask these questions.

He took her in his arms and kissed her again, “I don’t know. I also don’t know how you did it, but I have a feeling that this is never going to stop. You are driving me crazy,” he said and looked into her eye. Indeed, he was being driven crazy.

Silvia took him in her hand and started to work him slowly. She watched the man start to come to life. His body was starting to uncoil; he was getting better with time. This was too good. He knew he was not going to last long in these conditions so he made her stop and pulled her close to him.

He took some soap and lathered her body, making her nice and soapy before he started to wash her. He cleaned her thoroughly, making sure that he was as gentle as possible with her. She was his queen for the moment. Once he was done, she did the same to him, washing every part of his fine body. She rubbed him softly for some time before she stopped and let the water clean him off. He was not done with her. He pulled her into another kiss before pulling her in his arms.

“You have been missing this, haven’t you?” she asked with a devilish smile.

Daniel did not wait for the answer, but rather, he slowly worked his body and slid down until he was cupping her heat. She allowed him all the access he would need, after all, he had proven capable of giving her the pleasure she had yearned for so long. To her, this was like going back to a previous addiction, getting out of it was going to take long. She had not even felt awkward when showing herself to him, there was nothing to fear with Daniel. The way he handled her was gentle and mature. He had skill all right, and she was ready to give herself to him with everything she had.

Bending her forward, Daniel slowly slipped himself inside her rubbing all the right places and making her want to scream. And to scream she did, they were alone in the house and they were not expecting anyone. Her body was also screaming from an approaching orgasm. One that wanted to tear her apart.

He increased his pace and literary took her to another world. Giving all his energy and strength to it. Daniel gave him everything he had while Silvia met his efforts with vigor. Her impending orgasm started to come over her making her curl her toes against the floor. She had not expected this to happen to her and she finally started to feel her orgasm overpowering her before she came hard, thrusting forward so that her head hit the wall. It was not very painful. Daniel continued to drill into her until he came sometime later, filling her with his seed. It was a great way to start a peaceful albeit short relationship.

The End

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