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Late Night Work

By Javin Strome

Copyright@2018 by Javin Strome

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

It was getting late. Miriam looked up from her computer and took a deep breath. She was not even close to finishing.

“Tired already?” a voice asked. The man who had asked her that question was on the opposite side, his buried in his computer. He was typing something.

Miriam put her hand on her brow and took another deep breath. She was not tired, far from it. But she was getting bored. They had been working for eight straight hours.

“I think I need to stretch a little,” she said, getting to her feet.

Yes, she was tired. There had not been any circulation in her legs and she could feel it. She walked to a passageway that would lead her to the balcony overlooking a nicely trimmed garden. Since it was getting dark, there were lights all over, a different array of them that made the place look like paradise. She wondered why she did not own a place like this.

Well, maybe when you own your own multibillion dollar business with more than ten billion dollars in your personal account, then you can own something like this, she thought as she looked around her. She thought about the work that was awaiting them. There was too much work and too little time.

“This is my favorite spot on the property,” Jim said. He was the man working in the kitchen and had decided to join her on the balcony.

“I could pick a number of favorite spots, but this one is magical at night,” she said.

“It is usually a favorite to everyone who comes here because of the lights at night. They usually appear the most beautiful from this point,” he said.

They stood there in silence for some time before Miriam spoke. “This is going to be the biggest project so far, the revenue itself will drive us through the roof,” she said.

They had been working on a project that was going to involved ten companies working together. It was supposed to be one their largest projects, so large was it that Jim himself had to work on it. Normally, Jim the billionaire never worked on anything. He let Miriam handle everything. He was the boss after all. He had worked his butt off when he was starting the company and now it was time to delegate and he searched for other opportunities.

But Miriam could still recall the day Jim knocked on her door in the middle of the night. She had not even known he knew where she lived, but he was there all right. And he was excited.

“We have struck gold, Miriam,” he had said.

“Is this in literal terms or are you being figurative?” Miriam Asked. She could never be too sure with the man.

“Literal terms. Remember that plan I was talking about the other day? To bring ten companies into what will be the largest company in the world?”

“Don’t tell them you were able to convince them.”

“I was able to convince them to meet me in the city in a month. It is going to be hard to convince all of them to come on board so I want you to drop everything else you are doing and help me work on this. We should be done in a month’s time. We need reports written, we need drafts, presentations, slides…. Everything. We are going to make it so good they are going to beg us to include them in the plan,” Jim had said

And so for a month they had worked. They had worked tirelessly. They had worked from home, in the office, in his private jet, they had worked on so many places that Miriam felt as if she could run the company by herself. Jim was ever so supportive.

Staying this close together did not only involve working on papers. At times they met other investors and talked to them. Other times they just went to dinner and brainstorm. They talked about everything during these dinners and in the middle of it all, they started falling for each other.

It had started as a joke, even Jim could not believe that it was happening. Yet it was. Miriam tried to stay away from such thoughts but they kept coming back. There was too much happening between them and they both knew that if they started, it was never going to stop. Not that Jim was scared of what people would say about him. Already they were beginning to talk.

There was some chatter that the two were sleeping together. They had not really talked about it. Both had decided to pretend that it was not happening. Yet it was, and they knew it was getting to a point where it was hard to ignore now.

“Tell you what, we are going to make some dinner here as we work. You can use the spare room tonight if you want, or you can have the driver take you home when we are done,” Jim said.

Miriam would have picked the driver, but she hated the idea of having to wake the driver up at three in the morning just so he could drive her. Not that he ever complained but the look on his face always told her that he really liked his sleep. Also, Jim never let his drivers rest. They were always being sent to run errands during the day. This meant that by evening, a man was dog tired.

“I think I will use the room,” she said. She always used the one closest to the living room. Jim walked back to the kitchen where they had been working from and started getting the things they would need to start cooking. Miriam joined soon after and the two started talking about the project. It seemed as if it was the only thing they ever talked about f late. How great it was going to be. Jim had promised her that he would let her oversee everything

They now had a few days left and they were nearing the end of their preparations. If everything went well, they were going to have at least a week between the time they finished up preparing and the time the conference was supposed to happen. It was why Jim was pushing everyone so hard. Miriam was not the only one who was on the project. While she was the only one Jim spent most of the time with, there were other people handling other duties.

Miriam decided to watch the man cook. They had gotten so close that they had stopped seeing each other as boss and employee. They were now something that was close to friends. It was why they were finding it so easy to make jokes and laugh all the time.

“You know, a few months ago, I would never think you would do something like this,” Miriam said.

“I knew I would end up cooking for you sooner or later. It was not something I planned on doing, and it was not supposed to happen like this. But then the project came and we flowed so well together. It wasn’t hard for that dream to come true,”

“Yeah, at least that one came true,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

Miriam laughed, she was not thinking straight. She was not supposed to be saying these things. But then Jim was already looking at her.

“I don’t know, I mean, your dream for cooking for me came true.”

“You had a dream as well?”

“Oh no, it is stupid and I should not tell you.”


“Because you are my boss,” Miriam said and laughed.

“Well, that is one main reason why you should tell me. We all need to tell each other something so go ahead,”

“No, you tell me first. There seems to be something in your head,” she said.

“I like you. Hell, I love you. I have fallen in love with you. I know you won’t let this happen…”

“Jim, stop,” Miriam said, and Jim raised an eyebrow. He was not being used to being interrupted.

“I like you too,” Miriam said.

And there was silence in the kitchen as the two digested the words they had just heard. Was this really happening, had they just confessed to each other that they loved each other?

Jim switched the cookers off and looked at the woman. He could not believe it. He looked at her and raised an eyebrow again. He wanted to hear her say it again, that she liked him. Maybe then he would convince himself that he was not dreaming.

“I have been in love with you for the longest time and I am dying to have you,” the woman said.

This was what Jim wanted to hear. He smiled at her and stepped a little more closely until their lips were touching. It was like home. He kissed her tenderly, remembering what it felt like to kiss a beautiful woman. It felt as good as a sin. Miriam wanted to tell him how good it felt but she could not because she wanted to enjoy the kiss. She kissed the man as if they were never going to kiss again.

He took her hand and led her to the couch and looked at each other. Jim had not seen them moving this fast but it was an acceptable outcome after all.

“I think we should get more comfortable,” the woman said licking her lips. She wanted to kiss him so badly.

“I am starting to think like you do,” Jim said getting to his feet. He pulled Miriam to her feet and stood towering over her, his eyes never leaving hers. This had better not be a dream because he would be so disappointed if he woke up. Yet it was no dream. Miriam smiled at him and inched closer so their lips could meet.

They kissed for the second time, their lips merging as if they had been born for each other. Both got lost in the kiss that had been long overdue. The hidden emotions, emotions that had been in hiding for too long, came stumbling out as they both kissed.

His hands started to move and he started attacking her clothes. Miriam giggled as her hands did the same to him. It was hard to concentrate on stripping each other when they could not stop kissing each other. Soon both were completely in the nude, their bodies heaving from the passion that threatened to tear through them and merge into one unstoppable being.

Jim stepped closer to the woman and held her face in his hands. He looked into her eyes and smiled. There was no fear any more, there was no uncertainty. Their rocky relationship had built something both were happy about, something that would last until both decided it was over. This, no one saw happening. They were a perfect mix.

“I want to make love to you,” Jim said after a while.

“I thought you would never ask,” Miriam said as she sat down on her couch. The man went on his knees and leaned forward; kissing her again as his manhood found the apex of her legs and went right through into her heat. The woman moaned from the penetration as she felt him inside her, moving gently, before his movements became more earnest.

“Harder!” Miriam scrammed as Jim increased his pace. He took her to the edge and held her there, as their bodies merged in what would be the best relationship ever. Miriam moaned and screamed until she could no longer do either and her body lay limp as Jim brought her through multiple orgasms.

He could feel his seed coming forth, like boiling lava, and his body started to tense. His eyes watered as the woman milked him from her own spasms. They suddenly started approaching the inevitable edge fast. They both moaned as their bodies reacted to the impending climax. They allowed their best to come forth and Jim moved until he could not hold it any more. He finally shot his seed deep into her as she moaned one last time and toppled over the edge of a blissful climax.

The End

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