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A New Roommate

By Javin Strome

Copyright@2018 by Javin Strome

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

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Sally looked at Robert and felt her head throb. There was much to the man than met the eye and she knew she was going to have to find out. He was seated on the couch, busy playing a video game. No one else had touched that console before he walked into the house. But now everyone wanted to play because it was suddenly cool. She hated how cool he was, how collected he seemed and how he made everyone follow whatever he was doing.

It was annoying. The man was too perfect and Sally knew that no one was supposed to be that perfect. She walked to where he was seated and flopped down. Robert did not even turn to look at her, he was busy playing. But he acknowledged her presence by shifting some.

“You play all day,” the woman said.

“It is cool. You are the only person who has never tired this game,” he said. The man had a British accent, one that everyone loved.

Sally was glad that she had tried the game, but she knew that telling him that would lead to him asking her to play. The last thing she wanted was to like him like everyone else did.

Robert was a transfer student. He had come from London and was sharing the house with Sally and her friends. At the beginning of their school year, they had decided to pick the house they were currently living in. Three girls and two boys decided that they were going to make fun roommates. Sally had come up with the idea and everyone was happy about it. And maybe that was why she hated Robert. Robert was taking attention away from her and she could not have that.

Before he walked into the house, Sally was the coolest kid on the block. She was also the coolest girl in school. Everyone wanted to be around her and she liked it. She liked it that people who she did not even know wanted to be around her, praised her taste in clothes and such.

But then Robert came in and everything changed. Now even the girls that were always around her were now always around him. It was not as if Robert was making any effort in that respect. He always had stories from his home, the things he had done the trips he had taken around the world. The man was full of stories. And he was not telling everyone the things he had done, he was teacher them a new recipe he had learnt from God knows where, or he was suggesting places they needed to visit.

What was even worse was that Robert was great in class. The professors seemed to love him because he was always answering questions, asking critical ones and making everyone laugh. It was as if someone had downloaded all awesomeness inside him. And it was bothering Sally. So much such that she decided that there was at least one thing wrong with the man.

“You know, Mark and Sam played with me all night and I beat them at every game. They are still sleeping though,” Robert said.

“You played all night and you didn’t get any sleep?” she asked.

“Oh I… well, we went to sleep at five in the morning. Slept for two hours, went for a jog and came back. Since no one else is awake, I thought I would play some,” the young man said. Sally knew her friends, they would miss all classes that day. Yet Robert was here playing a game and probably planning to go to class.

“You going to class?”

“I can’t miss econ, best class I have ever been in,” the man said checking his watch. He paused the game, got to his feet and wiped his hands on the sides of his pants. He was tall and handsome, with sandy hair that made him look like he was out of a TV commercial.

“Do you ever get tired?”

“Tired of what exactly?” the man asked.

“I don’t know, everything,” Sally asked.

The man looked at his watch, he then sat down and looked at her. “I do get tired at times. I mean come on, I am a human being. Like right now I feel tired, however, I don’t let it stop me from accomplishing my goals.”

“So, no rest for you is what you are trying to say,” Sally asked.

“Oh well, I will rest when I die,” the man said and got back to his feet. Sally did not have anything else to tell him. She was not even sure what she was going to tell him anyway. So she let him leave, but he came back a few minutes later and sat back down.

“I have been thinking a lot about this, and if you say no I am going to understand,” the man said.

Sally raised an eyebrow, “I am listening,”

“I would like to take you out for dinner tonight, or tomorrow. I think you are an amazing woman and while it may seem inappropriate to say this too soon, I think I like you,” he said. He said it in such a clean accent that Sally felt her head swoon. She needed to know more about this man so she smiled and found herself nodding.

“I think I can make time tonight, where are we going?” she asked.

“This fine restaurant I saw the other day and could not help but think you would look perfect seated there on a date,” the man said. His confidence levels were too high. Most guys sent her text messages when they wanted to ask her out. They were afraid of getting shut down to their faces.

“Okay, I will avail myself.”

“Great, I am yet to buy a car so we will be using a taxi.”

“Or we could use mine. You do know that I have a car, right?” Sally asked. As a matter of fact, she had two cars. Sally was not exactly poor.

He date was planned fast before Robert headed off to work. He could not believe that the woman had said yes. Ever since he met her, he had tired everything to impress her. But the problem was that he had ended up impressing other people instead of her. And this made her appealing. Robert, like any other man who knew what he was made off appreciated a good chase, and this seemed like a great chase. Suddenly, he could not concentrate in class. He could not believe that Sally had actually said yes.

Dinner was great. They got to talking and agreed that the two of them looked great together. The good thing with Robert was that he never lied, he did not refrain to tell what he thought and he thought Sally looked like a goddess. While Sally was used to attention, this was nothing like she had ever experienced.

It was actually fascinating, to watch someone who was completely in love with her. There was no doubt that the man was in love with her, and she could feel the same attraction pulling her toward him.

“You fascinated me the moment I laid my eyes on you. You were coming right from the house holding a backpack and I had to stop and admire you,” he said.

“If I knew you stopped to watch me maybe I would have shaken my ass a little bit more,” Sally said and laughed. Robert did not laugh, but he smiled hard.

“I like it when you laugh, there is a goodness in you that simply drives me bonkers,” he said. His accent was so fine, finer than fine wine. She took a sip of her wine and got to her feet.

“I think we better get the hell out of here,” she said.

“Where are we headed?” Bruce asked.

“Back to the house, and you can tell me what else you love about me,” Sally said.

Robert got to his feet and followed the woman, “But there are people in the house,”

“Nope, they are not going to be in tonight,” Sally said before she told him where each and every person was going. It turned out that there were days when she was left alone in the house when everyone else was handling their own life. It so happened that this was the day.

It did not take them long to get to the house. Bruce did not waste time, he did not believe in wasting time. He simply turned the woman the moment the door was closed and kissed her. Sally was expecting it and she kissed him back, her breath catching from how amazing the kiss was.

“Come with me, baby. Let’s have some fun,” she said and led the man upstairs. Robert did not need to finish eating. He was already moving to the one part of the house he had never been given access to. This was dangerous, but it was fun.

“Are you sure the guys won’t find us here?” Robert asked before getting any closer to the woman.

“Shut up and kiss me,” Sally said pulling him closer to him. She smelled so nice he felt as if he could tear her apart. How they kissed and undressed each other, no one could tell. But her body was already uncoiling, heating up and letting him know that she was his for the taking. This was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She had known she wanted Robert the moment she saw him in that kitchen and she would continue wanting him for the rest of her life. It was like hitting a switch and everything started moving toward the right direction. No one had told her anything about love, but she was sure that this was it.

And now they were there and he was affecting her. His hot breath on her was doing a lot of damage to her nerves. It was bringing her whole system to life. It was always going to be a good time with Robert, a man who knew where to touch. She allowed him access to her, giving him all the access he would want.

Robert busied himself with bringing Sally pleasure until she moaned with abandonment. She wanted him as soon as possible. Any delays would only build to her frustrations. Robert took time bringing her pleasure, making her writhe with pleasure on the bed before he raised his head and smiled.

Sally watched with awe as her lover displayed himself impressively before he joined her on the bed. He was now ready to take her to a world only he could take her to. And she looked down at her body and noticed his hardness. She was excited, way too excited. She could not help but ask for it. Her whole body seemed to have been electrified by his oral performance. The way he kissed the way he handled her nosy, the way he even smelled… it all made him the god she knew he was. He had prepared her well for the love making that was to follow.

He slowly entered her, allowing her to adjust. Robert slowly pushed himself forward until he was buried to the hilt before he finally looked into her eyes. As if giving her a green light, she moaned “yes” and Robert started to move. Like a professional or something even better, he took her hard, bringing her to the throes of pleasure like no one had ever tried before. They were both submitting to an animalistic instinct that seemed to drive them from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Nothing else mattered at this particular time, they were both happy to be here.

There was a time Robert had never before seen himself doing this, but it was actually a good thing he had tried. It was a feeling he had missed for so long. The sensations he had to live with were just too good. He closed his eyes and concentrate on giving her pleasure, taking her needs and handling the like the man that he was. No one was going to stop him as long as Sally was close by. And she flexed herself every now and then, milking him as he pistoned in and out of her.

He moved until he could not move again. Rolling off of her, he looked at the ceiling and realized that he was going to have to enjoy this woman as much as he could.

The End

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