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Demon Possessed Daughter

Rosie Zweet

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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First Edition:
April, 2018

Author’s note: This work is only for ADULT.

All characters are 18+

** Individual pictured is model and used for illustrative purposes only


England, 1820.

Fire crackled in the hearth. Lights and shadows played on the walls. Logan sat near the bed, his eyes looked at the rise and fall of his daughter’s chest.

Poor girl, he thought.

Her dark-lashed fanned her pale cheeks. A cloud of curly brown hair framed her heart-shaped face. Her lips slightly parted. She was so angelic like this. A Madonna. A life and breathing goddess.

Her pretty face was calm and serene for now, at least. But the ropes tied around her wrists and ankles reminded him that at any moment, it could change. He hated for binding her like this. The ropes scuffed her otherwise her unblemished skin red. It was a sad sight, but Father Raymond insisted it was necessary. And after her last bout of fits, he didn’t have another choice.

But it was for her own good, until the holy man came again for another prayer, he had to keep her out of mischief.

He wanted to take his little girl’s pain if it were possible. He didn’t want his baby girl to suffer. He wondered, what sort of punishment was this?

Laura was good, obedient child, never caused any trouble in all her eighteen years of living. She might not of his blood, but he loved her all the same, or even more than his other children, if he was honest. She was so sweet and loving. That’s why she was so special.

Was this because of his indulgence? But no, the girl deserved her trip to the continent. Seeing grand paintings was paramount important for a talented painter, an artist like her. Her trip to Italy and France was necessary.

But regret it, he did. If he forbade the girl to go, she might be well, not demon possessed like this.

Yes, it was the demon that ailing her. The other possibility was unacceptable!

The door creaked open. Without turning his face, he knew who the newcomer was. He should stand to welcome her, but his gentlemanly decorum fled in the face of grief.

A soft hand touched his shoulders.

“You should take a rest, my dear,” came a tired voice of his wife.

He patted her hand. “I’m okay, Sophie.”

She stood near his chair. Her face was gaunt. “Do you think…” she drew a deep breath, “our little girl…” she couldn’t finish her words.

“She will, my dear. Laura promised she’ll have her come out and chose a husband this year. The girl never disappointed us, didn’t she? She’s looking forward to our trip to London as I recall.”

Sophie sobbed silently. Her frail shoulders were shaking.

Glancing up, he squeezed her hand, but it was no use. Tears kept rolling down on her cheeks.

“No fear, love. I trust Father Raymond as you should too. We have to keep our faith. Laura would be cured soon. Just see, the girl will dance and catch those young bucks’ attention in no time. ”

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