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Dick Powers

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Note: This book is a short work of around 3500 words. If you would like longer, filthier material then feel free to check out Dick Powers’ short story collections (containing 7 stories plus bonus works).

Disclaimer: This short story contains filthy eroticism that should be read by no one unused to the most steamy, sexualized material. All characters over 18 and more than willing - eager, actually - participants in the acts undertaken.

More Dick Powers at his book list. He also writes male-female erotica under the pen name Sophie Sin.


The day I realized that the devil in me was REALLY a devil turned my life on its head.

I always remember it as a fairly bland day. I was in my first year of community college. At the time Kimberly Owings was in front of us in the big old lecture theatre that our teacher used once a month for scheduled presentations on the philosophy course that we were taking. Owings was a cute little thing for a girl. Everyone in the class wanted to go on a date with her except me and that was only because I was working out a few things about myself at the time. She had blond hair, blue eyes and an innocent face. Probably her best feature was her big breasts. They were a d-cup and bigger than most of the women in the class at the time, which resulted in a lot of attention from the other men.

Of course, that was where my eyes were fixed - more out of sheer boredom than real interest. Kimberly didn’t always wear a bra. That fact amused me. I wondered if she was just too lazy to wash them and didn’t have one that was clean to wear or if she didn’t like the constriction of that fabric over her big tits. There never was an opportunity to find out because that was my last day in formal education and the last time I’d see Kimberly Owings.

He - I always think of him as a he, but he could be anything - was whispering to me.

Break the rules. It was his usual command.

I was busy ignoring him, but my hands were shaking that day. Maybe I was unconsciously aware of what would come next. I’ll probably never know.

The big airy room had no windows. It was completely enclosed. Owings voice was echoing through the lecture theatre. Our teacher was a graying old man with odd ideas and was nodding along while probably thinking about the next cigarette he would smoke, how its bitter smoke would ease his cravings and when exactly he’d be able to slip away from these under-educated children (we were all 18, but when you are 50+, everyone seems like a kid).

At some point my curiosity became something more than that.

Break the rules, he said in the back of my mind.

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