Excerpt for Amateur’s Guide to Being a Professional in Advocacy Communications by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

Amateur’s Guide to Being a Professional in Advocacy Communications

By Hannah Levin

Table of Contents:


What Is Advocacy Communications as an Industry?


Examples of Jobs within Advocacy Communications

A Day in the Life within Advocacy Communications Look Like?

Nick Dockery

Erin Chazer

How Do You Get a Job in the Industry?


Cal Poly Specific Recommendations

Where to Go from Here



Seemingly everyday, new stories are broadcast about a college student creating a life changing application for sexual assault survivors, strategies to clean our oceans, or programs to help support at risk youth. These individuals are able to act upon their passions and make a positive change in the world around them. Most college students, about “2/3” of us believe that we “are going to change the world.” (Wade) However, students are able to actively become the student that makes this statistic more than a fanciful college dream by advocating for their community and passions using technical communication skills to positively affect the world around them.

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