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Raped by Flying Beasts




Raped by Flying Beasts is a new erotica story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Copyright © 2014 Jezebel Rose

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Skydiving has been said to be dangerous. Little did I know how dangerous it actually would be…

Jessie finds herself in a freefall as she jumps out of a plane with her best friend Katie. Little does Jessie know but ancient flying beasts have been tracking her every movement since she boarded.

While falling, Jessie watches as a swarm of beasts approach her with massive rock hard dicks ready to go.

What will Jessie do? Will she survive this encounter? What happens when she reaches the ground?

Raped by Flying Beasts

I appreciate the money you spent on this short story, it puts dinner on the table.

With Love, Jezebel Rose

The hatch opened on the back of the plane sending a massive gust of wind directly into my body. Gripping tightly onto the safety bars, I prepared myself to jump.

With my adrenaline pumping wildly out of control I forced myself to take one step into the air. I did it. Then let go.

The sound of the airplane immediately disappeared as seconds felt like minutes. Wind gripped at my light jacket, sending my body into a spinning circle.

Get a grip Jessie. You trained for this. Just relax and focus.

Pulling myself together, I spread my arms and legs out just as I had done a million times before in simulations. My rotation slowed.

Breathing out slowly, I opened my eyes and looked at the amazing sight beneath me.

Golden fields spread out as far as I could see. Small patches of trees in the distance were only overshadowed by the gigantic mountains peaking into the sky miles away.

I glanced over to my right and saw my friend, Katie.

She decided to jump with me today since it was my first time. There’s a first time for everything right?

Enjoying myself, I kept my arms spread out and moved about in the air, laughing and giggling like a schoolgirl.

My attention shifted towards a small flock of birds in the distance. At least they looked like birds… but much larger.

I watched them approach quickly.

Within seconds they were close. Real close. Closer than I would have liked.

Massive creatures unlike anything I had ever seen before swirled around us much like a bird circles its prey before it attacks.

The beasts swooped in and attacked, grabbing and pulling at my clothing until there was little left but rags flapping in the wind.

Gripping tightly on my parachute, I watched as another beast dived toward me with blinding speed. Suddenly the parachute snapped from my shoulders and flew off above me.

In that moment the world spun around me as the realization that I was going to die suddenly overtook my entire being. Nothing mattered anymore.

My eyes watched the beasts swoop in again. Their massive cocks danged back between their hind legs as the approached.

The massive beak on the closest creature easily snipped off my panties as it lunged in and pulled them away.

I looked over at Katie. She was gone.

Glancing upwards, I saw a tiny prick in the sky of her descending slowly with her parachute out. At least she was safe.

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