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Ralph traced his smooth fingers along the waistband of Heather’s skirt, and she wiggled closer to his hand. “So your panties were damp all during the meeting, Jenny?”

“Just a little. I have control,” said Heather, shooting him that tough stare that turned him on even more.

“That’s what I crave about you. Your sense of excellent control” said Ralph. “And I just love breaking it down. I love watching you lose it.” he dipped his hand inside her skirt and made contact with her lace panties.

“So what was it about on the meeting that turned you on?”

“Your mouth,” she said in a rough whisper.

“My mouth?” He trailed his fingers along the top of her pubic hairs, and her hips arched closer.

Her eyes softened at the sight of his licking his lips. “Got any other questions for me?”

He nodded. “Did you want me to do something to you with my mouth? Be honest,” he said, pulling his hand out of her skirt.

She looked up at him, wide eyes full of need.

“Yeah..” She reached for his hand, locking fingers with him. She tried to tug his hand down to her waistband again, but he didn’t budge.

“Don’t be selfish,” he said and brought her hand to his erection, letting her press her palm against him. She grinned as she touched him, stroking him. He hissed in a breath, but then moved her hand away. “You can’t have all the attention.”

She admired him, with his tie all loosened and his jacket on, looking like a hot guy in a suit. Only she knew he wasn’t thinking of business deals—he was thinking of what he’d to do her in the bedroom.”

“I was getting harder the more you looked at me. Seeing you in that sexy dress,” he said, teasing the top of her lacy stockings. He could feel her heat without even touching her. He bent his head to her neck, flicking his tongue against her collarbone, then up to her ear. “How wet are you right now?”

“You’ll have to see for yourself,” she said in a submissive tone she couldn’t hide. He was seduced by her weakness for him. Her body was melting under his touch and it made him feel powerful. He traveled higher with his fingers, inching closer to her juicy clam.

“Just one word,” he said firmly, giving her a clear command. He stroked the soft skin of her inner thigh, causing her to quiver.

“Soaked,” she said, breathing hard.

“I know your panties are soaked. I meant your pussy. Tell me one word about your pussy.”


“That’s better,” he said. Did anyone else in the meeting know you were so turned on?”

She shook her head.

“Good. Because I fucking love the image I have in my head now. You sitting behind the conference room table, your sexy legs crossed, trying to hold in how much you wanted me to touch you. Not being able to touch yourself, but wanting to so badly.”

“I wanted you to touch me.”

“We’ve waited long enough.”

She grabbed his arm, wrapping her hand around his bicep, sending him some kind of message with the sharp nails that dug into him, right where she remembered his tattoo to be. “It’s time we finished what we’ve started.”

The attraction began a few days ago in the file room, between the rolling cabinets. They were both looking for files and it took hours, because of their talks between their flipping through pages.

He dragged one finger against the cotton panel of her panties, and a growl erupted from him: a long, slow, appreciative growl. Her breathing grew harder, nearing a pant as he stroked her.

“You were right,” he said in a low voice.
“Right about what?”

“Your pussy is soaked, and it would be a crime to let you stay like this. I can’t let this delicious wetness go to waste,” he said, reaching under her skirt with both hands, and tugging her panties down past her knees.

Her eyes rolled back at knowing he was going to fuck her all the force his desire had to offer, dry her wetness with what bulged underneath his pants. She hadn’t seen it, but she dreamed of it. And she knew it would be just as thick and hard as she needed it to be.

Ralph had reserved a room at the Drake hotel across the street to Park Avenue Towers, where they worked. All of the staff was there, a meeting of all minds. But he had better things to spend his time on. It was lunch time, and he was starving for her.

She starved for him, too, and with complete surrender she made her body as pliable as she needed to have him undress her.

He grabbed her thin belly and lifted her, sat her knees over the couch.

Her back arched, and her juicy round ass bloomed in front of his eyes.

His erection stiffened and burned with heat. With his hands he stretched out her plump cheeks and sunk his tongue into her asshole and let spit run down her crack to mix into the wetness in that juicy clam he’d thirsted after.

She moaned with delight. “Come on, we don’t have much time.”

Ralph eagerly rose, lifted his fleshy rod and pressed it between her lips, pushed, and rammed it inside her. She cried an unexpected shock and delight. His thrust woke her up from her slumbering spell of lust and the satisfaction of having what she craved sent her back into a blinding surrender.

He’d lost control and she was glad he lost it inside of her.

With excited thrusts, panting his heart out, he fucked her pussy red and swollen. She was just as right when she said she was slippery and so her tightness couldn’t slow down his desperately banging her, stretching her delicate vaginal walls.

Suddenly, in one of his exits, his glossy head took a wrong turn back in and ended up ramming into her asshole. Just as hard and deep as he had thrust into her pussy. The sensation sent her jumping from the painful shock.

She shot up from the couch, squeezing her butt cheeks tight with her hands, complaining of the hurt.

“Oh, shit,” said Ralph. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to. It slipped.”

That alarm he set on his cell phone rang, it was time to return to the meeting. He walked to her, carefully, as she cried, her tears rolling down her face. “I’m sorry, baby. You okay?”

“I think you broke my asshole!”

He chuckled.

“It’s not funny!”

He smiled. “You’ll be okay. Let’s go back to work. Try again later? Next time I’ll be more careful.”

“But you didn’t cum.”

“Neither did you,” said Ralph, as he put his boxers on. “We’ll just have to finish what we started, yet again.”


One year later ….

Heather sat, third row from the front, the left side of her face against the wall, as a member had the night to sermon. The Pastor, in his fifties, sat on the altar behind the pulpit, but she could see his stern, silent face of judgment. Her butt was sore from the bare wood of the pew and she wished she could stop feeling like she was on torturous trial. The tall elderly woman, Julia, snapped her forehead against Heather every time she wanted to indicate to the congregation that she was referring to Heather. The sermon’s topic was girls introducing their godly boys into fornication, which had followed a stern look and pressing lips and a chorus of whispers and claps. The sense of shame grew from subliminal inquisition until she felt like the Deacons were ready to escort her to either the altar for repentance or out the door. Practice, she guessed. And she knew she was the one they all suspected of being the hoe of the church.

But Heather wasn’t a hoe, she wasn’t even looking for a romance, and that’s what infuriated her. It’d been a year since her last sexual encounter, which didn’t even finish, because they both got fired from the job on account of an informer who’d snitched about seeing them together. No sex in the workplace, or in a hotel across the street, or anywhere for that matter.

She’d lost so much since then; hefty salary, lofty apartment in Manhattan, luxury company car. It was time for a change in her life, something with dignity and a promise of a better future. She needed salvation in her life, and church was the place she thought she’d find it.

Still, no matter how she’d tried to defend her honor at the end of their daunting monologues, they’d trample her graceful humility with hissing, smacking their lips and dismissing her callously.

Since the moment the church opened its doors that dark Tuesday evening, she felt like she was walking inside a lion’s den, alone and confused. It was all a misunderstanding, Heather thought. Just because she invited Kenny to her home during Bible School one Sunday morning, didn’t mean she wanted to have sex with him. She knew he admired her juicy ass that filled her denim skirts, but she wasn’t interested.

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