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Mr. Adam is a good boss. He pays me well, and he always compliments me.

I mean, he hired me, so I must bring something to the table…

But I never realized that it would be my body.

It all starts with him staring at me after work. Then he yanks me by my tie…

And before I know it, I have to please him.

Or else…

Adjusting my Pratt knot, I stare at myself in the mirror.

I’ve just finished a long, hard day at work. I’m a financial intern at one of the largest bulge brackets in all of New York City. You would think that I do high-end stuff: instruments, derivatives, and other calculus related things. In truth, I’m nothing more than an Excel monkey.

The lowest rungs at my firm do nothing more than serve the wealthiest one percent at the top.

Stretching my shoulders, I straighten out the spikes in my hair. I have some leftover gel in my briefcase, and so I preen myself, making sure that I look good for later. I’m planning to go out with a girl I met online—she seems sweet and nice—and I think the two of us can really hit it off.

We have a lot in common: we both went to the same prestigious Ivy League school, we both live in SoHo, and we’re both in the financial industry. Seems like a match made in heaven to me…

The only problem is my boss. He wants me to do overtime.

Unpaid overtime.

It’s unethical, but I want to get ahead. I truly believe there’s a place for me in the world if I just put in a little bit of elbow grease.

Some people call me naïve, and I’ve even had mentors say that I’ll be taken advantage of…

I shake my head.

I don’t know.

I’ve had a good experience so far here. My coworkers trust and believe in me, and they see me as a visionary. In just a couple more years, I’ll know I’ll be at the top of the ladder and reigning in my own firm.

Once I’m done spiking my hair, I spritz myself with nice burst of cologne, and then I pack up my briefcase. Grooming myself one last time in the mirror, I make sure that I’m looking spectacular.

She’s going to love me, I think. I remember that marvelous name… Amanda.

We’re supposed to meet each other at the Palm too—high-class, high-end, definitely swanky.

I grab my briefcase. Walking out the door, my tassel loafers clap against the tiles.

Once I’m outside, I’m trapped in a cubicle farm. All around me are empty summer associate cubicles. They’re all from Ivy League schools, the same prestigious universities that form the highest levels of the uppermost bulge bracket banks.

I find my desk.

It’s the farthest away from the bathroom. Everyone else has gone home by now. Even the busiest worker bees have shut off their PCs.

I guess that’s why people think that I’m a bit of a goody two shoes…

I shrug my shoulders, hoping to finish off the last round of work I have before me. I’m supposed to set up a couple of macros for the next day.

It’ll make my boss’ life easier.

I type away, confident in my coding. Once I’m done with everything, I notice that an hour has passed me by. Tired and wanting to go on my date, I wrap everything up.

It’s Friday night after all. And the city never sleeps.

I want to tell my boss what a good job I did. His office is only twenty steps away, and the door is always open.

I knock to make sure that he’s aware of my existence still. He might’ve gone home.

He probably thinks that everyone else has left already. Not me…

Smiling to myself, I round the corner and enter his office.

But the moment I do so, I find him naked and holding his cock.

Staring at him in shock, I duck out of the room. He must’ve heard me, because I can hear his chair swiveling.

He sits up, and then he cranes his neck over his desk.

Mr. Adam is a man I’ve always considered to be a model gentleman, being so exceedingly stately and pristine.

But what was he doing in there? Obviously jerking himself. But why… In here? Does he always do it when everyone is gone?

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