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A Cam Girl’s Erotic Fantasies

By Bill Nichols

©2018 Bill Nichols all rights reserved

This story is a work of fiction. All characters in it who engage in explicit sexual activity are 18 years of age or older and all sexual activity is of a consensual nature.

Her name was Michelle. I don’t know her last name. She never told me and I’m not allowed to ask. If I ask for too many personal details the website where we “met” might get upset. After all they don’t want the girls working there to have outside contact with any of the ‘gentlemen’ who come to there. Of course I didn’t particularly want any details. After all, if I know her details, then she’d know mine. Details like my real age, my less than athletic physique, and other odds and ends of information that would make this middle-aged, out of shape man, much less attractive to a 22 year old college coed.

I liked chatting with Michelle, she had a lot of wit and youthful excitement, not to mention an extremely dirty mind. The photos and videos she sent me did nothing to dissuade me from her charms either. She wasn’t the typical, malnourished looking waif that many men seem attracted to. Michelle had curves. Though she was only 5’1, she had an hour glass figure that I’d seen in and out of clothes in a hundred photos and many videos. Her long, dark hair accentuated her lovely brown eyes and pale skin. She was, in a word my favorite little coed cutie.

We had what I considered the perfect relationship. Whenever I needed a little company, a bit of dirty talk, a live video show, or perhaps… a story. Michelle, it turns out loved to write little tales. She told me that they were all about half-true and half fantasy, she wouldn’t tell me which were the true bits and which she only dreamed of. That’s Ok too though, because I have my ideas about that.

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