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Captive of the Orc

Abducted Warrior Princess 1

An Adult Fantasy Novelette

by Trevor Zex


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First electronic book publication: July 2018

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Teza Journeys to her Bridegroom

Princess Teza leaned back in her litter. The bearers kept a steady pace, and her guard sang lusty songs. She peeked through the shaking curtains at their gleaming muscles. The stone slabs that made up the flanks of the Aerwon mountains gave the view a forbidding aspect.

Her cushioned royal litter rocked as the bearers climbed the steep trail. The young warrior princess gripped the rails. The strange, cold air caught in her throat. She sucked in more of it, unsatisfied.

She was farther from home than she’d ever been. They were heading into the treacherous high pass. Her finest warriors accompanied her. The men and women in molded leather armor marched ahead and behind her litter. Her large traveling party increased security and showed honor to her bridegroom.

Two large carriages drawn by fine horses rode between her litter and the rear guard. The carriages allowed everyone on foot to have breaks to get warm. A cold wind blew over the snow, and she shut the curtains. The guards trained for months to make this journey. Her parents promised her to crown prince Harsah before she was born. Now that she was of age, she must fulfill the promise.

The litter bearers began a new tune. Their song echoed through the narrow pass. She shut her eyes. A stab of dread went through her. The bards at the palace sang of many who died in this pass. In secret, she rued the tradition that her wedding take place before the winter feast. The journey would be easier without the snow, and she was in no hurry to meet the man who must be her husband.

She huddled in her plush blankets, longing for her own bed in the palace. She missed her home with a pang that cut through her. The even pace of her bearers and the lilt of their song comforted her. Despite the cheering voices, she could not relieve the dread that weighed on her heart.

Low, guttural cries carried across shouts of her warriors in front. The roars grew closer. They sounded bestial. Their roars reminded her of her nurse’s stories of ogres who snatched bad girls. She gulped and mouthed a guilty prayer to the goddess of love for dreading her duty-marriage.

The litter lurched. She grabbed the rails. Her warriors let out an ululating cry. Blows, flesh-rending, inhuman roars and screams filled the pass. She grabbed the shoulder of the nearest bearer. “What is it?”

Orcs, your highness, they’re attacking.”

Put the litter down, and we’ll help the guards.”

Yes, your highness. Down,” he called to the others.

With praiseworthy calm, they lowered her litter.

Her heart racing, she grabbed her sword. Her wet palm slipped on the grip. The litter jolted and settled on the snow. Her sword skidded out of the litter, slid over the snow, and dropped down the cliff. The clang went on for several beats and died. Her heart dropped. She wiped her hands on her wide-skirted travel tunic.

Bar, the lead bearer gave her a sympathetic look. “Don’t worry, Princess. We’ll protect you with our lives.”

She nodded to him and rose from the litter. He was earnest and meant so well, she didn’t tell him she’d rather have a sword.

The bearers surrounded her, backs to her. They drew their swords against the impending threat.

No,” she cried. “Go and help the guards.”

But you, your highness—.”

We must make it through this pass. Help the guard. Unless we overcome the orcs we will fail. We must not fail.”

Yes, your highness.” Bar led the others toward the clang of weapons and the sickening noises of heavy clubs hitting flesh.

Shaking, she made her way to the first carriage. Teza felt naked without her sword. She turned and watched her brave bearers joining the guards.

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