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A Little Jealously

A Little Jealousy

'Well, I like men.' Gina said. 'You know I'm--'

'--Oversexed?' Gina's twin brother Mike, offered.'

'No,' Gina continued, rolling her eyes. 'You know I'm a whore.'

'Our family's stupid-rich, old money,' Mike said, taking his turn to roll his eyes now. 'You don't get paid for sleeping around.'

'Okay...uh, a slut, then.' Gina said. 'I'm a slut, I like guys - and girls occasionally - and I like to fuck.'

'But...with our step-father? Right here in the mansion? The same mansion our family's occupied since, since--'

'1903.' Gina said. 'I know all about the family history, the money, the intrigue, and...the incest.'


'The incest.' Gina explained, removing her shoes and tossing them aside. Mike glanced at her feet, wondered why she even bothered to get dressed after what he'd accidentally seen her doing out in the sunroom. She could have simply walked naked through the halls back to the room and nobody would've cared.

She did have attractive feet though. They went with the legs and...he quickly tried to fill his mind with things other than what he'd seen; his twin sister, naked, on a setee on hands and knees, having her ass reamed by their step-father, doggy-style.

But the image was still there.

'Oh, you mean, great-grandfather Eric and great-grandmother Cloe?' he said, clearing his throat.

'Oh you know about that. Okay. Well. Yah, that. Plus cousin Debs and cousin Sally.'

'The lesbian cousins, yes.' Mike said, shaking his head. 'But they can't get pregnant from each other.'

'I can't get pregnant either.' Gina said. 'Because of that...accident. But you're the future of the family name so I don't see what you're complaining about.'

Mike thought a moment. He actually didn't know what he was complaining about, unless it was that ugly thing that kept rearing up in his mind.


'Well, maybe if I looked like you I'd become a slut too,' he mumbled.

'Then what?' his sister argued. 'You'd go seduce step-dad too?'

'You seduced him?'

'Well, no.' Gina admitted. 'It was just one of those moments. I was in my bikini on the deck and he wandered by, I waved, he came over, and got me horny. He's not bad looking, you know. He had on his swim trunks, and I could see the outline of his, you know--'

'--Okay, okay.' Mike broke in.

Gina slipped out of her coverup, leaned forward, suddenly intrigued by her brother's seeming torment.

'So...' she whispered. 'You want daddy too?'

'Step-daddy, thank you very much.' Mike said, having decided he had nothing to lose by admitting his feelings; he let down his guard and let his expression fill in the blanks. Gina was his best friend, after all.

'Oh my god, Mike.' Gina said. 'You''re not jealous, are you?'

Mike nodded.

'Well there's no need to be.' Gina whispered. 'I don't have a monopoly on him. And I sure wouldn't be jealous if you and he - hey why don't you, you know...?'

'What, put on a bikini and squiggle around like you do?'

'You saw that?'

'I've seen it.'

'And then, you saw us doing it in the atrium.' Gina said. 'Just the last part?'

'Yes, you on hands and knees and him ramming his cock into your...ass, was it?'

'Yah, he likes it that way, and I do too.'

'And you sucked him before that?'


'And he ate you?'

'Uh-huh. The whole works. Oh my god, Mike. I'm so sorry. I just didn't know.'

'Well now you do, but how does that change anything?' Mike said almost to himself. 'I mean, he only likes women, right?'

'Yah, but....'

'But what?'

' want to try something?'

Having sex with his twin sister was a revelation. The fact that it was his first time with anyone made it that much more thrilling, but to having his cock in her mouth, then in her cunt, was beyond what he'd ever considered.

He hadn't started off with that in mind however.

After Gina had broached her plan to Mike, he'd gone off to have a shower did as she'd suggested. He shaved his entire body - leaving a slender V of pubic hair on his crotch at Gina's suggestion - but when he came out to try out wigs and have makeup applied by his sister, his boner simply wouldn't go away.

His erect state prevented him from trying on some of Gina's more slinky things but she finally offered the only solution she could think of. Sitting beside him on the bed, looking at Mike in his beautiful blonde wig, his intricately applied makeup and nothing else, she'd turned and caught his attention.

'If...if you weren't you, I'd know what to do with that thing.' she whispered, indicating her brother's erection with a downward flick of her eyes. 'Actually, even though it's you, I'd...I'd....'

Mike saw the look in his sister's eyes, felt what she was feeling. As twins they'd shared a certain ease in sensing what the other was feeling or thinking.

But now he felt the same way. He had always dreamed of being with another man, and though she was certainly nothing like a man, she certainly was desirable.

Gina was simply too beautiful to ignore.

When her last words weren't rejected or encouraged -and simply hung there in the air - Gina slipped her top off, stood and took her panties down, and then lay on her side on the bed.

Mike, feeling that same urgent rush, lay opposite her and after a moment or two they were mindlessly licking and sucking each other, their bodies fitting together seamlessly.

They went from sixty-nine to other things, Gina being more experienced, leading her virgin brother through his first sexual encounter. She lay back, inviting him to eat her out, and for a long time, perhaps half an hour, that was all that happened. She was amazed at his technique, his vigor, coming so many times she lost count. But then she brought herself back to the present and invited him to fuck her in the missionary position.

They went from that to doggy position, Mike appreciating and enjoying the sight of his sister's back and shoulders, and when she lay on her side with one leg up and over his shoulder, he screwed her sideways, kissing her smooth leg as he did.

He could almost feel what she was feeling, felt himself quiver and clench inside whenever she came, and this empathic connection only strengthened when they shared long moments of tit-fucking.

Mike was so aroused he was nearly spurting just from seeing Gina's sleek, writhing body beneath him, feeling her warm tits surrounding his rod, but then she surprised him by stopping everything and slipping out from beneath him.

He smiled as he watched her take a strap-on dildo from her dresser, put it on and then come back to bed. He loved how womanly she was, loved simply watching the graceful way she walked, but with her dildo jutting from her pretty crotch she somehow looked more enticing.

But then she had him get on hands and knees and a moment later, with the help of a little hand-lotion, she was ass-fucking him, long, hard and steady.

Mike gushed down between his knees onto the sheets about five minutes later.

'I should call you sister from now on,' Gina panted as she eased the dildo out of Mike's ass. 'You're more girl than some girl's I've been with, you know that?'

She turned him on his back and let him lay flat, then removed her dildo and came to curl up at his side; leaning down she began slurping the remaining spunk out of his leaking, shrinking prong. Mike thought about it for a moment and started to smile. He liked being referred to in the feminine, as a woman, and actually felt like a freshly-fucked girl laying there.

'...I love being a whore.' Mike laughed.

'Uh, it's slut, right?'

'Oh yah.'

Having begun this new and unexpected relationship, Mike and Gina spent the remainder of the morning repeating what they'd already done, Mike experiencing what it was like to ejaculate in a woman's pussy, then half an hour later, in someone's rectum. Gina was the perfect teacher, straightforward, blunt and more than willing to demonstrate.

She used the big-toe of her right foot to make sure her brother knew exactly how to suck a cock, showed him the finer points by sucking his fourth erection of the morning, and when that turned into sixty-nine, the day's sex education course was done.

Then it was time to try out clothes.

Aside from his chest being flat (Mike didn't like the idea of falsies), as he stood side by side with his twin after his makeup was redone, the wig was set into place, and matching outfits were put on, he could barely see the difference between he and his sister.

He found himself smiling at his reflection in the mirror. He looked like a rich, hot chick, just as hot as Gina. They were so similar in height and proportion he was able to wear her high-heels with no problem, and though his hips weren't as wide, panties and slips and skirts and slinky evening gowns still clung to him correctly.

--And sexily. And as he looked at his transformation he found himself getting turned-on again. His dick rose up hard and ruined the illusion.

'Okay, don't do anything but stand there,' Gina giggled when she saw the bulge in Mike's tight skirt. 'Just...stand there and...and come, okay?'

Then Gina was down on her knees in front of him, lifting the skirt, pulling the panties down and giving him head. He'd orgasmed so many times already he doubted it would happen again, but he closed his eyes and focused on the feeling of Gina's lips working back and forth around him, and a moment or two later it suddenly happened.

Then she was standing, grinning at him as she wiped her lips, pulling up his panties and brushing the front of his skirt down again.

'There,' she smiled. 'Perfect. The perfect, prettiest girl in the place.'

'Except for you.'

'We're identical - hello?'

'Oh, good point.'

They headed down to lunch after that, after finding some elastic cloth bandages to wrap around Mike's hips and down between his legs to minimize any further bulges from showing beneath the skirt. He was going to take a chance and explore the world beyond the safety of his sister's bedroom dressed as a woman.

'I'm going to order that thing I saw online,' Gina whispered aside to Mike as they strolled down the endless hallways to the dining room. 'It's a special underwear that guys wear that holds everything up and back so nothing shows. Easier than wrapping you up like a mummy.'

'Good thing I'm not very big,' Mike whispered back as he focused on not breaking an ankle with the high heels.

'Well, about that;' Gina giggled. 'Having a big salami dangling down there isn't always a good thing. I love the size of yours; it's...really cute. I love it actually....'

Mike grinned and said nothing.

Geoff, the head of the household dining staff came up and greeted them as they came through the doorway. He stopped, blinked, then slammed his standard smile on his face. 'Good afternoon...M-Mistresses.' he improvised. He was about to give his standard greeting, but couldn't decide which of the pair was Master Michael. He went around and pulled chairs out for both, then rushed back to the kitchen.

'I thought I was going to spew.' Mike whispered.

'Oh my god,' Gina whispered back. 'Right after lunch, I promise I'll take care of it, okay?'

'Okay, but I meant vomit,' Mike chuckled behind his hand. 'Now that you mention it though, I am getting a little, you know...hard.'

'Good.' Gina said, spreading her napkin on her lap. 'Because sitting next to such a cute woman is making me totally wet. You have no idea how sexy you look - seriously.'

'...maybe I'm a lesbian...uh - guy....'

'Whatever it is, we have a date after lunch, okay?' Gina whispered.

They had their meal, members of the wait staff secretly looking at the twins from behind curtains and around corners. Perhaps because of the long history of rather unusual happenings in the household, not one of the staff were shocked or disturbed by the sudden transformation of Master Michael; nothing deserving mockery or ridicule at any rate. As it was, most were rather impressed seeing him dressed as he was though they all kept their opinions to themselves.

As was proper.

Luckily none of them had to hold back their opinions about what went on for the rest of that afternoon; Mike and his twin spending hour upon hour making love in the privacy of her room at first, then his.

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