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A Short Story Template


D. Michaels

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This Short Story Template features a story structure divided by a Prologue, Introduction & Development and Climax & Conclusion. It provides12 Scene Summaries that include a full description of what is happening in each scene. These descriptions include spoilers to let the writer know what information will be revealed later in the story or to help add back-story.

Here is the Story Summary: A man uses lab equipment to invade other people's dreams. When Jessica becomes the victim, her and her sisters must find a way to keep her safe and find out what to do about the Sleeper.

Before we get to the template, let’s look at a sample Prologue I’ve written according to the Prologue section on the template. This will help you get started with narrating the rest of the scenes. If you have any questions, please leave a review and an e-mail address where I can contact you with suggestions.

Let’s look at the Prologue section of the Short Story Template, followed by a Sample Prologue:


At Le Chène French Cuisine, two men hit on Jasmine with cheesy pickup lines. She joins her sisters and a waitress, Marla, brings Jessica a glass of wine bought by a strange man across the room. The man, James Coleman, waves to Jessica from his wheelchair. Jessica is flattered, but turns it down; she's dating Kevin.

Marla brings the wine back to Coleman. He asks her to join him, but she is not allowed to be involved with the customers.

Late that night, Coleman appears in Marla's dream. They go to a surreal building-top landscape. He twirls her around and then throws her off the building, killing Marla for real.


Consider the following Prologue and examine it against the scene summaries in the template:

Sample Prologue

The huge bulbs between lush greenery in front of the Le Chène French Cuisine lit the evening’s sidewalk and passer-by’s were attracted to it like flies.

Inside was warm and cozy, full of standing guests chattering everywhere as a smiling Jasmine entered. She passed through a maze of waiters and pick-up artists, when eventually one of them stood in her path before she crossed to the large dining area. A young stud, short hair and steady eyes, fresh out of college, said to her, “Are your parents terrorists? Cos baby you are the bomb.”

Another guy rose up behind him, a light African American in a suit and a pronounced English accent, eagerly said to him, “Jim, Jim, ask her if it hurt when she fell.”

Jasmine grew irritated as the second one dogged her from her chest down to her ankles, twice before she stepped up, leaving the first on her right. “Uh, excuse me?

He continued, mustering as much charm as he could in his voice, as if he were giving a sermon to a lost soul. “When you fell from Heaven. Did it hurt. Cos I know an angel when I see one.”

He licked his lips and dreamed in her eyes.

Jasmine smiled, but it wasn’t of flattery. He leaned forward when she called him with her forefinger. She leaned close to his left ear, “Hmm. I’m no angel. I’m a witch.” She stood back, tapped his lightly hest. “But don’t tell my sisters I told you.”

She walked over to Jessica and Jaquelyn who were sitting at a table. “Oh, I’m so glad you guys are still here.” She threw her jacket over a chair, sat on it and then she noticed their jaw-dropped faces were directed behind her. “What are you staring at?”

Jessica pointed behind Jasmine, towards a woman and a guy kissing passionately, standing in the middle of a crowded dining area. “They have been going at it for almost an hour.”

Jasmine turned, shocked by the groaning, smooching sounds that came from half a room away even as music played lightly over the speakers. “Hello!” She turned to face the girls again. Disappointed, she landed her forehead over her forefinger. “Oh, I can’t even look.”

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