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The Masseuse

By Kiki Goodman

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. July 25, 2018.

Copyright © 2018 Kiki Goodman.

Written by Kiki Goodman.

Act 1: Coming Home

Chapter 1

The house was a dream come true for Jacob Handler. He had always wanted a nice place to call home. It was in the centre of town, on the opposite side of where he was living, beneath the hills that separated it from the west side. It was a more up market neighbourhood, but that’s not what interested Jacob. The large two-storey, split level house, with four large bedrooms, three bathrooms, three car garage and large backyard with pool took him in completely. The outdoor entertainment area was completely private from the neighbours and would be perfect for his home business, since one side had a view over the central business district. No one would be able to see up there from down below, since the house was so high up. It felt like a home to him and he knew it would be a great way to settle down and grow his life.

“So this entertainment area is completely private… and the pool is too. And with summer fast approaching I dare say you’d get good use out of it,” said Nikki Walsh the real estate agent.

Jacob looked at the realtor and figured it was time to tell her he wanted the place. He had fallen in love with it as soon as he’d stepped foot in the door, but he had held off telling her because he simply enjoyed following the woman around, watching her backside wiggle in her tight fitting skirt.

“I can’t speak highly enough of this house. It’s fantastic. So I guess the question is, will you buy it?” Nikki continued.

“You’re not backwards in coming forwards are you?” Jacob asked with a smile. He could see the twinkle in her eye, and could feel the sexual tension she had been generating from the moment he shook her hand at the front of the house only twenty minutes ago. It was obvious, considering that even on the phone she oozed pure sex. Jacob was quick to figure out that it was her way of selling – but in person she was so much more: more intense, more deliberate in her actions and definitely more sexual in her nature when she laid her eyes upon him.

It wasn’t the first time this had happened to him, and he was beginning to feel like a piece of meat; there was more to him than that and none of the women seemed interested in finding out. Once they knew his secret it seemed that they were more interested in that than his mind or his personality. Perhaps this time would be different. He wasn’t sure, he had said that last time and it was one of the reasons he had ended up moving. He looked around the house and forgot about that thought for a moment, simply excited, having found his new home.

“I like to take charge. If I want something, I’ll do whatever it takes to get it. I want to sell this house, and I want you to buy it. So no, I’m not afraid of going after what I want,” the real estate agent replied holding her clipboard low with her arms in front of her. She painted a confident picture for Jacob, who found it refreshing that she was so honest.

“I’ll take it,” Jacob said in his humble voice.

The ambitious blonde smiled at him and hugged her clipboard close to her chest. She stood a good half a foot shorter than Jacob, who was six feet three inches tall.

“Really? That’s great…” Nikki said enthusiastically. “So we require a ten percent deposit and you’ll have to get in touch with your solicitor.”

“Will cash do?” Jacob asked with his cute smile.

Nikki smiled back and gently twisted from side to side knowing full well the effect it would have on getting what she wanted.

Jacob figured she couldn’t be much older than twenty-five, she was young looking but he surmised she had a tough side to her. He figured to be in real estate that’s what was needed.

“Seriously?” Nikki replied, still looking at him with her big blue eyes.

“Absolutely, I was going to pay cash for the whole place…” Jacob said, causing Nikki’s eyes to widen.

“Wow, what do you do? I can’t imagine ever having that much money,” Nikki said, looking down at her clipboard.

“I’m a masseuse…”

“And you’ve got cash?” Nikki asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, apparently I’m good with my hands,” Jacob replied without realising the connotation that it provoked. Nikki blushed and then moved a step closer.

“You must be a really good masseuse,” Nikki said almost fluttering her eyelids.

“I wouldn’t know,” Jacob replied looking around the house again.

Nikki brushed her hair back and took a moment to decide what she should say next, darting her eyes back to his.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll push for this to happen as fast as possible if you give me one of your massages.” Nikki said her confidence abound.

Jacob looked at her for a moment, looking her straight in the eye to see if she was telling the truth. He wanted this house, and the sooner the better, so why not? She was intriguing, and with the possibility of getting the house quickly, not to mention giving him time to find out more about her as a person, Jacob thought it was a good idea.

“Okay… deal. You can be my first client here,” Jacob said walking around the entertainment area and looking to see if it was truly private. To his satisfaction it was.

“Here? You don’t have an office or something?” Nikki asked holding her clipboard behind her and pushing her chest out.

Jacob noticed out of the corner of his eye how she was pushing her small but ample cleavage forward against her white blouse, but maintained eye contact with her, to let her know his intentions.

“I work from home, and this spot here is going to be great. I can enclose it in winter, and clients will have the best views… it’s great!” Jacob replied smiling.

Nikki smiled in return and nodded her head. “Okay, deal… so what’s the usual asking price for one of your massages?”

“Usually they start at two hundred and fifty for the basic… it goes up from there,” Jacob replied causing Nikki’s mouth to drop open.

“For a massage? Really? You must be good,” Nikki said in astonishment.

“Perhaps. I offer a quality, confidential service. I do all kinds, but my main clientele usually ask for full body massages, sensual, and move up from there. But no sex…” Jacob said, surprising Nikki again.


“Yeah I had a client ask for it one day … I don’t do that,” Jacob said with a smile. Nikki was starting to intrigue him, and he felt like he should get to know her a bit better.

“Fair enough. So why does it have to be confidential?” Nikki asked as Jacob walked back into the house with Nikki following.

“A lot of people get the wrong idea about massage. People think it is all about the actual act of sex, when it is more about getting someone to feel completely at peace, relaxed, that sort of thing… Besides, you only want a massage right? Nothing fancy?” Jacob replied, walking through the large lounge room again and looking out the front window to the street.

“What more is there?” Nikki asked with a sly smile.

Jacob noticed she was flirting with him as she brushed her long blonde hair back and straightened her blouse that didn’t need straightening. He was certain she had undone one of the top buttons to show off more cleavage.

“Well… the standard massage oil – Nuru – is incredible. I can be either clothed, in a g-string or nude while I give you a massage. I can give you a full body massage but no erogenous zones, I can do every part of your body including erogenous zones, or I can also give you a happy ending,” Jacob said, seeming to impress Nikki whose eyes had lit up as she simply nodded. “I have quite a few clients that opt for the happy ending… all female of course.”

“And I take it happy ending is code for orgasm?”

“Correct,” Jacob said, seeing Nikki smile sexily and play with her hair flirtingly.

“So you’d give me the works, you nude and a happy ending, for pushing this house through as quickly as possible?” Nikki asked, breathing out a seductive sigh.

Jacob could see the gears turning in her head. This felt like this could be a good opportunity to get to know her. After all he was single, and hopefully so was she.

“If that’s what you want, and you and your other half is okay with it, then yes,” Jacob said, hoping she was single.

“It is and I don’t have a partner, I’m single…” Nikki said with a wicked smile. “There aren’t more of you that do this are there?”

“I have a friend that also does it… why?” Jacob asked walking down into the front of the house towards the front door.

“I just wondered why I had never heard of it before, that’s all… but then again, I guess I never went looking for it either,” Nikki replied following Jacob rather closely.

If he didn’t know any better he could have sworn Nikki was all over him, wanting to touch him and discover what he looked like naked. Jacob could feel her undress him with her eyes.

“Well one day you might meet my friend Tyler and you’ll see he’s just as normal as me,” Jacob said walking out of the house. “So do I come back with you to your office and give you a deposit?”

“I’d like that,” Nikki said, locking the front door and then bending over in front of Jacob to put the key back in the lockable key vault near the front door. She slowly rose, giving Jacob enough time to check out her legs and backside. Smiling she turned and faced him, accidentally brushing past him to go to her car. “I’ll push this through as fast as it can go.”

“That sounds great,” Jacob said walking to his car. He was happy he could buy the house and happier still that Nikki was open to his advances. Something told him this was going to be the start of something great. It reminded him of an old flame of his, Mercedes, an attraction there that he couldn’t quite put his finger on, but one that excited him none the less. He had a feeling things could get interesting and be different – a good different – something that he felt was a pleasant change for once. Moving back to his home town was starting to look like the best decision he had made in a long time.

Chapter 2

Things had never been right since he left town as a teenager. Coming back was all about re-capturing that lost sense of self, that feeling of being at peace and at home. Jacob was hoping that he would have renewed luck being back where he grew up. He wanted to settle down and put his recent past behind him. Coming home would allow him to start anew and hopefully find that special someone that he had tried for so long to find and start a family with. After all, he missed his family and what better way to have one, than create your own.

Jacob walked out of his ensuite bathroom and opened the curtains ready to start the day. He had to get ready before his friend Tyler Wayne showed up for a run through the hills behind his house. Jacob shook his head at the mere mention of the hill, as it was more of a mountain than hill, but obviously it didn’t go as high. He stopped for a moment realising how comfortable he was in his new home – walking around his bedroom naked allowed him to feel at ease and comfortable. He grabbed a shirt from his dresser, and a pair of underpants and shorts, ready to get dressed when he saw Mrs Chang peeking over a small hedge behind the back fence between their houses. It was over half a metre high, and he could see Mrs Chang doing her best to keep herself hidden. The only problem was her black hair contrasted against the green leaves, making her stand out like a sore thumb. Luckily it was a private part of the yard that looked straight into his bedroom, so he didn’t feel like he was doing anything he shouldn’t. Not wanting to cause any commotion, Jacob moved closer to the window without letting on that he could see her and pulled his t-shirt over his head before moving back to grab his underpants and shorts.

Jacob had introduced himself to Mrs Chang two days ago when he first moved in – the middle aged Asian lady was all smiles and very welcoming when he arrived – he found her pleasant to talk to and quite lovely. Jacob discovered she had been in the area for twenty years, was married for twenty-five years and had two teenage twin daughters. But he got the sense from her that she was very nosy, asking him a lot of questions before he left. Showing off to her was a way to see what she would do, and when he noticed she hadn’t left, he realised she must have liked what she saw. Jacob surmised that Mrs Chang was one of those quiet people that were really a voyeur, but to your face that wasn’t the case. Only time would tell if his summation was correct.

Jacob walked out of his bedroom in his best running gear when there was a knock at the front door. Knowing Tyler had arrived, he quickly opened the door and let him in. Standing just an inch shorter than Jacob, Tyler was lean and built like the proverbial brick outhouse. He had good muscle definition and a lot of the ladies he massaged enjoyed touching them, or so Tyler said. He did love to comment on the fact that they seemed to prefer chocolate instead of vanilla; after all, Tyler was of African descent. It probably didn’t hurt he had a decent smile and was a nice guy, but Tyler being Tyler, always liked to rub in the race card, even though it wasn’t true.

“Hey Jake… ready for me to kick your butt on our run?” Tyler said with a laugh. While they weren’t competitive, they did joke around a bit.

“While I’m not as muscly as you, I dare say I might have the edge. Running isn’t all about who’s the strongest,” Jacob said, taking a big drink of water and then grabbing his keys.

“So where are we going today?” Tyler asked, stretching his legs out before following Jacob out of the house.

“I thought we could go up the hill and see where it takes us. I think it comes out on the road that joins up with this street,” Jacob replied locking his front door and heading into the street.

They began to casually walk up the street, with Jacob waving to Mrs Chang who simply smiled at him and casually waved back, before they took a right turn and started their jog up the hill.

“Now this sounds like a work out. Did I mention when you moved in that this is a great area?” Tyler asked jogging beside Jacob.

“Several times,” Jacob replied.

“You know, if this hill is any good, I might have to come back a few more times,” Tyler said not even breaking a sweat.

“I probably won’t come to the gym that much, maybe only twice a week if this works,” Jacob said continuing their small talk.

“What?! So when are we going to hang out then?” Tyler asked as they made their way to the bottom of the hill and began up it.

“Tyler, you can come around any time, we can hang out on weekends. I’ll tell you what, come over on Friday and we can have a little get together – you know hang out by the pool,” Jacob replied forthrightly.

“Deal,” Tyler said with a smile.

Jacob knew that smile and it could only mean one thing. Tyler was wanting a free pass to come around when he liked. He had played Jacob – not that it was such a bad thing – but he could have just asked.

“Enough talk, let’s see how fast you are,” Jacob said sprinting up the hill, leaving Tyler in the dust. Tyler rushed after him, not quite catching up to Jacob when they hit the low density bush. The trees and shrubs were a welcome change from the hard concrete pavements of the town; Jacob could tell he would spend more time up here to get away from it all. It was a large hill and it was going to take some time to cut across it, but Jacob didn’t mind, it was going to be a good workout.

Half an hour had passed and they were both only three quarters of the way along the dirt hiking track they had found earlier. Feeling a little out of shape, Jacob stopped for a moment and then realised that the large drink he had taken back at home hadn’t been the best of ideas.

“You keep going, I just have to take a leak,” Jacob said to Tyler who was slowly jogging forward along the track.

“Okay, I’ll stop up ahead if you take too long,” Tyler said with a two finger wave before continuing on.

Jacob quickly made his way into the thick bush, trying to find a more private spot off the track where he could do his business. Within moments he found a nice spot not too far away from the track and proceeded to undo his shorts. Ready to release his monstrously full bladder he suddenly heard something in the bushes and decided to move a little further in, just in case someone was there watching him. He looked over his shoulder while he moved forward, and once he felt clear he began to release the raging pressure.

“Hey!” a female voice cried out which took Jacob by surprise.

A light, caramel coloured woman leapt from the bushes, right in front of where Jacob was urinating, with her shorts around her ankles, before she fell over right next to Jacob.

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Shit sorry!” Jacob said doing his best to cut off mid-stream. He looked down at the attractive woman with neck length dark hair and realised she was naked from the waist down. She must have been doing the same thing he was when he arrived. Jacob looked at her face, the big brown eyes and large mouth, and realised something was familiar about her. Her big nose was the same as someone he knew and the wavy hair was almost identical.

“Damn it! I just pissed on myself!” the woman said scrambling to get up and cover up.

Jacob realised who he was looking at.

“Kelly Mitchell, is that… you?” Jacob asked, completely forgetting where he was or what he was doing. From his memory to now, she had grown into a woman. The last time he saw her she had been a skinny girl with not much to show for it. Now she seemed to fill her singlet top very well and her hips were rounded. She looked up at him while she pulled her shorts up and then stopped realising she too knew Jacob.

“Jacob Handler… Hi,” Kelly replied, her demeanour changing to a pleasant one. She looked him up and down with her eyebrows raised, before nodding to herself, impressed with what she saw.

“What’s it been, ten years?” Jacob asked.

Kelly suddenly realised what she was looking at and turned red.

He looked down and then realised he was still swinging in the wind.

“Oh shit, sorry!” Jacob said abruptly.

Kelly giggled and moved behind some bushes so that she could sort herself out.

“Yeah, around twelve years, but who’s counting. I was seventeen when you left… Excuse me while I fix myself up,” Kelly replied from the bushes causing Jacob to remember their past. He was nearly eighteen when he had moved, leaving his friends and his old neighbourhood behind.

“No worries. I’ve moved back – well, I just bought a house in town, but I’ve been living on the outskirts for the last three years. What about you?” Jacob asked doing himself up and making sure he was completely put away.

“Oh yeah? Great, I’ve been here this whole time. I work as a loan manager at First State Bank… not a lot has happened really,” Kelly said popping up from behind the bushes and throwing her panties into them. “Won’t be needing those. So what are you doing up here?”

Jacob shook his head, the same old Kelly. It felt like he was home now; he didn’t realise how much he had missed her. But he also wasn’t sure how much she had changed.

“Going for a run with my friend Tyler. I live basically at the bottom of this hill. What about you? What are you doing up here?” Jacob replied.

“I go bushwalking, or should I say hiking, with a friend of mine once a month. You live at the bottom of the hill? So do I,” Kelly said with a smile.

Jacob felt like he had never left – he knew it was a good move coming back here. Maybe he could reconnect with his old friends and get on with life in general.

“Yeah down in Electra Street, number 23,” Jacob said politely.

“You’re kidding? I live in Electra Street, number 19,” Kelly said with a smile.

“Hey, what’s the chance of catching up later or something? It’d be great to see you,” Jacob said starting to walk back to the track.

“I’d like that – you can fill me in on what you’ve been doing,” Kelly said turning to go back up the hill. “It’s great to see you Jake…”

“You too Kel… let’s try and catch up in the next few days. I’ll be home all the time, so just pop around or I can pop around,” Jacob said with a smile.

“Sounds great… bye,” Kelly said with a wave as Jacob walked back to the track.

He couldn’t believe his luck, running into an old friend like Kelly. Hopefully things wouldn’t have changed too much, as it would be nice to have friends like her. They always did get on so well. Time would tell he guessed, now all he had to do was catch up with Tyler.

Chapter 3

Jacob had finished putting his rubbish out in the bins behind the garage. He stopped for a moment to admire the flowers that had come into bloom when Mrs Chang called to him over the fence.

“Hello Jacob,” Mrs Chang said in her somewhat accent-free voice.

“Good morning Mrs Chang, how are you?” Jacob asked, seeing Mrs Chang smile and stand there in what seemed to be her workout clothes; a pair of black shiny leggings, black sneakers and a red crop top that hugged her figure. If Jacob didn’t know any better he would have said the middle aged woman was dressing too young for her age, even though she had a slender build. In Jacob’s experience though most Asian females he met had a slim build.

“Good thank you, I’m just going for a workout with my daughters,” Mrs Chang replied with a smile as Jacob stopped by the fence. “You have a lovely place.”

“Thank you… so do you,” Jacob said with a grin. “If you want to come around for a swim some time you’re more than welcome. It’s all sectioned off so it’s nice and private.”

“Thank you Jacob, I might take you up on the offer one day,” Mrs Chang said as her two daughters called out from the car. “Then I can work on my tan.”

“Any time,” Jacob said picking up on what she was alluding to.

“I had better go, my daughters will get frustrated if I don’t hurry up,” Mrs Chang said with a wave. “I’d love to see you around more.”

Jacob smiled and watched as Mrs Chang left the yard, going down the side of the house and then out of sight. He knew what she meant and could only guess as to what was going on in her mind. It was starting to become clearer what she was about: the youthful look, the slender body and nosy attitude. She was one of the quiet ones that people always talk about. Jacob walked in through his back laundry door when someone called out from the front, their muffled voice just loud enough for him to hear.


Jacob went to the front door and opened it to find Nikki standing there with a plant.

“Hi, I just wanted to see how you were going, and… drop this off,” Nikki said offering Jacob the plant before he took it and let her inside.

“Any time. I’m glad you came,” Jacob said setting the plant down on the dining room table. “It’s good to have someone I know here.”

“You don’t know me that well,” Nikki said, her hands clutched in front of her. In her mind she was thinking about getting to know him intimately, the whole idea of being massaged by a naked man had been playing on her mind since he first mentioned it.

“Well I’d like to,” Jacob said pouring on the charm.

“Truth be told, after our little office meeting, I couldn’t stop thinking about you… it sounds silly but I want to know more about you as well,” Nikki said smiling and working her feminine wiles, subtly yet confidently, in an effort to win him over.

“No it doesn’t sound silly at all. I was hoping to see you again too,” Jacob said warmly.

“Great. So what’s the chance of going for a swim? I’ve got my bikini in my bag… I just need somewhere to change,” Nikki said holding her bag up.

Jacob found her quite forward but enjoyed that; she seemed to know what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to say it either.

“Sure, why not. You can use the upstairs bathroom,” Jacob said moving to the stairs, “Follow me.”

Nikki quickly followed Jacob, like a tiger ready to pounce, and made her way to the bathroom while he went into his bedroom. Within moments he was out of his bedroom in a pair of black boy leg shorts – shortly after, Nikki appeared in a white Brazilian cut bikini. Jacob noticed it cut a fine figure, showing off everything beautifully – but taking centre stage was Nikki’s smile.

She looked him up and down, unconsciously breathing out heavily as she studied him.

“Wow…” Nikki said fixated on his black shorts. “I’m… wow…”

Jacob smiled having been taken in by the view in front of him.

“I could say the same…”

Nikki looked down at her bikini and feigned embarrassment, her hands coming together in a deliberate way, before clasping them in front of her, her motive to simply draw attention to her physique that was now framed by the cut of her bikini top.

“It gets more interesting when it gets wet,” Nikki said with a wicked grin before moving her fingers to her bikini bottoms.

“Not afraid to go for it are you?” Jacob asked as she pulled her bikini bottoms tighter while maintaining eye contact with Jacob.

“I can’t help it with you… it feels different. But no, I’m definitely not afraid,” Nikki replied breathlessly. For the first time in a long while Jacob felt a little less like a piece of meat and more like a human. Things were looking up for him with Nikki and he was keen to see where it would go.

Just then there was a knock at the front door.

“Okay… that should be interesting then, I’ll just get that,” Jacob said heading downstairs.

Nikki moved to the middle level while she waited for Jacob to return. A female voiced filled the silence after Jacob opened the front door – nothing out of the ordinary Nikki hoped. Suddenly she realised that there was another female in the house besides her and that the unknown female wasn’t leaving any time soon, causing Nikki to go downstairs to Jacob.

“Hi,” Nikki said holding out her hand to greet Kelly. “I’m Nikki.”

“Nikki this is Kelly, an old friend of mine,” Jacob said with a smile.

Nikki looked Kelly up and down, feeling somewhat inadequate against the voluptuous woman before her. Kelly stood there in a pair of khaki shorts that showed off her firm legs and a green fitted shirt that enhanced her round bust. Nikki wasn’t impressed, Kelly was stealing her thunder. She’d have to pour on the charm to win Jacob over.

“Pleased to meet you,” Nikki said charmingly. “We were just going for a swim weren’t we Jacob?”

Jacob looked at Nikki who was holding her hands in front of her; her arms pushing her bust forward while acting innocently.

Kelly noticed the tactic and rolled her eyes.

“Ah yeah… sorry. Do you want to join us?” Jacob asked turning back to Kelly.

Before Kelly could speak Nikki interrupted.

“Jacob she looks like she’s going hiking, I’m sure she doesn’t want to come swimming,” Nikki said causing Jacob to look in her direction. Nikki moved her hands behind herself, pushing her chest forward, causing Jacob to look down before quickly darting back to her face and then back to Kelly. Nikki knew it was working.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t think,” Jacob said as Nikki moved beside him and grabbed his hand again taking his attention.

Kelly noticed and started to get frustrated – they couldn’t even have a normal conversation without being interrupted.

“That’s okay… I was only coming past to say hi,” Kelly said changing the reason why she was there.

“Oh I had better get the sunscreen so that you can do my back like you suggested,” Nikki said abruptly. “Silly me, excuse me. It was lovely to meet you Kelly.”

Nikki quickly left to go to the bathroom leaving Jacob standing there bewildered with Kelly.

“I’ve caught you at a bad time, I should go,” Kelly said looking a little unhappy.

“No, you don’t have to… you,” Jacob said but by now Kelly was already at the door.

“It’s okay, I forgot I’ve got something to do at home,” Kelly said smiling, the fake smile that someone put on to say everything’s okay when it’s not.

“Well, I’m having a party on Friday, come by, bring someone along if that helps. We can catch up then,” Jacob said hoping Kelly wouldn’t say no.

“Okay, no problem… thanks,” Kelly said leaving quietly and quickly.

Nikki returned with her coconut oil from her bag.

“Just slap some of this on and I’m good to go,” Nikki said, and then suddenly realising they were alone she asked. “Did she leave?”

“Yeah, she had something else on,” Jacob said turning to Nikki, and feeling a little bewildered.

“Oh, well, don’t worry about the oil, let’s get into the pool and get wet,” Nikki said enthusiastically.

Jacob thought about it for a moment. Something wasn’t right: the whole display that had taken place in front of him, the way Kelly left, it didn’t seem correct. Something left a sour taste in his mouth, something that he found unusual since it had never happened before.

“Actually do you mind if we take a rain check? Something’s come up,” Jacob asked looking at Nikki.

“Okay, is everything alright?” Nikki replied the smile disappearing from her face.

“Yeah fine… I just need to… take care of a few things. I’m having a party on Friday, I’d love for you to come,” Jacob said with a smile. “How about we pick things up from there?”

“For you, anything,” Nikki said with a wiggle. She turned and slowly ascended the stairs looking over her shoulder at Jacob. Once she knew he was looking she pulled her bikini bottoms down and wagged her backside, giggling as she climbed the stairs.

Jacob shook his head smiling before Nikki winked and disappeared into the upstairs bathroom. He stood there thinking about his next course of action. Perhaps it was better to get things ready for Friday night – but something wasn’t right.

Chapter 4

Tyler was the first to arrive at Jacob’s small get together, dressed in his casual white designer tank top and pin stripe shorts that were finished off with a pair of sandals. All in all he looked like a surfer without any beach to go to, but what surprised Jacob the most was his date. The leggy redhead wore a tight, white boob tube style dress that hugged her busty figure and showed off her curvy backside wonderfully. The blue bikini underneath screamed attention-seeking, as well as the perfectly manicured nails. Jacob could tell the woman was high maintenance before he even spoke to her.

“This is Harriet, Harriet this is Jacob, my friend I’ve been telling you about,” Tyler said with a smile. Harriet reached in and kissed Jacob on the cheek.

“A pleasure,” Harriet said in a sultry tone.

“Likewise,” Jacob said with a smile. “Make yourself comfortable out by the pool.”

“Thanks,” Tyler said leading Harriet up the stairs to go out back as she winked at Jacob.

Before he could say anything Kelly arrived with a female friend in tow. Kelly was wearing a lovely white summer dress that contrasted against her caramel skin and was tied around her sensuous long neck. It highlighted her figure and made her even more so warm and bubbly.

“Hi Kel, welcome,” Jacob said accepting them into the house.

“Hi Jake, this is Donna, my hiking friend,” Kelly said introducing the voluptuous short woman with cropped black hair and pale white skin. The tight t-shirt and cargo style shorts did nothing to hide the rounded figure she was sporting, or the black bathing suit underneath her shirt. Obviously she was comfortable with her body, otherwise she wouldn’t be showing it off this way, which was unusual for a woman that, while not overweight, had rounded features. It was refreshing for Jacob to have the company of a woman like that. Jacob had the tendency to look at women’s bodies – their shape, their lines and their curves – after all he did see them bare it all on his massage table. It went beyond the mere perv factor and more towards art appreciation. There was nothing else in the world so diverse yet beautiful at the same time. To him the female form was a work of art. The one thing he found as a masseuse was the number of women so unhappy with their bodies when there was nothing wrong with them. One of his clients was a middle aged woman who had four children, was slender and had a beautiful smile but couldn’t stand her slightly round stomach and stretch marks. To Jacob she looked gorgeous – her eyes lit up when she smiled and her skin was still buttery smooth. He told her often but she simply blew him off as if it was part of the service, which to Jacob it wasn’t – she had a figure which showed her experience, something that was very sexy to men.

“Hi Donna, pleased to meet you,” Jacob said shaking her hand.

“Pleased to meet you too,” Donna said with a warm smile. “You have a lovely home.”

“Thanks,” Jacob said. “Make your way out to the pool and I’ll be right with you.”

“Great, I can’t wait to strip off and go for a swim,” Donna said making her way upstairs and causing Kelly to shake her head.

“I hope you don’t mind, but she’s been known to skinny dip on occasion,” Kelly said before following Donna upstairs.

“Not at all,” Jacob laughed putting Kelly at ease. She smiled back at him before disappearing outside.

Jacob was happy when Nikki showed up with her hair all tied up in some fantastical do, a white blouse knotted in front showing off her mid-riff and a pair of cutoff jeans shorts that showed off the entire length of her legs. If Jacob didn’t know any better he would have guessed anyone could see her backside peeking out the back of those shorts. She put her bag down inside the door before turning her attention to Jacob.

“Hi,” Nikki said sensually as she sauntered inside and kissed Jacob on the cheek. “Sorry I’m late.”

“Not at all,” Jacob said while Nikki held him a moment. “You’re perfect… I mean right on time.”

Nikki smiled widely before turning to her bag and bending over, putting her sunglasses away while looking back at Jacob. She was going to enjoy getting his attention as much as possible this evening.

“Let’s go out back,” Jacob said motioning to the rear of the house.

“Sounds good,” Nikki said, taking Jacob’s arm and walking with him upstairs and out to the pool.

Immediately in the pool area Harriet stripped off to nothing but a skimpy blue string bikini and began parading her enhanced figure around in front of everybody. Jacob shook his head knowing that Tyler did this to try and one up him with the stupid game only Tyler liked to play. Donna sat there with her mouth open and Kelly shook her head at the blatant display in front of her.

Nikki didn’t flinch, keeping her eyes firmly on Jacob who she thought looked incredible in his tight shorts and t-shirt. She knew she’d have to pull out the big guns to get Jacob’s attention, push herself to win him over, even if that meant exposing things she normally waited a few dates to do. She needed a distraction to stop herself from going overboard too soon. When Jacob wasn’t around she looked at Tyler who had his muscles on display thanks to the tank top he was wearing. While Tyler wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, she was here for Jacob and only Jacob tonight.

“Everyone okay?” Jacob asked as Harriet tiptoed into the pool.

“Great,” they all replied in unison.

“Good, I’ll just grab some refreshments before getting the food organised,” Jacob said politely.

“I’ll help,” Tyler said following Jacob inside. Once inside he grabbed Jacob’s arm. “You never told me you knew Donna.”

“I don’t,” Jacob said bluntly.

“She’s a dyke, I’ve known her for years. I bet Kelly is her girlfriend too,” Tyler said which took Jacob by surprise. He never knew Kelly to be like that, ever. She was always with boys when they were younger.

“I don’t know about that… anyway, what’s with Harriet?” Jacob asked not wanting to believe Tyler.

“Oh she’s one of my clients… you know, she stars in… certain videos. She loves attention. Thought it would be good for her to come to your party and put on a, you know, show. I told her about you and she really wanted to meet you,” Tyler said with a smile.

“I find that hard to believe. This was meant to be a small gathering where people could feel comfortable and take it easy,” Jacob said grabbing the drinks and handing some to Tyler.

“I know, I just wanted to see your face when you got a peek at her tits… it’s okay, she’ll put her clothes back on once she’s had a swim,” Tyler said with a chuckle.

“Good. While I’m not one to, if I’m being honest, dislike that sort of thing, I want Nikki and Kelly to feel comfortable,” Jacob said as they headed back to the pool area. “So you better behave.”

“Understood. I’ll have a chat to Harriet while you get the food organised,” Tyler said before they went outside.

The party started to go well, with Harriet and Donna swimming in the pool together, which was not surprising to Tyler. Once Nikki had gone inside, Kelly walked over to Jacob to talk to him.

“So what’s with Miss Big Tits over there?” Kelly asked bluntly.

“What?” Jacob laughed. “That’s the Kelly I remember. Not afraid of speaking your mind are you?” he said which caused Kelly to smile.

“No… so?” Kelly said nudging Jacob with her elbow.

“She’s Tyler’s plus one. You having a good time?” Jacob asked while he prepared to get the food.

“Yeah it’s nice. It’s a great place here. It would have been nice just the two of us to catch up,” Kelly replied following Jacob inside.

“I know. How about you come around tomorrow and we catch up some more?” Jacob said making his way to the kitchen where the food was in the oven.

“I can’t, sorry. How about next week?” Kelly asked helping Jacob as he pulled the food out of the oven and put it on plates.

“Sure, let me know or just show up when you’re free,” Jacob replied with a smile as they served the food up.

Kelly smiled and nodded.

“Great. Now let’s get this food out, I’m hungry,” Jacob said, laughing as the two of them in unison took the food out to the pool area.

While it was more of an appetiser, Jacob had ordered the main course to be delivered in half an hour. The party was in full flight, even if it was just the six of them and Jacob knew it could only get better.

With the evening getting on and the food having been consumed, Jacob went inside to grab some more drinks giving Nikki the moment she needed to find out more about him. She leaned over to Tyler who was sitting near Kelly and Donna.

“So what does Jacob like in a girl?”

Tyler looked at Nikki and then around to see if Jacob was nearby, but once the coast was clear he answered Nikki.

“Someone that’s fun, you know easy going. He likes girls with long hair, big… you know.” Tyler made hand movements to indicate he meant breasts and Nikki smiled while Kelly shook her head at the way Tyler was doing things. “Haven’t you noticed how he looks at Harriet?”

“Interesting. I think he’s cute,” Nikki said with a smile. Her mind began racing on how she could win Jacob over – lord knows she wanted to see him naked badly. What’s worse was, she couldn’t stop thinking about sleeping with him, having his firm hands all over her body – scratching that itch that seemed so deep.

“Excuse me…” Nikki said, as she went inside to find where Jacob was to see if she could move things along quicker. She undid her white top that was tied in the middle so that her bikini could be seen, and to her thinking, accidently show off more than she realised. She also undid the top of her shorts so that they were loose, just in case it was necessary.

Nikki went downstairs and found Jacob looking in the fridge. “Great party.”

“Thanks,” Jacob said with a smile.

“It’s lovely here, nice and quiet,” Nikki said moving to be beside Jacob at the fridge. “A great place to spend some alone time…”

Jacob looked at her and saw the wicked look she was giving.

“What did you have in mind?” Jacob asked closing the fridge and paying Nikki his full attention. She waved her hands around allowing her top to open up and show off her bikini top.

“Oh I don’t know… perhaps that massage you promised me…”

“I see. Well I thought that we could do that next week – it would give us more time than at this little get together,” Jacob said moving to the cupboard to look for some wine. “My massages usually take an hour or more.”

“Oh right…” Nikki said letting the shirt fall off her shoulders and onto the floor. She then wiggled her hips and let her shorts fall to the floor before she stepped out of them and moved to the side of the bench where she leaned back against it. “So there’s no chance of getting it started early?”

Jacob looked back at Nikki and was surprised to see her in just a bikini, but she simply smirked and then hopped up on the bench, doing her best to push her chest forward.

“That probably isn’t a good idea with all these people around. I like to keep things private remember?” Jacob said knowing he wanted to get things moving with Nikki as well, but when no one else was around.

Nikki smiled and then gently shifted her bikini top to the side allowing her nipples to see the light.

“Oh, gee look what happened there,” Nikki said looking directly into Jacobs eyes. “I’m normally not this forward Jacob but you do something to me… I can’t help it.”

Jacob put the wine on the bench next to her and snuck a peek at her exposed nipples noting how hard they were, and smallish. He wanted to reach out and touch them, but with everyone around his mind was telling him not to, that it wasn’t a good idea. He also remembered that he wanted to take this slow, not rush it. He looked up at Nikki and could see the burning desire in her eyes, and gently she grabbed his shirt and moved him in front of her. Nikki took his right hand and placed it on her left breast squeezing it before kissing him passionately. Jacob got lost in the kiss for a moment before pulling himself together and gently stopping the kiss.

“What do I have to do before my massage?” Nikki asked softly whispering into his ear before pushing him away playfully. She then covered her breasts back up before pulling her bikini bottoms tight against her, causing Jacob to take notice. She then slid off the bench slowly before bending over in front of him to pick up her shorts and shirt.

“I’ll give you the details,” Jacob said as Nikki motioned for him to follow with her finger. She walked to the laundry where the downstairs toilet was and entered only half closing the door.

“That’d be great… then we can have some fun,” Nikki said allowing Jacob enough time to gather his thoughts.

“Yeah, there’s a consent form, a confidentiality agreement and a medical form,” Jacob said doing his best to take his mind off Nikki.

“Medical form?” Nikki asked the sound of her getting dressed filling the empty space.

“Yeah, I have to know if you are disease free and the like. I then give you mine before we start,” Jacob said matter-of-factly as Nikki emerged from the toilet, dressed back in her shorts and shirt with her bikini bottoms in hand. “You can never be too careful in my game.”

“Fair enough,” Nikki said pushing up against Jacob. “You can keep these… all wet and I didn’t even get in the pool…” She handed Jacob her bikini bottoms and then left the laundry with a little giggle and a smile.

Jacob knew it was going to be a long night if Nikki kept this up, but at least he had his other friends there to keep his mind off her. He did after all have to be careful that this wasn’t a repeat performance of what happened with Angela Smith – the redheaded woman that nearly had him thrown in prison, even though he was in the clear. Angela was confident and smart, and had a passionate personality, something Jacob admired. Nikki was similar but at least she didn’t have red hair!

Chapter 5

Jacob kept telling himself that he had to be careful, that this was a one-time massage and it would be different if Nikki was serious about a relationship. He felt there was something there with Nikki and wanted to impress her as much as possible, show her how sensual a massage can really be before getting to the sex side of things. His mind kept racing back to Angela, the first (and only) client he had ever slept with while on the job. Angela came to him from a referral, her million-dollar smile and expensive clothes impressing Jacob instead of sending him a warning. He was taken in by her charisma and was soon under her spell, easily falling for the suggestion of something more, even though looking back Jacob still kicks himself for being so gullible. Jacob thought about Nikki and pushed the dreadful feeling away, the thoughts of Angela’s husband suing him running through his mind. He’d had no idea Angela was married, he hadn’t realised he was being played by Angela, all in an effort to get back at her husband. Because of Jacob’s dyslexia he hadn’t understood exactly what he was signing at the time and nearly had himself thrown in prison for the simple misunderstanding, but this time was different.

Nikki was different. She had helped him with the contracts for the house, explaining everything in plain English and allowing him to understand easily what he was signing up for. For the first time in a long time he had met a girl who seemed to have his best interests at heart – something so different from Angela, who simply wanted to screw him, in more ways than one.

Jacob had shown Nikki to the bathroom where she could get changed into a robe before coming out to the entertainment area that Jacob had turned into his massage parlour. The large table was in the middle underneath a ceiling fan, with soft lights around the edges of the roof to create mood lighting. A leather office style chair without arm rests was near the cupboard he had installed that held towels and essential oils. He also connected some speakers for soothing music and see through PVC blinds that would shield the area from the elements if needed, while providing the view of the centre of town.

Nikki walked out with the short summer robe loose around her shoulders, but covering everything and stopping mid-thigh. She smiled at Jacob who stood next to the table in a pair of small black shorts. Nikki took a deep breath smelling the lavender oils filling the air and then moved towards the massage table where Jacob was standing.

“So, off with this?” Nikki asked undoing the tie around the middle and letting it fall open slightly, exposing the skin in between her breasts and top of her abdomen. She crumpled something in the large pocket in the front before taking her hand out and pulling the robe open ever so slightly.

“Yes thank you. It makes it rather hard to massage you with it on. I’ll put it over there and wait till you get up onto the table before turning around,” Jacob said professionally.

“No need,” Nikki said letting the silk robe drop off her shoulders and fall to the floor. She stood there biting her bottom lip, completely naked in front of Jacob.

He let his professional side take over and looked her in the eyes knowing full well her perky breasts and slender body were on show. But this was about making her feel comfortable even though he could feel the sexual charge coming from Nikki only centimetres away. Having seen her dressed in tight clothing many times he figured she knew how to look after herself, but he didn’t want to break his own rule of keeping it professional. If things worked out between them he would see more of her then.

“Okay… so then up on the table,” Jacob said gently patting the towel covered top.

Nikki shook her head for a moment, “uh-uh, not until you take them off…”

Jacob looked down and remembered his shorts. He started to grab a hold of them when Nikki clutched his hands.

“May I?” Nikki asked with a wicked grin.

Jacob shrugged as Nikki pulled his shorts and underwear down exposing his manhood to her.

“Oh, my, god! No way!” She looked up at him as he stepped out of his shorts and then stared straight back at his crotch. She paused for a moment and Jacob started to feel uncomfortable.

“No wonder you get paid so much. Holy cow!” Nikki stared some more before continuing, “I can’t believe you shave down there.”

“Wax actually, but not me, someone… else,” Jacob said awkwardly moving to the side of the table to get ready for the massage.

Nikki stood up and then slowly climbed onto the table on all fours, making her way up to where she could lay down and put her head through the hole.

“I’m glad I pushed the sale through as fast as possible,” Nikki said with a giggle before laying down and relaxing.

“Me too,” Jacob said grabbing some warm oil and getting ready while trying to maintain his professionalism. Gently he applied his hands to her back and started spreading oil around, much to the moans of Nikki from under the table.

“That feels so good already,” Nikki said as Jacob started working his magic. Her skin tingled at his touch, it felt similar to goose bumps to start with but then turned into an electric feeling each time he swirled his hands over her smooth skin. Combined with the thoughts she was having of his manhood, Nikki felt her whole body was charged and was building slowly to an incredible release. Each time Jacob touched her she felt waves of energy shoot from his fingertips through her skin to the different erogenous zones of her body.

Within twenty minutes Jacob had worked all over her back and was moving down her legs, leaving her buttocks for the last bit before turning her over. His hands moved with ease all over her smooth legs, slipping and sliding. He enjoyed her firm thighs and gently worked into her muscles, taking the time to gently move her legs apart so he had easier access down the middle. Jacob worked down to her feet and then back up her legs, stopping just short of her womanhood, dragging his fingers back down before going up the opposite leg. Nikki started a low moan, and Jacob knew he had her in the palm of his hands. He stood at the end of her feet and slid up her legs with his hands on either side and his thumbs down the middle, before stopping just as they touched her short pubic hair. Not pushing any further he pulled back and moved down her legs, before going up and over her firm buttocks – just as she had requested when setting up the massage.

“Oh god,” Nikki said softly as Jacob moved to the side. An incredibly obscene thought rushed through Nikki’s mind of what she wanted Jacob to do to her rear end as he massaged her cheeks and she tried as hard as she could to not say anything more. She didn’t want to give it away just yet, but she wasn’t sure she could hold on. Jacob began to knead her buttocks and pour more oil over them sending Nikki into a spin. Her hand moved to the side and touched his manhood causing him to take note and move slightly. Not to be deterred, Nikki moved and began feeling for his manhood, trying to get hold of it. Jacob tried his best to stay out of the way but within seconds she had hold of him and was gently holding him in her hand.

“Okay, time to roll over,” Jacob said hoping to be released. The last thing he wanted was to get hard right now, he needed to stay professional. Nikki lifted her head and turned towards Jacob allowing him full view of her naked body as she writhed on the table.

“About time.” Nikki said laying back down just as Jacob put a pillow under her head. “It’s refreshing that a guy has a smooth cock.”

“I’m glad you approve,” Jacob said politely.

“I hope you don’t mind but I prefer hair down there… on me of course,” Nikki said flicking her eyes at her womanhood before back to Jacob. “It makes me feel like a woman… but I could definitely get used to a smooth guy.”

She looked at him and smiled before closing her eyes and waiting for what was next.

Jacob smiled to himself knowing she wouldn’t stay that way for long, not if the last half an hour was anything to go by. She was aroused – he could see it by her flushed chest and firm nipples. He moved to her head and took the oil, pouring it over her breasts and chest. Jacob then started running his hands over her shoulders and collarbone before pushing gently up and over her breasts, bringing them into the middle as he gently ran his fingers around the outside. Nikki let out a small breath of appreciation and Jacob responded, running his first finger from each hand around her nipples and causing them to tighten up even further. Repeatedly he slowly caressed each breast in his hands and then ran them over her rib cage before coming back up to her shoulders. Jacob looked down between each turn and noticed Nikki’s mouth was open and she was occasionally biting her bottom lip. He has seen this many times before and knew what was to come next, but he kept to his routine and to their agreement, making sure to stay within his own boundaries.

After ten minutes of working her chest, he moved down to her abdomen and began circling her pierced navel, gently moving around and down her sides before going up to her chest to make sure she was still involved in the process. Nikki’s breathing became shorter and Jacob knew he had a bit of time to play. He started moving in larger circles around her abdomen, every so often brushing past the top of her pubic hair that was already only an inch from her opening. He touched her hips and then came back up before going down each leg, making sure to run his fingers down the insides of her thighs on the way back up – a little tease of what was to come next. Nikki took a few deep breaths but her breathing was erratic. Jacob applied more oil and slipped down her legs, gently parting them before coming back up and brushing her mons before finishing on top. She opened her eyes and Jacob could see the reckless abandon in them, she was hungry for him. She wanted him badly.

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