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By D.E. Harrison

Copyright 2014 by D. E. Harrison

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Start

Chapter 2 Going to the Beach

Chapter 3 Low Tide Again

Chapter 4 Research for the Mounds

Chapter 5 The Core’s Results

Chapter 6 Other Duties Call

Chapter 7 Rage Wonders

Chapter 8 Rage and Jones Return to Seattle

Chapter 9 Drilling Follow Up

Chapter 10 The Final Accounting

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Chapter 1 The Start

Rage asks Jones over a huge T-bone after their Saturday morning shooting date, “I need some fresh clams. Let’s go out to the coast Wednesday afternoon, I will buy a clam shovel for you to use.”

Rage and Jones have a standing shooting date every Saturday at 5:00 am. The manager of the shooting range let them shoot outside the stalls the first time they came. Jones was in his patrolman’s uniform and Rage had her pearl handled, silver Colt 45 on her right hip and the badge on her left.

After seeing them shoot, he gives them the early time and he locks the gates to keep everyone else out. The word gets around and a few people do show up to watch from outside the fence as they blow target after target apart. Rage is starting to use the left hand just as effectively as her right.

The rookie Homicide Detective Janette Rage has been on the force for almost seven years. She is bright, aggressive, and dedicated to the job. She takes a fair amount of ribbing about her last name and the color of her hair. It usually goes on until they see her empty a clip of sixteen rounds at thirty yards into a 2-inch circle. If that is not enough, she will crack a few ribs, and she will do it again in the gym.

Two years earlier, she had completed the Detective training course at the academy. She finished in second place, the other woman there finished 12th out of the fifteen total candidates. In such a large metropolitan police force, her new duty assignment could have been one of many. She did not know until Monday after graduation her exact assignment. A homicide detective may be considered a rookie for four years or more.

She is a very attractive young woman but with a real bang. She picked the spot she wanted to finish in the final ranking as a detective. She is always looking down the road before she jumps. In slow or almost instant decisions, she is way down the road when she makes one. She appears to be a little too quick in judging situations, but she has yet to be shown wrong.

Detective Rage has been with the Inspector for almost two years. The Inspector’s name is Strong. Earl Strong, class of 1940, University of Texas. He was a Major in the Military Police. Early 60’s, stands about 5 feet 9 inches, weight 150. What hair he has is buzzed into a Crew cut. Always with a green 1940’s felt hat, brim bent down in front. A cigar his Dr. says he can chew but not smoke.

Usually his homicide detectives compile the data from the crime scene and then poke it around some. He may read a particularly difficult case to assist them. His case closure for his section is a legend in the entire western half of the country. He has had many job offers to leave, even some at the federal level. His wife will never move and so he stays where he is. Seldom does any case withstand his personal assault for more than several days.

He is a fishing buddy with the Regional FBI Director, Ted McClearly.

The Inspector was not happy when Rage was assigned to his homicide unit. He still remembers how that went.

“Have a seat Earl. I have briefly looked over your caseload. Earl, the Chief gave the Chief of Detectives a personnel jacket and told me, you have a new Detective right out of the academy. He said you were the lucky person to have another Detective to train.

“Earl, before you say anything, read the jacket. I have several times. Do it tomorrow. Earl, the officer is a woman. Do not let that throw you. We can talk later tomorrow. Good night.”

“Earl has a look on his face when he leaves the assistant Chief of Detective’s office that says, don’t get in my road; bad things will happen if you do.”

Just seven days after graduation and four days on the job, officer Rage shows up for duty, she finds herself in a fatal multiple shooting investigation. The rookie Detective Rage has been involved in more fatal multiple shooting investigations than most see in a lifetime. The number does not count the ones she has been personally involved in.

Patrolman Jones was the first officer at the scene of a homicide/home invasion and a very convoluted case. He secured the scene and preserved some valuable evidence, in the ‘Who Case’.

Patrolman Samuel Jones is in his early 30’s, six-feet two inches, a rock if you were ever to bounce into him. He is bright and a quick study. He wanted to get into the Seattle SWAT unit, but it was full and had a waiting list. The smaller cities around Seattle either had no SWAT unit or they did but their pay was poor. He decided he would pay his dues while being a Patrolman in Seattle. The ladies say he is a fine looker in his uniform. He never talks about his service on a Navy Seal team because it was all classified. The SWAT leader wanted him, but the list is the list.

Jones says, “I remember the last time we went to enjoy the water and we ended up looking for alligators in Green Lake right in Seattle. It was supposed to be a nice warm quiet day. It ended up in a shootout in a hospital garage and a little girl being kidnapped in the ‘Water case’.

“Sorry, I wonder what would happen if we were on a true sandy beach with the mighty Pacific lapping at our feet. I would probably end up swimming to Hawaii “

Jones has been involved with Detective Rage in other cases. Some of the cases have had national ramifications.

Rage just smiles, “I will get the shovel; I have a real clamming basket. When we have enough, we will stop. We can eat like kings.”

He agrees, “OK, you drive since I have to dig.”

Chapter 2 Going to the Beach

On Wednesday half an hour before noon, Rage does not wait in the parking garage for Jones. She heads toward the locker rooms. Several officers are outside the men’s dressing room. One opens the door and invites her in.

She just smiles, “Thank you”, the patrolman is a little taken back.

They hear a loud yell in the men’s locker room. “Female in the area”. In three seconds, it is just as loud. “No problem, its Rage looking for Jones.”

She comes around a corner and finds Jones pulling up his jeans, which he quickly zips up. The shirt is pulled over his head.

He mumbles, “Why can’t you wait outside?”

She smiles, “Crime waits for no man, besides the oncoming shift needs to get their blood pumping to go and find the bad guys. I am ready to go to the beach, let’s go.”

Several female officers watch as Rage and Jones come out of the locker room.

One says, “See, I told you they are going to coed.”

They refuse the offer to go in by the men.

In the police parking garage, he has all his ocean-going stuff in a five-gallon bucket in his truck.

Rage points, “Put your bucket in my truck; we should get there about an hour before the low tide.

Jones nod, “That will give us two hours to dig. Sorry, for me to dig.”

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