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Love in the Workplace

It all started when my asshole-of-a-husband looked at me as I got ready for work and said, “you’re too fat to wear a thong!” I was devastated and pissed at the same time. That was the point where I decided to give the old guy at work his chance to prove his love for me or die!

By R A Rae

Copyright © 2018 by R. A. Rae

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This erotic adventure depicts explicit sexual encounters between consenting adults over the age of 18. Any resemblance to real characters is purely coincidental. Adult language and situational erotic romance may be offensive to more sensitive individuals.

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Love in the Workplace

I’m Elena Palmer and I have a story to tell. It all started when my asshole-of-a-husband looked at me as I got dressed for work and said, “you’re too fat to wear a thong!” I was devastated and then I was pissed. Then, the son-of-a-bitch walks out of our bedroom as I looked at myself in the mirror. In tears, I thought, what do you expect after having two kids, working a full-time job and taking care of the house with no help from ‘mister-fucking-wonderful’.

That was the turning point with my husband and when I decided the ‘old guy’ at work, who professed to love me, would be granted his chance to prove it or die. That’s a bit harsh, but the ‘old guy’, Ronald, had been openly admiring me for almost three years. He runs the assembly line at the little manufacturer where we work and often finds any reason to visit me in the computer room. He makes no effort to conceal his, how would you say, love for me. I even challenged him once by saying “why would you want anything to do with an old, chubby married lady like me?” He simply said he doesn’t care about my physical appearance, he wants my heart. I think he really is telling the truth by the way he is so polite. By the way, he’s married and has been longer than I have been with my husband, Ken.

So, I decided today was going to be Ronald’s lucky day, so to speak, if he played his cards right. Secretly, I hoped he would say all the right things and, well, he just might have me for a late-night snack. A couple of times during my shift, I would pass Ron and look up into his eyes. He isn’t a lot taller than me, but I do look up. Once during the evening, I paused in front of him and that made him stop. He has these penetrating, sincere eyes. We didn’t say a word. I looked away and went on my way. I wish I had just turned around and walked up to him; looked him in the eyes and ask him to kiss me; hold me like he love me. I just didn’t have the nerve. I thought, Elena, take a chance. This guy may really love you. You deserve this. That piece-of-shit-husband doesn’t deserve you.

I kept thinking: oh, Ronald, please kiss me like you mean it. Take me away in your arms and treat me like I mean the world to you. Oh, I must do this. I have to suck it up and take a chance. Now, how and when?

Normally, I work the mid shift, but this week I’d been filling in for a co-worker. It was about 11:00 at night when Ronald and I walked out of work. I stopped and turned putting my hand on his chest and said, “just a second, Ronald.” I withdrew something from my purse and tucked it in his shirt pocket. Then I said, “do with this as you wish, but remember you only have a minute before I reach my van.”

I’d placed my lacy red thong in his shirt pocket and turned to walk away. I was headed for my ‘soccer mom’ minivan, trying not to run away from my foolishness. The whole time I was biting my lower lip worried I’d gone too far and was wrong about him. Maybe I was wrong, maybe …

Faster than I’d ever seen him move, Ronald was trotting after me gripping my thong in his outstretched hand. “Stop, please, Elena, please wait.” When he caught up to me, I turned to face him, he put his arms around me and brought me in for the most tender, passionate head-to-toe kiss I have ever experienced. Damn, I was kissing him back and loving it. Let me tell you, it was one of those kisses you hear other people get. The ones with the fireworks and bright lights when you connect with the only real love of your life. Yup, this is the guy I should have met and kissed years ago. Who knew? Damn, I want more kisses like this!

Holy shit, it was like no other kiss I’d ever had. So turned on by the kiss, I’m pretty sure it made my vagina spring a leak, I was so fucking wet.

“Yes, I want you and I want to be with you, if that’s your question. Better yet, you have just made me the happiest man on earth.” Right there in the open he planted another, even more passionate kiss on my lips. I kissed back. Holy crap, and how, did I kiss him back. Hadn’t kissed anyone like that in years. It felt great. Great? Shit, it was fabulous. I was concerned that I was getting a little too turned on for standing in the darkened parking lot.

Even though the parking lot was dark and nearly empty of cars, I panicked, “wow, aren’t you afraid someone will see?”

“Not a bit, I want the world to know how much I love you. Uh, what made you finally decide to pick me?”

“Ronald, get in my van.”

Ron got in as I sat in the driver’s side. I turned to him and without a word, watched him. Looking him in the eyes, I opened my jacket to reveal that I had disposed of my blouse and bra. Yup, I was starkers under my jacket. Well, except for my skirt. His eyes got big and his mouth was open. I whispered, “are you just going to stare at me or are you going to do something?” It was dark and with my tinted windows, I was pretty sure no one could see in. I put my arms around Ron’s neck and pulled him to me. Kissing him was a real thrill and was making me squirm. I just couldn’t get enough of his kisses.

He took the hint. Ron worked his mouth from my lips down my throat and onto my nipples. I was already worked up when, oh my god, he’s working his fingers under the hem of my skirt. He’s not wasting any time, he’s going for the ‘gold’. Yup, I even helped him by spreading my thighs.

I don’t know if you are familiar with older mini-vans, but they have no console separating the front seats, but it is tight. This obstacle didn’t seem to deter Ronald from bridging the distance between us. Breathlessly, I moved to the back seat for a little closer contact. I hadn’t moved that fast myself, but I was wrestling to get my skirt off when Ron had me in his embrace again. His fingers had found my really wet hoo hoo and was gently pinching my clit nubbin. Oh, fuck, this was more action than I had had in a long, long time. Passion? Shit, this was me in heat! All I could think was, ‘give it to me, stud, right now!’

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