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Musical Verses

By Olusheyi Banjo

Copyright 2018 Olusheyi Banjo

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents

To Aretha (poem)
Feel Bout Cha (poem)
You're My Star (poem)
Musical Verses(I Feel The Music)(poem)
Word Play (Janet Jackson Favorite Songs)
Word Play 2(Stevie Wonder favorite songs)
Word Play 3 (Deniece Williams Songs)
Word play 4(tupac songs pt.1)
Word Play 5(Tupac songs pt.2)
word play 6 (snoop dogg songs)
Word play 7(erykah Badu songs)
Word Play 8(Andrae Crouch songs)
Word Play 9(Mariah Carey songs)
Word Play 10(Mary J. Blige favorite songs)
Word Play11(The Whispers)
Word Play 12(Chaka Khan songs)(poem)
Word Play 13 (Aretha Franklin's Songs)
Hip-Pop Poem(2012)(poem)
Hip Hop Poem(2014 songs)
Hip Pop Poem 2018(poem)
Soapy Booty (poem)
Gonna Be Joyful (poem)
Tell Me Now (poem)
Dem Love Songs (How I Wish I Was In Love)(poem)
Take Me Higher (poems)
Love Protege (poem)
All Works Out (Spanish Poem)
Music Saved My Life
Music Saved my Life 2 '
my sweet escape(poem)
Happily Ever After (poem)
Let's Get Our Dance On (poem)
Church MUSIC (poem)
Thank you Lord (poem)
Never Turn Away (poem)
Something About This Musical Weather(poem)
Music Music Music (poem)
That's The Way Love Goes (poem)
The DJ is My Lover(poem)
Just Enjoying Myself (poem)
Why Do The Worst One Have The Best Lovin (poem)
Just Want A Dancin' Bae (poem)
Precious Music (poem)
Jubilant (poem)
Mighty Love (poem)
Time for Lovin (poem)
I Speak Life (poem)
good morning beautiful (poem)
One More For The Reader 10


This book was inspired by my love of music. Especially my love of dance music and gospel music. This book was also inspired by Aretha Franklin, who made me fall in love with music,especially her music. I have put together all of the poems from the word play series as well as lyrics from my past present and future songs. This book is full of melodies of the poetry of life. Sit back relax and enjoy this musical journey of my musical verses


First and foremost, I give all praise and glory to the most high God,for giving me the strength to do another book.Lord without you absolutely none of the events in my life would have happened. Thank you for loving me. Thank you to my wonderful mother and stepfather.I appreciate your wholehearted prayers.To my big sister Olubunmi, thank you for having my back when I need you, our song "We're gonna Make It" is awesome.To my big brother Olusegun,God bless bro, We will speak soon.My wonderful grandmother Patricia and my dynamic grandfather Luke,no one could ask for better grandparents.I love you both.To my aunts,uncles and cousins around the world,thank you for being a great family to me.Grandma Flo,your motivation is priceless.My Godfather Benjamin Williams,I love you man so much.Godmother Saundra Royster,love you always.Thank you to my Kill Radio family,everyone of you are A plus God bless each and every one of you. To my triple O family,(Ronin Gray, Wicked Rob & Lil Gee), God bless you all. You all are awesome. Julius,the most wonderful best friend that any man could ask for. Thank you for listening to my drama.Thank you to my adopted older brother Carl Anthony,you are A wonderful man and a great music producer. Thank you to my new family members Stephanie,Tawoun Nay, Desmond Nixz,Non Magician,Bialock The magician,Meloni Matthius, I love you all. Thank you Tim & Becky Baumgarner. Thank you Michael Gonzalez for being a real friend and accepting me for myself. Thank you ER and Katt,Thank you Dante Mitchell. Thank you ROK, Thank you Bobby Buck,Thank you Geza X. Thank you Erik Sarni. Thank you Abraham Boche,Ruben Boogieon,Steven Olmos. You all too funny. Thank you David Cipres Jr. Thank you Joey Herman.Thank you Lou Green and Tee Rexx and the Tightwodz Family. Thank you Tom Hicks. Thank you Unkal Bean.Thank you Amos Adamsel. Thank you Cornerstone Theatre Company, who gave me my start.Thank you Ron,Juan,Marla, Bruce. Thank you Skid Row 3 on 3. Thank you Choko. Thank you Skid Row Housing Trust. Thank you David Andreiws. Thank you Marc Marcel and Edgar Dominguez.Thank you Deon Joseph,You are an awesome friend. Thank you SOS Security. Thank You Kirk Milton Jr.Thank you Kenya Wilis,you are amazing.Thank you Lashaun Jones,praying for you and the family.Thank you Brian Smith.Thank you Marco Winfrey.Thank you Eric Ransome, Peter Nwude and Aaron Cavitt. Thank you to everyone at Bethany Christian Bible College in Los Angeles.Thank you Robert Foreman.Thank you Demetria Washington for your encouragement. Thank you Matt. Hunkins,Furillo,J Laconn and Kenneth Steward. Thank you Jacob Ramirez and Daniel Ramirez II. Thank you Guy Williams. Thank you Marwan Granville. Thank you Von Jackson.Thank you Ms. Sherri and Angelia Harper. Thank you Erik Sarni & Robert Amaya. Hubbfase,Sarah and Grimey love y'all. Thank you Arend Beal. Thank you to Tiffany,Henry Walker,Alex Ramirez Juan,Joselyn Maurice,the best co workers anyone can have. Thank you Josey Ritcher,you're amazing man.Young Shame & Killa Cane.James Rachal, you are an awesome man, may God continue to bless you.Thank you Mac Lucci and Cassper Loc. Also my Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church Family in Los Angeles. I love every single one of you. Thank you to Bigg,I love you babe you are an awesome man.


This book is dedicated to my grandfather Luke Conley III. You were my guiding light,the 1 who was an example to me.This book is also dedicated to the Queen of soul Aretha Franklin, you were such an inspiration to me. This book is also dedicated to my wonderful Great-Grandmother Juanita Robinson, I am here today because of you. I love and miss you forever

To Aretha (poem)

The queen,the mother of soul music has finally entered her rest

She has passed this life's test

On earth and beyond she was blessed

Even though we must say goodbye

Even though at her loss we cry

We still remember the joy that she brought to our souls and hearts

She will forever be apart of our lives and our memories

La Diva you were wonderful

You were a natural woman who got it right and jumped to it with respect

You're with God and feeling his amazing grace in the old landmark

Now you're on the freeway of love,day dreaming and rocking steady with our king

We will miss you but we know that you are waiting for us over there

Rest forever Aretha

Feel Bout Cha (poem)

Got me goin crazy

Yeah/I feel it bout cha

looking all sexy/yeah

I feel it bout cha

Wanna be with cha


I feel it bout cha

It's love

oh lo-ove

You're My Star (poem)

I feel heaven blessed

God gave me a gift

Yeah Love

You don't have to be a supermodel

I love you the way you are baby

You're my angel

love supreme

You're everything that I dreamed

You're my Adonis

My dream come true

Thank God I have found you

Finally love is here and I'm happy baby

because you're near

I love you and I know you love me too

it's amazing baby baby

I love you just the way you are

I love you because you're my star

I love you/the way you are

Don't change for me baby

Don't change no

You don't have to be no superman

All I want is you do the best you can

you don't have to be balling outta control

just love with your heart and soul

Be true to me and I'll be true to you

together baby there's nothing we can't do

Musical Verses(I Feel The Music)

Music isn't music unless it feeds your soul

Music isn't music unless it makes you whole

Unless it moves your feet

Makes you feel complete

Music is more than just a beat

It's beauty,it's expression

It's the artists impression

Makes you cry

Makes you laugh

Makes you feel

Makes you fall in love for real

Is powerful Is pure

Is even demure

Music is light in this dark world

I feel the music

I feel the light

I feel this dance of music tonight

My day is brighter

My load is lighter

Every time I hear the good music

Word Play (Janet Jackson Favorite Songs)

It doesn’t really matter that you want this

That you wanna runaway with me, have an escapade and live in bliss

It’s alright with me if you wanna get nasty

We can both have control, if you come back to me

I’ll show you the best things in life are free

Just say you do

We can do twenty foreplay anytime, any place

Because of love we are together again, that’s the truth

When I think of you I scream

We share young love and sweet dreams

When we ooh

The magic is working so come give your love to me

You can be mine so love me love me

I’ll go deep with my pleasure principle to me it feels so right

It’s all for you, this son of a gun will show you that’s the way love goes

Word Play 2

(Stevie Wonder favorite songs)

I just called to I love you my part time lover

I wish you acted like a golden lady

You will know that I gotta have you

For your love I would go to higher ground, my cherie amore

You are the sunshine of my life always

We are master blaster (jammin’) like sir duke

Ask me do I do think you’re a superwoman

Without love heaven help us all

My true love you are the sweetest somebody I know, I mean that

from the bottom of my heart

My love is on fire dear

You got me too high from your fingertips to your body

So what the fuss that we’re not living in positivity

You better get it my hey love

Send one you love to me

You make me sing shoo be doo be doo da day

I can’t imagine life without you

This is a time for love not superstition

We can be livin’ for the city and be just friends

Come with me to the edge of eternity

I’m new to this taboo to love so take the time out

You haven’t done nothin’, till you work out stevie workout

Word Play 3 (Deniece Williams Songs)

Cause you love me baby I am free

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