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Inner Strengths

By Andrea Chancey

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About This Collection

These are a collection of flash/short stories, which are fiction that should the inner strengths of the characters as they go through trials. As you turn each page you are transformed into a setting where you either feel the character’s emotions or wonder what they are about to do.

The Table of Contents

Title Page

About this Collection

The Table of Content

Secret Box

Coming Home

New York City

The Box

The Weekend

The Room

ROOM 302

The Decision

Classroom Pet

The Heist

The Plan

The Details

The Agreement

Flavor of the Week


Common Ground

Longing to Belong



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Secret Box

Coming Home

Today, we are here to remember Anna Hales. She was a devoted mother, wife, and teacher. She was committed to her community and students. Anna lived her life to the fullest with no regrets. May she rest in peace,” said the priest.

He then blessed Anna’s coffin before walking over to Jonny, giving him his due sympathy. Jonny shook the priest’s hand and stood up to put dirt in the grave. He said good-bye and took his place next to the grave to start the receiving line. It was two hours before he headed to the limo that waited for him and his family.

He took the hands of his wife and son as they walked over to the limo, and then; asked the driver to take his family to his mom’s house.

Watching the trees go by in the window, he thought how weird it was to be back home. It had been years since Jonny had been back to his mother’s house. After graduating from high school, he had gone to college to become a doctor. Because of his busy schedule and the fact, he was going to school in New York, his mom, Anna, and, stepfather Xavier, always came to visit him. So, coming home was never a thought.

During his residency, he had met and married his beautiful wife Nicole, who only after four years of marriage, gave him their beautiful son, Noah. Nicole had been a nursing student at the hospital where he did his residency. They had met when a trauma patient had come in and Jonny had been the doctor on call. At first, they thought each other had been a know-it-all because Jonny never liked her questions and vice versa. However, as time went by and they worked together, it gave them a chance to talk and get to know each other.

During one of their breaks at work, Nicole told Jonny about how her parents were Joey and Rebecca Williams. Both of her parents came from families of accounting people. Both her grandparents had wanted her to go into accounting, but for some reason she wanted to be a nurse. Nicole thought that it was because during her senior year of high school she had been in a car accident and, she remembered a nurse who was an inspiration to her. It was because of this nurse that Nicole wanted to become a nurse so after almost losing their daughter Williams decided it was best that Nicole followed her dreams. Her grandfather and Grandmother Williams had left her money in their will for when she was ready to go to college so most of her nursing school was paid for.

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