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For the Love of Muscles

By J.D. Walker

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For the Love of Muscles

By J.D. Walker

I’m in lust with a muscleman, and I can’t help myself.

Three times a week, I go to the gym across the street from where I work. It’s usually around noon, and while the place is busy, I’m still able to get on the treadmill or elliptical machine without too much trouble. These machines are perfectly placed for viewing my beefy eye candy. Or, to be more apt, the living, breathing, torture apparatus that had shown up two months ago.

I had heard people call this guy “dude” orbro” but had never gotten a proper first name. He definitely left an impression on my retinas, however, with or without his workout routine. His sheer size was startling, but for all that he was big and tall and broad, he was well-proportioned and had muscles upon muscles that I just wanted to purr against into perpetuity.

I wasn’t brave enough to ask him out, what with the fact that the man could easily bench press my weight, from what I’d seen him lift. Therefore, if he would be offended by my question, a punch to the face would likely send me through the glass. But there were also the admirers who flocked around him. He seemed mildly amused by the attention, mostly, but sometimes irritated because he was really into his workout, and not there to showboat.

Damn, the green-eyed man was buff and hot. Hell, I was six-foot-three, and this guy towered over me. I knew this because he had passed me on the way to the showers a few times. And that sweaty scent, the shoulder-length black hair that stuck to his skin…all of it made me glad I wore a cup for the easy rise he got out of me. Once, when I had caught a whiff of him and moaned softly—I hoped—I had even tripped, my eyes closing and not looking where I was going, only to fall flat on my face near the lockers. My finest hour.

So yeah, I had a muscleman kink. I can remember sporting wood as a teenager whenever I watched the wrestling team in high school, or later, in college. The well-built jocks, with their bulging veins and defined abs and thighs made me drool and had my cock harder than a nail. It hadn’t taken much, really, and it was embarrassing. My book bag had always been front and center, for the sake of modesty and my sanity.

But you know? A lot of those guys were jerks, and I had dated enough of that type to be wary of first or even second impressions, no matter how much I really wanted to find someone. Thus, I admired my muscular dude, and rubbed one out at night, but anything else would have to remain the stuff of dreams because I was too old for that shit, no matter what my body—and heart—wanted.

* * * *

“Was ‘muscleman’ at the gym, again?” Sam Norman, the assistant manager for my department, asked as he handed me a heavy stack of documents to review. It was one-thirty on a Monday afternoon.

“Didn’t I just go through a bunch of stuff before lunch?” I groused as I set aside the files for the moment and glared.

Sam smiled cheekily. “Yes, you did, boss. But you know there’s always more.” He sat on the edge of my desk. “And you didn’t answer my question.” He was pushy and stubborn, which made him good at his job, but annoying when he turned his focus on me. He also knew everything about my obsession because he was a good friend and we also spent a lot of late nights working together in the office.

I scratched my nose with my left middle finger. “Yes, he was there.”

He smirked. “And you did nothing, as usual.”

“Your point?” I grabbed a file from the top of the stack and opened it in an attempt to appear unaffected.

“My point is, you need to not let your bad experiences stop you from going after what you want. Look at me and Melanie.” Melanie was his life-partner and they were truly disgusting together, along with their four disgusting kids. “I never thought I’d have a chance in hell, ten years ago, but I had to try. I had to. I didn’t want to think about what would’ve happened otherwise. You need to suck it up and ask your guy out.”

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