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The Mysterious World Of

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Jeff Walker

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First Edition September 8, 2018
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Haunted House

On Henry Street

A moonlit night covered the small town and its various silent neighbourhood streets. Until the roar of a monstrous engine cut through the muted air as it passed by. The hellish mottled-looking black car zipped through the town. It shone its bright ‘panther-eyed-like’ headlights on the pavement.

Like a demon searching for its prey, the car sped down the road until it had reached the destination. It stopped at a road that had a huge barrier blocking the way. Two figures stepped out of the black nightmare with its shifting skin and opened the doors for them.

Much like the car, both individuals bore dark colours themselves. The woman wore a form fitting dress and the other in a top hat, suit and frock coat. The man held a twisted black cane in his hand and guided his steps with it.

“Not allowed in — are we, Professor Darkk?” The woman asked.

“So it would seem, my dear Miss Shadow.”

They walked up to the steel guardrail held up with concrete barriers on either side. It was blocking an entrance to a street off of the main road leading into small town.

The Professor gazed at the rail and noted the faded and battered sign:

Warning! No Traffic Or Persons Allowed Beyond This Point. The Town Has Declared This Area A Hazard Zone.

There was also another message written across the sign in red spray paint:

Henry Street Of Death! Enter Here And You Will Die!

Professor Darkk clutched the top of his black twisted cane. The red rounded jewel glowed eerily as he tapped his fingers on its surface. Miss Shadow also took note of the sign and gazed outward to the forbidden street ahead. Henry Street had looked like any other mid-western town street. It was a row of houses on either side with picket fences. It had a decent yard and was full of decorative garden ornaments to give each home a unique character. It did not, however, continue to look that way now.

Decay, neglect and over grown weeds had reclaimed these dwelling. It was quiet, forbidding and dead (as a dead end street could be).

What made it interesting or rather “of interest” to Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow (as they proceeded to ignore the sign and walk down the night engulfed street) was the home at the very end.

The blue-grey house seemed large with many windows and had a tall roof that came to a point. It also appeared to be as weathered-looking as any abandoned dwelling could be. They passed by the wooden fence in shambles surrounding the home. They also noted the over grown weeded lawn as they approached the foot of the decrepit hovel. The black top hatted man simply poked at the stairs with tip of his cane.

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