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Mister Bluesky

Version 2.0

by Guy Lane

Part 1 -
Mister Bluesky

There once was a man called Bluesky
Crushed by power he didn’t die
Planet in-synergy
Charged-up with energy
He took the fight to the bad guys

Chapter 1 - New Energy Policy

The Conference Organizer is too scared to break the news to Professor Bluesky, so he sends one of his assistants, instead.

Make sure you get his name right,” he tells the young woman called Trudy. “It’s not pronounced Blue Sky, it’s Beluski.”

Trudy finds the Professor standing in the hallway of the conference centre. He is a handsome, sixty-year old man with a bald head and glasses. A divorcee, he has only one mission in life, to save the world’s children from climate change.

Professor Bluesky’s suit jacket covers a blue and white vertically striped shirt. He has the polished look of a successful academic. He’s plump, well-groomed, and accustomed to the good life. As the keynote speaker at an international event, he is in his natural habitat, surrounded by thousands of delegates who will all soon hear that he speaks as eloquently as he looks.

Today, however, Professor Bluesky is not behaving in a particularly eloquent manner. Instead, he is engrossed in the conference brochure, cursing and swearing.

The brochure describes the ‘Coal & Ice Sustainability Summit’ where Professor Bluesky is to deliver the results of his ground-breaking research: ‘A Grand Unified Theory of Life & Earth’. According to the brochure, the address is to be delivered by none-other than Professor Timothy ‘Blue Sky’. That’s Blue Sky, not Bluesky. Big difference.

Professor Bluesky rarely gets angry, but the one thing that really ticks him off is when people misspell his name. “Blue Sky!” he grumbles. “Damned Blue Sky!” He looks up to see the young woman approach, and observes her incriminating name badge.

Sixteen times!” he tells her, abruptly. “I counted sixteen times. People come up to me and say, ‘Oh, Hello Professor Blue Sky’. And I ask, why is it so? So I check the document they all carry and find it’s your fault. You’ve spelt my damned name wrong!”

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