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Taken By A Rake Part 3: 5 Steamy Historical Short Stories

By Vanessa E. Silver

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Copyright 2018 Vanessa E. Silver

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Table of Contents

The Rake

The Not So Sweet Miss Ryan

The Submission Of Miss Dean

Seducing The Rake

To Be A Rake No More

The Rake

Chapter 1

‘Penelope, he is at the door, quick tell me do you think I look pretty?’

‘Yes Dora just as I said before, you look lovely. I am sure you will not fail to impress Lord Redditch, now remember what I said about acting calm and not appearing too keen.' I cautioned my friend as we both sat down in the morning room ready to receive Dora’s gentleman caller.

I was hopeful of a positive outcome for Dora, having been honest in what I had said in reassurance to her. She did indeed look well, with her long golden hair pinned up intricately to frame her doll-like face, while her gown that we had taken hours of debating in choosing framed her tall, willowy figure nicely.

I could not help but smile to myself as I went on to compare myself to Dora, wondering how such great friends as we were, could be so different.

For I was of darker colouring, shorter and more curvaceous. And whereas Dora looked angelic and sweet, I had a particular look to me that had once been described by a previous teacher of ours at the finishing school where Dora and I became firm friends, as wanton. That same teacher had cautioned me that I would do well to stay away from men who would be unwittingly affected by my mere presence. Of how I would change them the teacher had not specified, and neither had I asked her to elaborate fearing I would not like what she went on to say to me.

And it wasn’t just our physical appearance where we differed. Dora was sweet, good-natured and always thinking the best of everyone. I, on the other hand, was fiery and suspicious in temperament, needing hard proof and convincing before I felt able to open up to anyone. I guess my realist approach was the reason why Dora respected my opinion so much; I was able to be critical when she couldn't be.

In return her sweetness had rubbed off on me, making me less cynical about life. Not to mention she had saved me from pain and suffering on the streets by taking me on as her lady’s companion when all my family’s wealth was gambled away by my reckless father. I owed everything to Dora meaning that I wanted to ensure that no harm ever came to her if I could help it.

‘So you promise Penelope to tell me your opinion of him after our meeting?' Dora lowered her voice as she spoke hastily to me.

‘Yes, of course, Dora, you know you can count on me for an objective opinion, but shush let us say no more, I can hear him with the butler, they are about to come in.’ I winked at Dora as I replied her back ready to cast my eyes for the first time upon her Lord Redditch to see if I thought him worthy of my dearest friend.

I really wanted to like him, I really did, for there was nothing I wanted more than to see my best friend happy and in love. However right from the moment my eyes fell upon him as he entered the room to come and join Dora and me, I knew that my poor friend's affection was misplaced.

Though I could see quite clearly why Dora liked him. Lord Redditch was tall and handsome, as well as possessing a charismatic air about him before he had even said a single word.

But it was what I saw in his ruggedly handsome face, and smouldering dark eyes when he looked from Dora then to me in a quiet observation that sent a shiver of delight, mingled in with fear to spread through me in acknowledgement of what type of man he was.

Lord Redditch was a rake, a handsome and charming one, but a rake nevertheless, I was sure of it! As became more evident with the way he then went on to greet Dora. Bending down to kiss her bare hand before going on to wink and flirt with my friend so openly in front of me as to cause her to blush and go all giddy with his compliments.

He even had the cheek to try to do the same with me, but I was no besotted fool, no matter how my fanny now tingled by his womanising skilled assault. I was determined to stay rationale in his presence for the sake of Dora as well as myself as I dragged my hand away from his own and took a seat to the far side of the room away from him.

If he took my cold behaviour as a slight to him, he did not show it, ignoring my further presence to concentrate on the real reason he had come, to woo Dora.

The lack of his attention towards me suited me fine; it served to make it far easier for me to observe him with my friend. To analyse the extent of their attachment to each other, and how much work I would need to do to sever it.

When I had finished my assessment, I realised that the situation was far more severe than I imagined. I regretted now the day I had been too poorly to attend the evening party with Dora, the one where she had first met Lord Redditch. For had I of been there I may of being able to shield her from him, instead of sitting now in the morning room worried as I watched them chat amongst themselves.

My dearest friend was utterly enamoured with Lord Redditch I could see it in the way she shifted her body towards him in her seat, to hang off his every word and laugh at his mediocre at best jokes. It made me cringe inside especially in knowing that Lord Redditch was well aware of it too what effect he was having upon my friend. And yet he used his power to play with her, to pretend that he found her captivating when I could see the look of half boredom in his eyes. Dora being far too sweet and dull for his tastes, I could sense it. But then why was he here pursuing her, what cruel sport did he have in mind for her and what purpose? My head started to spin with the potential possibilities for his game.

‘Penelope…Penelope?!’ I heard my name called out as I came out from my brooding thoughts.

‘Yes…Sorry…what did you just say Dora again?' I spoke feeling self-conscious as I felt two sets of eyes upon me.

‘Lord Redditch has just invited us to a picnic next week with some of his friends, isn’t that wonderful?’ Dora spoke in excitement.

‘Yes…that is wonderful news…but you both do not need me there,' my words came out automatically, I sensed that spending any more time with Lord Redditch would somehow prove detrimental to me.

‘Penelope, I cannot go without you, it would not be proper for me to go by myself and in any case you are my lady companion after all?' Dora was disappointed immediately by my less than enthusiastic reply.

‘Miss Ryan is right, Miss Jacob I insist that you come along too, to keep Miss Ryan and I company at the picnic. It will also provide a good opportunity for us to get to know each other much better, having only just met today.' Lord Redditch appealed to me, with his thick, creamy voice and eyes that locked down on me with an intensity that had my knees all weak and my stomach filled with butterflies. He made me happy to be still sitting down.

I found myself agreeing with them both, having no other option, and then sighing with relief as Dora and Lord Redditch looked to each other having been satisfied to take their attention away from me. I then sat down for the rest of Lord Redditch’s visit in near silence, until he got up from his seat several minutes later to take his leave of Dora and me.

‘Goodbye for now Miss Jacob, I look forward to seeing you again at the picnic,’ he spoke with his eyes never leaving my face.

‘Goodbye Lord Redditch,’ I tried to keep my voice steady as I held his gaze.

I was glad when Dora interrupted and walked her guest to the door leaving me to compose myself. It was clear I would need to prepare myself for when next I would meet with Lord Redditch; the rake was too cunning and charming for my guard to be down.

‘Penelope he’s gone, so tell me now that we are alone what did you think?’ Dora hurried back to the morning room eager to hear my mind.

‘What do I think of what?!’

‘What do you think of Lord Redditch of course, I noted you were observing him at length, so I know you have an opinion on him?’

‘Well I can see why you like him he appears on the face of it to be a very amicable and worldly gentleman. However, I do think that more time is required to get a better measure of him.' I spoke cautiously yet avoiding speaking untruthfully, knowing that if I were to bad mouth her Lord Redditch so soon it would be met with instant resistance, or worse, Dora could start to resent me. I would have to be patient for now hoping it would not be too long before Lord Redditch showed his true colours to Dora and me.

‘Well I guess your right Penelope; I will try not to get too excited until I have gotten to know him a little better. But he is handsome and charming isn't he?'

‘Yes he is, very,’ I agreed reluctantly as I watched Dora’s eyes light up.

‘I cannot wait to go to his picnic; we should both buy new outfits to wear for the occasion.’

As Dora rambled on, I found myself filling up with a mixture of fear and excitement within me as an image of Lord Redditch's dark, handsome features and smouldering eyes sprung up into my mind’s eyes.

At that moment I was convinced that the picnic would prove most eventful with me getting to learn more about Dora’s dashing and charismatic suitor.

Chapter 2

‘Miss Penelope Jacob?!’

I heard my name called out from behind me, as I turned to reply I felt goose bumps form on my skin fast.

‘Lord Redditch, what are you doing here? You should be back at the picnic with the others, Dora will be wondering where you are?’ I tried to keep my voice neutral as I spoke.

‘I watched you leave us, having been quiet all day so I came to check on you,’ came his answer back to me. I could tell he was only speaking a half-truth with the mischief I could see from his expression.

‘I had a desire to explore these beautiful woodlands and be alone with my thoughts for a while; I intended to come back to the picnic party in a little while, so you see there really was no need for you to follow me out here, I am fine.’

I could feel his hungry eyes upon me, looking eagerly over my curvaceous body shown off to perfection in my snugly fitted pretty new gown that Dora had insisted on buying for me to wear to the picnic party.

An awkward silence settled between the two of us as I tried to keep my breathing steady. I became acutely aware of my full rounded bosom vibrating up and down in acknowledgement of being all alone with Lord Redditch away from prying eyes, and so very close to him as he took a step towards me.

‘Perhaps I should then take this opportunity to ask you the reason why you dislike me being around Miss Ryan so?' He changed the direction of the conversation from nowhere leaving me lost for words.

‘Sir I do not know what you are speaking about,’ I dismissed his question immediately.

‘So all those cool looks you were sending my way when I was conversing with your friend earlier on, was that all in my mind? And I fear you have given a false counsel of me to Miss Ryan, for she too seems to be acting differently around me, what exactly did you say to her?’

‘Sir like I have just said I know nothing of what you are accusing me. I think we better join again with the others; they will be wondering where we have gotten to.' I tried to dodge any more of his questions as I started to walk away.

Lord Redditch, however, was more determined than I had estimated, as he held me firmly by the arm with his right hand before I was able to walk clean past him, stopping me from moving further.

‘Let me go, you are hurting me,’ I gasped out dramatically.

‘And there was I thinking that the reason for your behaviour might be due to you being jealous.'

‘Me jealous of what you have with Dora?!’ I snorted out, ‘why would I be jealous of something that is not even real…I am not stupid you know, I can tell you do not care for her.’

Damn, I had given Lord Redditch what he had wanted all along, I knew my mistake as soon as I saw the smile on his face, I had given him a response, and a look into my inner feelings.

‘What do you mean that I don’t care for Miss Ryan, I don’t know how you can know that? Miss Ryan is, after all, is a beautiful woman, or do you not think so of your friend?’

‘Of course, I think her attractive, Dora is beautiful…but just being pretty is not what a man like you is exactly looking for now, is it? Dora is too sweet and good for a man like you! Surely you can see that already yourself; you would get bored of her soon. Why then do you continue to pursue her so relentlessly? Is it her money you are after, she is a wealthy heiress, but is her wealth worth causing a bad match between you, that will see her left with a broken heart, that I will have to pick up the pieces of?' Having started, I could not hold back my feelings towards him any longer as I spoke accusingly to him.

‘Her money?! You then don’t know as much as you think about me, for my wealth far exceeds your friends, not that I would ever connect myself to any woman even if I did not have the financial means.’

‘Then are you saying that what you feel for her is genuine affection…love?’ I looked at him at first in surprise as I considered that I might actually be wrong in my judgment, but then when he hesitated in replying back, and his expression became more serious, I knew I had indeed guessed right.

‘No I do not love your friend, but there is a liking there…perhaps it can grow into something else. Or do you not think a man like me can be tamed by the love of a good woman like Miss Ryan? Should I not at least try her for size first?’ Lord Redditch mocked.

‘How dare you, that is my best friend you are talking so rudely about,’ I raised my hand out to him, ready to give him a piece of my mind.

But I was not quick enough before my palm had connected to his cheek he had me by the wrist.

‘Yes your right, of course, why have someone so lukewarm when I can play with fire itself…did you know I like to be burned,' he taunted me.

Then not giving me time to reply back to him he took me completely by surprise, taking me into his arms as his sensual lips locked down on my trembling mouth.

If fire was what he was after he was to be in luck! Not prepared to submit myself so easily to him I fought him hard, slapping at his muscled, broad chest with my fists. I did not want to yield to him and to give into my desire, but my mind soon became drunk in my delight as I found myself melting against him to receive his warmth.

My second counterattack was as unsuccessful as my duelling tongue became my weapon, but each time that my mouth caressed back on his own, and I got a good long taste of him, I found myself weakening again. His triumphant groaning telling me that he had won already and that I should surrender to him completely.

And as much as I tried to hold back, I just could not help myself in the end as the wanton side of me came out in full force, and I found myself ripping and pulling at Lord Redditch’s clothes in the same manner as he was treating my new gown.

He was then backing and trapping me to the tree behind us, as his hands disappeared underneath my skirts. I shivered with delight as his expert fingers trailed up my naked flesh in the direction of my throbbing cunt.

‘I knew it, you are a little firecracker aren’t you?!’ He declared into my left ear before discarding me of my undergarments to enable him to start exploring my wet sex.

‘Oh, my…Lord Redditch,' I cried out holding to him tightly as I felt his fingers start to stroke at me, making my fanny even wetter than it already was.

‘You’re already nice and wet for me…to think you hold yourself so prim and proper when you are anything but, I knew it the first day I looked upon that face of yours, you’re a woman that can appreciate a man like me…cant you?' He pushed two of his digits inside of me, causing me to gasp out in his punishment for the past pretence of my true nature.

‘Yes…I can, because I am not good…I’m wicked just like you,’ I confessed to him before moaning out loudly.

Lord Redditch was satisfied with my confession. He bent down to capture my lips for another passionate kiss that had him plunging his tongue into my mouth to charge every cell of my body with desire.

A desire which was only increased tenfold when he then proceeded to push down on the front of my gown to bare my full naked breasts. He sucked greedily on them one after the other, licking and squeezing at my erect nipples with his tongue, as he continued to make love to me with his hand. I trembled and wiggled in his arms in sheer delight as I felt the ball of heat inside me start to grow and burn with more intensity.

‘Please…’ I begged him when he withdrew his touch from me. I wanted him to end what he had started.

‘Don’t worry my little firecracker I have no intention of stopping now, not when my cock is desperate to taste that hot, wet cunt of yours. I want you cumming for our first time when I am inside you.’

My reaction was to gasp out, at first at his vivid lustfully words, and then even more loudly when I watched him undoing his breeches hastily to reveal his giant rock hard beast of a cock that had my cunt dripping more freely and mouth feeling all thirsty for something to suck.

Luckily for me, both parts of my restless body were soon to be satisfied with Lord Redditch reaching to lift me up against the large oak tree with him right at my front. He then pulled down at my hair that had come loose from its clips to bring my face up to his own to better kiss me. At the same time, he fucked his cock with one hard and fast thrust right into my centre after pushing apart my trembling thick thighs moments before with his strong hands.

The next thing I knew I was crying out loudly as a pleasure that I had never felt the likes of before radiated from my feminine essence to ripple through the rest of my being. Then only for the heated sensation to start all over again but with even more intensity this time around as Lord Redditch pumped himself into me for the second time in quick succession. Harder and faster, causing me to cling on to him with a tighter grip and reach to kiss him back with a greater need and hunger that he had stirred up within me.

Lord Redditch responded to my passion with a satisfied groan as he became even more demanding. Increasing the tempo of our lovemaking as he started to fuck himself into me with more vigour again and again as he held me against the tree. Each time his mighty cock filled my wet cunt to bursting to cause my internal walls to vibrate with pleasure and the ball of heat at my centre to expand at speed.

‘Penelope I could make love to you like this forever, I never want to stop,' Lord Redditch declared in his pleasure as he buried himself inside of me all while I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist as I felt him right at my core.

I could feel Lord Redditch’s body start to almost violently shudder against my own as the power of our union struck him to start the beginning of his impactful climax.

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