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Love’s Bitter Reward.

Copyright © 2019

Von Kambro

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First Edition, 2019

Duneview Publishing
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All situations and characters are fictional.

“The only thing you take with you when you’re gone is what you leave behind.”

John Allston

To: K.M.

The sky was crying, and so was I.

The darkness overcame my soul and left it cloaked in a damp, dark place within my own universe.

These things happen.

You don’t expect to wake every-day and feel the warmth of the Sun, but you want to believe it’s there despite the coldness of reality.

I wasn’t ready for my fall.

It happened unexpectedly when I realized cupid had shot his poisonous little arrow into my heart. I could no longer control my thoughts or feelings, and when I did realize what was going on it was too late.

All I could do was wait for the poison to run through my body and mind, soaking up all of the sensibility I would normally have. Like a junkie, I had to wait for the addiction to subside, but that’s the lie with being in Love: it never subsides.

You go through withdrawals.

Waiting for a call, a voice, a reassuring touch.

There’s nothing.

You’re left with an odd kind of emptiness which has walls made of sorrow and longing.

The invisible feelings of rejected love that nobody sees, but everyone can feel.

“Never take your heart shopping for love.” Those words my mother told me when I was very young have come back to prove that she knew what she was talking about.

The heart isn’t as choosy at it should be.

When I met her I thought she was the kindest, and most sincere person I had ever met. I had no expectation of falling in love with her, but once I began to realize that she was feeling the same way I let myself go.

Each thought that was connected to her became a singular jewel that I wanted to give to her so she could wear it within her mind.

Her tears would appear in moments of honest outbursts when she told me would fall more in love with me each time she saw me, but she was afraid to allow herself to become committed to a relationship because of an underlying historical current that pulled her away from being happy.

She didn’t want to be hurt, but in the process of telling me that was slowly chipping away at the jewels I had given to her.

One by one they became shattered.

Fragmented bits of love and hope.

She began to pull away, and eventually turned into something less than what I had expected.

Cupid’s poison was still lingering inside of me, and I could feel its influence on my thoughts. Each task within each day became hard labor.

Trying to sleep was nearly impossible, eating was laborious, walking became nothing more than a time-consuming annoyance, and talking was fogged by numb brain.

All of the sweet warmth, the joy, and pleasure of being with someone that you had shared an invisible bond with has dissolved into sticky, sour tasting memories that pollute your thoughts and now contaminate almost each moment of your day.

It’s what happens when you let your heart do the shopping. It will pick what looks the best for it and feed it to you, and when the last spoonful has been given that’s when you want more, but there’s nothing left.


There’s nothing left.

Except residue…

The residue of love.

Love’s bitter reward.

The End.

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