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The Handmaiden's Tail by Taylor Knight The Handmaiden's Tail by June 22, 2018 $2.99 16,020 words Sample 20%
Wenches and Warriors Book 10 - a wild medieval rape fantasy!
The Devil's Pact Sex Slave Chronicles 13: The Perfect Slave by Reed James The Devil's Pact Sex Slave Chronicles 13: The Perfect Slave by June 22, 2018 $2.99 10,640 words Sample 20%
The perfect slave leads her Master's harem in serving him! The Perfect Slave is a 6100 word mind control, sex slave, incest, father/daughter, mother/daughter, interracial, BDSM, domination, submission, spanking, whipping, oral, creampie, exhibitionism, voyeurism, bondage, discipline erotica that is not for the faint of heart!
The Haunted Bakery of Seven Pines by Erika M Szabo The Haunted Bakery of Seven Pines by June 22, 2018 $2.99 6,120 words Sample 20%
Best friends Albert and Timmy were mean bullies and nobody liked them. One day a group of children that were fed up with the daily torture of name calling and pushing and shoving, dared them to go into the old building at night to see if it's really haunted. Albert accepted the dare and although Timmy had his doubts, he went along with his best friend. What will they find in the old bakery?
My Pregnant Stalker [Part 5] by Blake McKenzie My Pregnant Stalker [Part 5] by June 22, 2018 $1.00 2,010 words Sample 10%
It's a week into spring break, and Cross encounters just how crazy Monica is.
The Redhead and the Rogue by Taylor Knight The Redhead and the Rogue by June 22, 2018 $2.99 15,510 words Sample 20%
Like it rough? Wenches and Warriors book nine: a rollicking medieval fantasy rape fest!
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One Last Ride by Jeremy Garner One Last Ride by June 22, 2018 $0.99 2,490 words Sample 20%
BACK IN THE SADDLE by Jeremy Garner is a series of stories about a man pulled back into a line of work he longed to leave behind.
Another Chance by Shawn Lane Another Chance by June 22, 2018 $2.99 13,430 words Sample 20%
Ten years ago Aubrey St. Clair, Viscount Rothton, watched the man of his dreams, Daniel Blake, the Earl of Graystone, walk out of his life. Now Graystone returns to London after the death of his wife and Aubrey is given another chance with his dream man. But Daniel is determined he will have only one night of sexual bliss with Aubrey and then they must once more go their separate ways.
Payback by Amber Knit Payback by June 22, 2018 You set the price! 1,340 words Sample 20%
Trying to comprehend what just happened to her, Aravae is out for revenge.
Ready To Wear by Lorrayne Lynn Ready To Wear by June 22, 2018 $0.99 2,000 words Sample 20%
A young model tells of her sexual adventures in the world of fashion.
Love Songs for Every Day by K.L. Noone Love Songs for Every Day by June 22, 2018 $1.99 12,860 words Sample 20%
Kris Starr, former front man of rock band Starrlight, and Justin Moore, the infamous New York Demon, don’t do interviews. Two years after demonic revelations, forever entwined with Kris Starr’s return to the spotlight, they’ll open up about pro-demon activism, classic rock, rescuing cats, and coffee versus tea -- plus what exactly happened to Justin that night, love songs, and happy endings.
Solo Tu by Tinnean Solo Tu by June 22, 2018 Free! 10,470 words Read a sample
When the man known as Mr. Freeze meets the woman called the Ice Princess, what else could result but sparks flying?
Her Best Friend's Fertile Favor: A Taboo Futa-on-Female Conception by Madeline Dusk Her Best Friend's Fertile Favor: A Taboo Futa-on-Female Conception by June 22, 2018 $2.99 13,300 words Sample 10%
Despite everyone leaving for the summer, Mattie is staying on campus. But her studies are disrupted when her old best friend shows up with a crazy request. Jody wants Mattie to get pregnant and she has a special tea that will give Mattie just the enormous, insatiable tool for the job. But, when Mattie's virgin stepsister visits and finds the tea, Mattie's in for a wildly taboo, all-hole adventure!
Laws Of Lust by Lorrayne Lynn Laws Of Lust by June 22, 2018 $0.99 1,970 words Sample 20%
An erotic short story about a lawyer and her sexual adventures within the legal community.
Mind Control: Lesbian Vampire Sisters by Jenny Summers Mind Control: Lesbian Vampire Sisters by June 22, 2018 $0.99 6,830 words Sample 10%
Two sisters team up to battle the power cosmic. Will they survive or will they give into their desires!
The Change by Tengafinibigha Ogolo The Change by June 22, 2018 Free! 10,180 words Read a sample
Awongo, a driver looked relaxed in his job, until his wife wanted to divorce him because he was satisfied with the driving job. He picked up courage, made changes in and was appointed to a higher office in Ogoweland. To show his happiness he declared a very big party, the first of its kind. The Ogoweians viewed him as a role model for those who are determined to make a change in their lives.
I Fell in Love With a Werestarfish!: A MM Bestiality Shifter Erom by Gaylord Fancypants I Fell in Love With a Werestarfish!: A MM Bestiality Shifter Erom by June 22, 2018 $2.99 5,760 words Sample 20%
When Mark moved to Hawaii, he had no idea what he was in for! He meets a man and falls in love, only to learn he's not a man at all -- he's a werestarfish! This is a hardcore, raunchy and romantic short tale of love and lust between men!
A Heart Full of Rainwater by Joshua Rossi A Heart Full of Rainwater by June 22, 2018 $7.99 17,000 words
Following the unexpected death of my uncle, and the break-up with a long-term girlfriend, I began writing daily.
Blowing My Brother! by Lady Devreux Blowing My Brother! by June 22, 2018 $2.99 16,150 words Sample 20%
Not all stereotypes are true- Gina is an Italian American woman who is tall, and forceful, an independent attorney who is proud to be an “out” lesbian after two bad marriages to men. She loves women, but she still craves cock- and the only man she trusts to give her what she wants is her brother! What happens when her son discovers that Gina loves her brother in more than a family way?
The Black Box by Desiree Middleton The Black Box by June 22, 2018 $0.99 1,190 words Sample 25%
For lovers of gothic horror without today's gore, here is a tale to keep you up at night. Candace is an eccentric woman who is used to having her way. When she stumbles upon a black box, its mystery will prove her undoing.
Daddy Gets Deep by Sara Kitty Daddy Gets Deep by June 22, 2018 $2.99 4,380 words Sample 20%
Another one of my books banned from the big A! I can't believe it, but that means more for you here at Smashwords. The BRAT isn't feeling so great about herself lately. It's a good thing the MAN OF THE HOUSE is around to cheer her up...
I Should Have Known Cheddar by James Hold I Should Have Known Cheddar by June 22, 2018 Free! 4,980 words Read a sample
Detective Frank Bureau returns as he teams with Akkadia to solve a baffling string of robberies committed by a mad inventor and his killer robot.
Daddy-Sitting : Daddy’s First Timers 2 by Tori Westwood Daddy-Sitting : Daddy’s First Timers 2 by June 22, 2018 $2.99 5,470 words Sample 12%
Mom had always insisted I looked after Daddy when she was out of town, I just never realized the lengths I’d have to go to. I thought she meant cooking for him and ironing his shirts, but I soon discover she also wants me to satisfy his sexual needs. It’s my first time though … I hope he’s gentle with me! Read how I take his erupting cock inside me.
Escapism by Annika Ellis Escapism by June 22, 2018 $1.99 3,840 words Sample 50%
ESCAPISM by Annika Ellis is a collection of flash fiction stories featuring people who want a way out. When trapped on a space ship, in a coma, or just a bad situation, fight or flight instincts kick in one way or another. Most choose flight.
Fisted And Pregnant by E M John Fisted And Pregnant by June 22, 2018 $2.99 2,300 words
Monica can't wait for her husband, Nick, to fill her with his seed and Nick can't wait to stretch her delicate flower wide open with his thick fist.
I Know My Son Thinks About Me When He Masturbates by Penelope Liksit I Know My Son Thinks About Me When He Masturbates by June 22, 2018 $2.99 1,510 words Sample 20%
A non-penetration incest story: My son has a secret. When he touches himself, he thinks about me.
Miller's Machinations by J. Michael Miller Miller's Machinations by June 22, 2018 $100.00 5,620 words Sample 1%
MILLER’S MACHINATIONS is a collection of short stories and poems written by J. Michael Miller. This varied compilation includes stories covering drama, horror, love, a superhero and more!
My Drunk Aunt Begged To Fuck Me! by Sharon Dick My Drunk Aunt Begged To Fuck Me! by June 22, 2018 $2.99 2,750 words Sample 10%
Drowning the sorrows of a bad day, I stroll into a bar looking for a quick hookup. A tight cunt bouncing on my cock is what I need to release some stress. Lucky for me, I found a hot milf trolling for a good time. She turns and it’s my Aunt. She’s drunk,stacked, and horny. I offer to just take her home, she throws herself on me. I would’ve fucked someone else that night, but hell I was curious.
Cocks and Rockets by Kaylee Kennicott Cocks and Rockets by June 22, 2018 $1.49 2,310 words Sample 20%
No man can compare to the size of the thing she wants -- until she explores her intrigue in the long, cool shafts of metal rockets.
Caught Stealing by Celeste Caught Stealing by June 22, 2018 $1.99 4,060 words Sample 20%
Kristi isn't sure why she stole the Bikini, but now she sits terrified in the loss prevention office. She can't afford a blemish on her record or she can lose her scholarship. What is she to do?
Exile of the Ghosts by Md Ashraful Islam Exile of the Ghosts by June 22, 2018 $1.20 10 words
Caina Amalas is the Ghost circlemaster of Istarinmul, the leader of the Emperor's spies in the city. She is a master of stealth and disguise, and faces foes of terrible power.
Drunk Mommy Means Sex with Daddy: Too Drunk to Care by DeeDee Zee Drunk Mommy Means Sex with Daddy: Too Drunk to Care by June 22, 2018 $2.99 4,530 words Sample 20%
Father-Daughter Incest Erotica ~ Getting Mom drunk enough to pass out is the easy part. Keeping their voices down while Lila and her father have sex beside her… now that’s hard.
Momento by Alastor Velazquez Momento by June 22, 2018 $0.99 690 words Sample 5%
A man desperately tries to bring himself to get rid of his father's baseball trophy, but can't seem to do it. He agonizes over why he is not able to, reflecting on his past with his father, and his mother's death.
Kiss Me, I'm Gorgeous by Alexandra Benedict Kiss Me, I'm Gorgeous by June 22, 2018 $0.99 7,130 words Sample 5%
Don't miss this passionate short story based on the fairy tale THE FROG PRINCE - where the most beautiful woman in the kingdom has never been kissed ... so she sets out to seduce London's greatest rake.
Punished Onstage at the Gay Strip Club (Dom Wanted #3) by Bro Biggly Punished Onstage at the Gay Strip Club (Dom Wanted #3) by June 22, 2018 $2.99 3,100 words Sample 30%
Twenty-year-old Noah has finished his freshman year at college, and now the horny young submissive needs a summer job. Dancing at a strip club seems like a great way to earn money fast, especially when he receives a very public punishment from his kinky professor. For open-minded adults who enjoy outrageous but true-to-life gay D/s scenes. Safe, sane, consenting.
Commission #22: Futa Prison 10 by Jason J. Honz Commission #22: Futa Prison 10 by June 22, 2018 $1.99 2,740 words
Thriving on her victory, Jess is ready to dish out exactly what she's been being served. And just in time for her girlfriend's first visit.
Lactation Control 2: An Adult Nursing and Lactation Erotica Story by Elliot Silvestri Lactation Control 2: An Adult Nursing and Lactation Erotica Story by June 22, 2018 $2.99 10,880 words Sample 20%
After her accident Petranella is settling into the three big changes in her life: her growing breasts, her unexpected lactation, and her newfound sex drive. While she loves all three of them—and taken together they start to rule her life—she discovers that even individually those changes can ruin her life. But Petranella doesn’t run away from any of it.
Mind and Magic by Peter Quattrone Mind and Magic by June 22, 2018 $100.00 4,760 words Sample 20%
MIND AND MAGIC by Peter Quattrone is a collection of three short stories driven by the broken psychological state of their protagonists.
Making Mom Suck My Cock by Baby Angie Making Mom Suck My Cock by June 21, 2018 $2.99 2,350 words Sample 20%
A horny mother is confronted by her horny son in the shower. She should have said no but his cock was so big!
Misapplied Magic by Farleven Misapplied Magic by June 21, 2018 Free! 6,780 words Read a sample
Today was just another wild day for Maggie. She'd always had the ability to see magic and tame it. Now she hunted down outbursts, to grow her power. The magic she hunted enchanted people, making their sexy daydreams come true. To catch it, she had to let it enchant her, to become part of the dream. To catch it she had to enjoy the pleasures that only magic could create.
His King by Alastor Velazquez His King by June 21, 2018 $0.99 2,110 words Sample 10%
A young Scottish man, Alec, kills his king in order to steal the throne. After the funeral pyre for King Graham, a ceremony is held to celebrate Alec becoming the new king. He contemplates his feelings for the deceased King's wife, Lady Graham, and the sins that he has made in his life.
How Gay Saved The World by Dick Powers How Gay Saved The World by June 21, 2018 $0.99 2,830 words Sample 20%
Harry is afraid. He is afraid that he cannot love a gay man. That he won't be able to truly love another like he loves his wife. Yet, he wants a child in a world where the only way is to sleep with a gay man. To love him. To give him everything to him. To not hold back anything. To give it all. Only then can he achieve his goal. Only through love can a baby be born.
Pledging Tau Geta Delta Part 7 - Boxers or Lace by Farleven Pledging Tau Geta Delta Part 7 - Boxers or Lace by June 21, 2018 $2.99 10,380 words Sample 20%
Decision time! This was it, the end of my initiation. For seven days I'd had the craziest time as a college coed, thanks to my desire to pledge at the Tau Geta Delta fraternity. They'd turned me into a girl as part of the initiation and I'd had the wildest, sexiest time I could have imagined. The pleasure alone was enough to make me debate changing back.
DILF Trade: The Drunk Grandpa by Gavin Rockhard DILF Trade: The Drunk Grandpa by June 21, 2018 $2.99 3,820 words Sample 20%
Can this mature DILF satisfy Reggie's needs? Reggie loves older men, the straighter and swaggier the better! Today he's dealing with a drunk grandpa and ex-Marine who will let Reggie service his mature needs! He's just drunk enough to do it right, giving Reggie the DILF Trade experience of a lifetime!
The GILF Next Door Sells Sex by Lexi Wood The GILF Next Door Sells Sex by June 21, 2018 $2.99 9,020 words Sample 20%
Ben’s never been with a woman, but not for lack of trying! Every time he gets with a girl his own age, he explodes before he’s anywhere near her sweet spot. When his elderly neighbour catches him in the act, she’s quick to offer her services. You’re never too old to have sex for money, and Margaret’s specialty is first-timers. Can she train Ben’s body to get in good with a girl?
दिल की कलम से by वर्जिन साहित्यपीठ दिल की कलम से by June 21, 2018 $1.00 11,250 words Sample 20%
छः महिने की नन्ही सी गुड़िया को अपनी गोद मे उठाए रोहित सबसे मिल रहा था। जाॅब के कारण अपने शहर कम ही आना होता था। इस बार एक शादी मे शामिल हुआ तो सबसे मिलना हो गया। कहते हैं पिता और बेटी का रिश्ता सबसे अनूठा होता है। रोहित भी नन्ही ट्विषा को जान से ज्यादा चाहता था। उसे किसी को भी गोद में लेने नही देता। बड़ी मुश्किल से ऑफिस से छुट्टी मिली थी, रोहित इन खूबसूरत लम्हों का एक भी पल गवाँना नही चाहता था। पित
A Fruitful Rain by Alexa Ortuoste A Fruitful Rain by June 21, 2018 $2.00 3,550 words Sample 20%
Twelve-year-old Carl Valles plants a row of potatoes and sells them at the school fundraiser. But things don’t turn out the way he expects them to, and Carl simply looks forward to the outdoor family night. When his mother fails to show up, Carl rushes home to check on her. Now he is faced with a bigger task to take care of her, and he has to make sure the harvested vegetables don’t go to waste.
Gutter Trade in a Flash: Dirty Sanchez by Gavin Rockhard Gutter Trade in a Flash: Dirty Sanchez by June 21, 2018 $0.99 2,190 words Sample 20%
Abe loves nasty, disgusting gay sex with the filthiest and foulest straight men he can find! Today he's found exactly what he's looking for, in a Latino electrician who will give him his dirty namesake for the right amount of cash! That means he's about to get his sexiest adventure in Gutter Trade yet!
Ravished Part 2 by Sara Kitty Ravished Part 2 by June 21, 2018 $2.99 4,330 words Sample 20%
Banned by that place that starts with an A! (But you can only get part 1 of this series there, due to their rules.) But part 2 is a stand alone story you can enjoy without reading Ravished Part 1 first.
A Virgin Son and His Dad 2: An MM Gay Incest Erotica by Wolfgang Glasscock A Virgin Son and His Dad 2: An MM Gay Incest Erotica by June 21, 2018 $2.99 3,360 words Sample 30%
I… I still consider myself a virgin even though my Dad fucked me in the mouth last week. So long as a woman hasn’t touched me, I’m… a virgin, right? Right?! Dad’s less angry this week too. Maybe we… maybe we can rebuild our relationship. I mean, I will admit… it felt good to have Dad’s cock in my mouth. I… I want it again. But this time… in my ass!