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Undead of Night by Zanna Johns Undead of Night by Oct. 23, 2018 $0.99 17,300 words Sample 20%
Three short tales to get you into the Halloween spirit. A young man fighting for his life against the monster under his bed. A woman alone in the woods with a werewolf-like creature that's determined to make her its dinner. A teenage girl forced to face her fear and help the ghostly child haunting her. For these poor souls, the things that go bump in the night are way too real.
She Devil With A Shotgun by Duane Bradley She Devil With A Shotgun by Oct. 23, 2018 Free! 8,060 words Read a sample
Meet Misty Brown, porn star turned bank robber, and follow her on a roaring rampage of revenge.
Kayla's Costume Won't Come Off by K. Massari Kayla's Costume Won't Come Off by Oct. 23, 2018 Free! 8,780 words Read a sample
Dark desires come to life on Halloween. Logan’s girlfriend Kayla is a sweet, unassuming young girl who lives with her single mother in New York City. She has outgrown last year’s costume, but since they’re barely scraping by, a new one is out of the question. When the cool kids in school brag about what they are going to wear, Kayla bitterly resolves to turn things around.
Cornstalker by Lori R. Lopez Cornstalker by Oct. 23, 2018 $1.99 10,570 words
Trouble with a capital C! The tale begins when a car stops and a body is tossed into the Corn. But this is not just any crop. It is the battleground of a legendary creature who haunts fields along desolate highways, only when stalks are tall and the blood of brothers has been spilled in the soil — rising above the Corn like a burly Scarecrow.
Stevie Nicks: I am pretty fearless and you know why by Abhishek Patel Stevie Nicks: I am pretty fearless and you know why by Oct. 23, 2018 $2.00 13,170 words
Stephanie Lynn Nicks is an American singer and songwriter. Nicks is best known for her work as a songwriter and vocalist with Fleetwood Mac, and also for her chart-topping solo career. She is known for her distinctive voice, mystical stage persona, and poetic, symbolic lyrics
Bye Mom. by Arthur Howe Bye Mom. by Oct. 23, 2018 You set the price! 210 words
Depending on your definitions, this Book is either "Flash" or "Micro" Fiction and not in fact a book. The ravages of Senile Dementia are eternal.
Monster of Monsters: The Elevator Ride Down Down- Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror Flash Fiction #4 by Kristie Lynn Higgins Monster of Monsters: The Elevator Ride Down Down- Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror Flash Fiction #4 by Oct. 23, 2018 Free! 460 words Read a sample
Type: Flash Fiction and the word count is about 220 words This short-short story in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Flash Fiction series visits a Brown Deliveries person as they take an elevator ride to an interesting delivery. New to Flash Fiction? Flash Fiction are very very short books to tickle your fancy. They are a great way to see a writer's style and be introduced to the worlds...
Noah's Nickel by Terri Talley Venters Noah's Nickel by Oct. 23, 2018 $0.99 14,170 words Sample 20%
Archaeology couple Victoria and Tommy head to Asia. This third installment in the Under The Magic series begins in Kentucky at the Ark Adventure—a full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark depicting the biblical tale of the Great Flood. They jet across the Pacific, and enjoy Shanghai Disneyland. While hiking nearby, they find a cave which leads them to the archaeological find of the millennium
Finding Shakespeare ( A Collection of Love Poems) by Ivy Joy Talabor Finding Shakespeare ( A Collection of Love Poems) by Oct. 22, 2018 $1.39 4,430 words Sample 10%
This book is composed of twenty eight free verse poems about love. It's all about the journeys of a heart and the sweet words formed in an artistic way into poetry. It aims to cater the cravings of emotions of the readers about falling in love, staying in love and believing in love.
Summoned Pt 4 - Battle by W.G. Spillman Summoned Pt 4 - Battle by Oct. 22, 2018 Free! 17,070 words Read a sample
Angela and her friends get their first chance at a real fight.
The Inhuman by Thomas M. Willett The Inhuman by Oct. 22, 2018 $0.99 14,160 words Sample 20%
When a flood hits the town of Jade Bridge, George and his family must escape to freedom amid potential attacks from a dangerous creature lying just below the surface.
The Case That Wasn't by D. E. Harrison The Case That Wasn't by Oct. 22, 2018 $5.99 11,440 words Sample 15%
At an estate sale Jones buys a recipe box. In it is a recipe for boiled cake and a note for help. Rage buys a book. Hit men leave the estate to get the book and box back. The Coroner has two bodies with no case number. The bodies of the hit men are returned to the estate with a demand for money. The lady is returned to her home. Jones tries to perfect his boiled cake, if that were possible.
Night Watch by B.G. Donohue Night Watch by Oct. 22, 2018 $9.99 7,480 words
"In the Night Watch Poems, B. G. Donohue finds the wide chinks of light in the dark.. These are powerful, complex and beautiful, perfectly measured and crafted. In his search for the Divine, Donohue discovers a fertile ground." - Colum McCann, National Book Award, American Academy of Arts and Letters Award, Pushcart Prize, Guggenheim Fellowship, Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing
The Dark Valley Of Love by Tendani Ndou The Dark Valley Of Love by Oct. 22, 2018 Free! 4,470 words Sample 10%
Best collection of poems. It's all about love. You've never read anything this good. This e book includes poems like " Enslaved by love", " a thought of you". The writer use a very unique writing technique, easy to understand. Adults can understand the use of language used here and also suitable for kids.
Neon Literary Magazine Issue Forty-Four by Neon Books Neon Literary Magazine Issue Forty-Four by Oct. 22, 2018 You set the price! 12,890 words Sample 30%
Published winter 2017, this is the forty-fourth issue of Neon Literary Magazine. In this edition of Neon we visit the quaint yet dystopian English town of Scarfolk, observe mysterious goings on in a grand hotel, meet a rather more respectable imaginary version of the president of the United States of America in a dream prison, and sit in on a number of brutal executions.
Payback's A Bitch by OWord Payback's A Bitch by Oct. 22, 2018 $15.49 18,360 words Sample 10%
Tylor and Joy are in a loving, committed relationship, on a vacation in Egypt. The two hardworking, successful women get mischievous and playful letting their hair down on this trip. Join them as they take in some ancient temples and go snorkeling in the Red Sea.
Life- Chapbook by Stephanie Daich Life- Chapbook by Oct. 22, 2018 Free! 8,400 words Read a sample
A unique glimpse into life using many styles of poetry and prose. This chapbook is offered free from the author as her way of serving you with her talents and sharing her perspective of life in our world. Please enjoy!
T.G. DAY by Robert C. Waggoner T.G. DAY by Oct. 22, 2018 Free! 1,780 words Read a sample
A young boy on Thanksgiving sees strange things on his grandfather's farm. He and his dog go investigate. After discovering what he wished he had not found, his world and the idea of a Thanksgiving holiday eating turkey would change forever.
This Plane is Going to Crash by Maurice Jovan Billington This Plane is Going to Crash by Oct. 22, 2018 $7.00 8,930 words Sample 20%
A collection of poems about the debris left in the wake of love and desire.
Back To Boardwalk by Lisa Loomis Back To Boardwalk by Oct. 22, 2018 $3.99 10,390 words
Stepping off the plane Morgan Mallory knows being back in San Jose, California is going to bring back entirely too many memories. With her family in tow, this trip is more than just the usual getaway. It’s a step back into her past. Will sharing familiar places with them haunt her or put her memories to rest?
The Constant Tourist | Part 3 by John Dodsworth The Constant Tourist | Part 3 by Oct. 22, 2018 Free! 1,840 words Read a sample
Welcome to another reality, where skyscrapers ascend the clouds and humanoid hybrids walk the streets with everyday people. In this mind bending exploration of time, identity and self-worth, we will attempt to decipher what lies at the core of our humanity, all the while being lead along by a mysterious man in a black suit and red tie...
THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN by El George THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN by Oct. 22, 2018 $3.00 15,320 words Sample 20%
The Perfect Gentleman -observations, perceptions versus reality. Who is a Gentleman? Who can be called a Perfect Gentleman? What does being a Gentleman really mean? Are we looking at appearances or something more?
Life on the other side by Ernest Antwi Life on the other side by Oct. 22, 2018 $1.49 7,750 words Sample 20%
Life in the womb is a daily challenge, though it comes with its share of fun and laughter. Panyin and Kakra, twins in their ninth month in the womb, must confront their fears, fumble over love, and debate on the principles of right and wrong as seen through the lives of their parents.
The Hunter by Robert G George The Hunter by Oct. 22, 2018 Free! 1,540 words Read a sample
A short story about hunting in New Zealand. Historical, fictional, real.
Agnes Wagner's Gardening Club by Barbara Jaques Agnes Wagner's Gardening Club by Oct. 22, 2018 Free! 2,610 words Read a sample
A short tale of an elitist gardening club driving the horticulturally minded to insane extremes. Nature, nurture or just plain creepy?
Forgiveness by Matthew David Carroll Forgiveness by Oct. 22, 2018 Free! 5,630 words Read a sample
...The road to fame and fortune always has unforeseen consequence, especially when you’ve crossed a psychopath...
Sugar Cookies and Mistletoe by Kay Doherty Sugar Cookies and Mistletoe by Oct. 22, 2018 $2.99 11,720 words Sample 20%
Preston believed he would never find his mate. When he finally does, he’s in for a surprise. His mate, Dylan, is a rare omega wolf-shifter, but he’s still a child.
For Ya' Sake by Khali Raymond For Ya' Sake by Oct. 22, 2018 $3.00 4,240 words
A new book of poems by Khali Raymond that showcases the essence of his craft.
Nature's Essence by Khali Raymond Nature's Essence by Oct. 22, 2018 $2.99 3,000 words
Mother Nature takes on a whole new form, the human being. A being with complex thoughts and emotions...
Space Is My Limit by Khali Raymond Space Is My Limit by Oct. 22, 2018 $2.99 3,470 words
A new limit has been reached. Open up this book and see how high you can go because the sky is overrated. Reach for the sky!
A Peculiar Blend by Rich Green A Peculiar Blend by Oct. 22, 2018 $3.05 3,100 words Sample 20%
A PECULIAR BLEND by Rich Green is a small collection that holds contemporary and fantasy tales of flash fiction. These stories show us moments of desperation, life lessons, as well as the theft of artifacts.
Sudden Fiction by Danielle Benji Sudden Fiction by Oct. 21, 2018 $0.99 3,140 words
"Sudden Fiction" is fiction stories filled with mystery, betrayal, loyalty, and love expressed by fictional characters from their perspective.
The Stair Case by D. E. Harrison The Stair Case by Oct. 21, 2018 $5.99 14,410 words Sample 15%
The city passes a new building code early and the contractor added two more subfloor staircases to both sides of the foundation. The FBI is conducting a SWAT exercise in the same high-rise building many years later. What causes the exercise to go deadly and have the FBI Commander order his second unit into the building with live ammo?
Twists and Turns: A Collection of Short Stories by Ellie Forcier Twists and Turns: A Collection of Short Stories by Oct. 21, 2018 Free! 2,210 words Read a sample
Twists and Turns: A Collection of Short Stories is three short stories that are fiction based with drama, comedy and some romance. All the short stories try to express well character development that help focus on their tasks.
Breaking the News and Other Short Short Stories by Corinne Kalet Breaking the News and Other Short Short Stories by Oct. 21, 2018 $0.99 4,880 words Sample 20%
Breaking the News and Other Short Short Stories by Corinne Kalet is a collection of short stories including the titular "Breaking the News", "Getting Away", "The End", and two excerpts from an upcoming untitled novel: "Dreams and Lessons" and "Meeting Him".
The Hitchhiker by Michael Maine The Hitchhiker by Oct. 21, 2018 $60000.00 9,050 words Sample 40%
The Hitchhiker and Other Stories is a collection of short stories showcasing the dark imagination of the author, spanning across and combining different genres.
Don't Read This Book, Chapter 15 by Benjamin Gorman Don't Read This Book, Chapter 15 by Oct. 21, 2018 Free! 4,130 words Read a sample
Magdalena Wallace is the greatest writer in the world. She just doesn't know it. When three witches inform a thousand year-old necromancer that Lena can write a novel so powerful it can bring an end to human civilization, she's kidnapped and forced to write the book. Rescued, she's on the run with the manuscript - and the fate of humanity - in her backpack, and a lot of monsters hot on her heels!
Why God? When? by Patricia Richardson Why God? When? by Oct. 21, 2018 $1.99 3,620 words
Julius desires a son so much that he turns on his wife and on God, until God steps in with a miracle. Will Julius accept the gift, or will his nightmares become his reality?
Do NOT Open and Other Silly Stories by Jonathon Guillot Do NOT Open and Other Silly Stories by Oct. 21, 2018 $3.99 3,650 words Sample 20%
DO NOT OPEN AND OTHER SILLY STORIES by Jonathon Guillot is a collection of hilariously dry flash fiction stories. Talking dogs and sarcastic cardboard boxes are the norm in this universe, and they invite you over for laughs in these three stories.
On the Other Side by Michal Claire On the Other Side by Oct. 21, 2018 Free! 13,360 words Sample 100%
Maki takes Zack and Luke through a canvas that she hangs up on a tree and tells them that Zack's dad agreed to let her show them this part of the world, because, she told them, "He doesn't want you to get lost or think your going crazily." In the next installment of The Adventures of Zack and Luke, On the Other Side.
Lone Wolf Wanted by Jessie Lane Lone Wolf Wanted by Oct. 21, 2018 $2.99 18,480 words
Chrissy has a certain itch she needs scratched. The problem is, there are no unmated shifter males she wants to get freaky with on Black Mountain. How’s a girl supposed to have fun under these conditions? Ezrah is a lone wolf, outcast from his pack and traveling the open road. After they share a night to remember, Ezrah walks out, not knowing that fate is determined to throw them back together.
Hot Fur the Wolf by Jessie Lane Hot Fur the Wolf by Oct. 21, 2018 $0.99 17,740 words
Autumn is part of a notorious coven of witches. She has been trained since birth to be the next head witch, and duty comes before all else. That means she will have to enter a marriage of convenience to a stranger—a powerful warlock. But one trip to the nightclub Hot Fur is enough to throw those plans out the window. Because suddenly, she has a sexy werewolf wanting to claim her as his mate.
The Vision Glasses by S.P. Austen The Vision Glasses by Oct. 21, 2018 $1.50 8,010 words Sample 20%
A strange pair of spectacles are purchased in a far-away land. Are the glasses a curse or a blessing? What would you do if you owned such an unusual pair of glasses? Read on, to find out how the fortunes of three people are tied in with the possession of The Vision Glasses. *Stephen Austen asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work and as the owner of the Text Copyright
Invisible Wounds Exist by C.K. Aguilar Invisible Wounds Exist by Oct. 21, 2018 Free! 5,630 words Read a sample
INVISIBLE WOUNDS EXIST contains short stories written to impact the way we view invisible wounds. Veterans and servicemembers suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety go through unique trials the civilian world may never understand. Most of these fictitious stories are based on events which have happened in the lives of service members, veterans and even their families.
Summoned, And Other Short Stories by Caity Robyn Bernhard Summoned, And Other Short Stories by Oct. 21, 2018 Free! 3,540 words Read a sample
This is a collection of short stories about people just trying to find their place in life in one way or another.
Cattleman's Dream by Mary Suzanne Cattleman's Dream by Oct. 21, 2018 $2.99 7,880 words Sample 5%
Wade Rawley wanted to do things the old-fashioned way, drive his new herd back to his ranch on a good old cattle drive. But he hadn't counted on picking up two Hitchhikers. When he meets Annie and Misty he gets more than he bargained for. It's sensual girl on girl action and Wade gets to go along for the ride, making it an erotic threesome. It’s a cattleman’s dream.
"John Smith" by Oct. 21, 2018 Free! 8,140 words Read a sample
John Smith is a brilliant writer. John writes to Stephen King and James Herbert (late), offering to be their tutor as he thinks their work could do with some improvement in order for them to sell more books.
Hope, Magic, and Fantasy by Lesley Nessa Hope, Magic, and Fantasy by Oct. 21, 2018 Free! 2,600 words Read a sample
HOPE, MAGIC, and FANTASY is a collection of stories about people taking a journey to a better life. Prepare for an interesting journey.
The Haunting of Alcott Manor, The First Four Chapters by Alyssa Richards The Haunting of Alcott Manor, The First Four Chapters by Oct. 21, 2018 Free! 10,000 words Read a sample
Gemma and Henry must solve a hundred-year mystery to complete the restoration in time. Failure to do so could cost Gemma’s parents their business, but staying in the house could cost them much, much more… If you like fateful chemistry, engaging characters, and mysteries that keep you guessing until the very end, then you’ll love the first book in Alyssa Richards’ chilling new series.
The Warbirds of Absaroka by Debbie Mumford The Warbirds of Absaroka by Oct. 21, 2018 $1.49 7,570 words Sample 20%
Brenna Standing Bear has been given an impossible task by her dying grandfather: convince Absaroka’s Planetary Council to build a fleet to defend against the Bug-Eyes. The problem? The council believes the Bug-Eyes were defeated sixty-eight years ago. Why should they expend precious resources to defend against a non-existent threat?