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Series Reading Order

Wilbur Smith

Compiled By

Albie Berk


I love reading and have always found it more enjoyable to read a series in order, preferably without missing any book or story on the way. Author and fan websites offer information in this regard, but the presentation is not always easy to work with and they don’t include all the information that will be part of this little E-Book.

Here you will find all Wilbur Smith books and stories listed in series and publication date order. The second section is to be used as a checklist to keep track of the books and short stories you’ve read. In the third part the novels are listed once again, this time with links to Amazon.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Wilbur Smith book list in order with summaries and publication dates

Part 2 Wilbur Smith novels in series order to be used as a E Reader checklist

Part 1

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