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About Dani Beck

MILFs on Mars

By Dani Beck

I watch my friend dirty dance with a guy she’d just met on the dance floor of the crowded bar. The mother in me wants to march out there and break them up, or at the very least tell them to lighten up on the hip grinding and suggestive movements.

But that would embarrass Trina and piss her off. And would prove my soon-to-be ex-husband right about me.

I’m only 42, but lately feel much older. Six months ago, my husband left me for a younger (much younger) woman. Ever since, even though Karl is now hinting he wants to come back home, I have been so self-conscious about the way I look and act.

So when Trina—who’s also dealing with the same insecurities minus the A-hole husband—invited me to go bar-hopping, saying it would be good for us to hang around a younger crowd, I begrudgingly agreed.

This afternoon, we got our hair colored and trimmed. My long black hair had gotten a few grays and the color had dulled a bit. Now I am sporting raven black hair with a few aqua blue streaks. I have to admit, the change does make me feel a bit younger, a bit sexier.

But still, in a bar full of mostly college students, I still feel old and unattractive in comparison to the hot young things milling around.

“You look like you need another drink,” the bartender says, grabbing up my empty glass and wiping away the condensation ring left behind.

I glance up and meet the eyes of an attractive young man. “Yeah. Maybe about 10 more.” The other bartender must be on a break. I’d have remembered this one. He was gorgeous with his ebony skin and sinewy muscles that flex and ripple every time he moves. If only I was 20 years younger…

His brows rise. “Not having any fun?”

“Do I look like I fit in here?”

He cocks his head to one side. “You look like you’d fit in anywhere.”

I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but he is smiling so I assume he meant that in a good way.

“I’m old enough to be most of your customers’ mother. And probably yours too.”

My daughter probably goes to bars like this. If she was here, she’d be out on the dance floor bumping and grinding. And unlike Trina—who appears to have less rhythm than an irregular heartbeat—my daughter would look good doing it.

“You sure don’t look like any moms I know,” the bartender tells me.

I raise my glass to him. “Thank you.”

“Brian,” he says, wiping off his hands, and holding one out to me.

I use a napkin to rid my hands of the condensation, then shake his hand. “Felicity.” His long fingers wrap around mine in a strong grip. I can’t help wondering what else about him is long.

When I meet his eyes again, his are twinkling, as if he’d just read my mind. I hadn’t said my thoughts out loud, had I? No. No way. Get a grip, Felicity. He’s almost half your age.

“So, if this isn’t your regular scene, what are you doing here?”

I motion to the dance floor, where Trina is making a fool of herself dancing suggestively with a couple of young men who look like they’d rather be dancing suggestively with each other. “My friend insisted. She thinks if we hang out with a younger crowd, we’ll stay younger at heart.”

“You’re not old,” Brian says. “And you definitely don’t look old.” His gaze sweeps appreciatively over me, and a rumble rolls through my belly and desire pools between my legs. “In fact, you look perfect.”

I blush and wave off the compliment. “You’re sweet.”

“I’m not sweet.”

His tone makes me cock my head and study his face. His expression confirms his words. He definitely does not look “sweet” right now. He looks… turned on.

Seriously? By me? I rub my finger around the rim of the glass. When I realize he is watching my actions, I can’t resist stirring the drink with my finger, then I lift it to my mouth. I suck off the wetness then slowly slide my finger out, releasing the suction with a soft smack, all the while watching his eyes darken.

“My break is 15 minutes long,” he says.

I’m sure that’s not all that’s long. “Um, okay?” Not sure where he’s going with this.

“I know just the thing to make you feel younger.” His eyes grow hooded, and suddenly I know what he’s suggesting. He slides another drink across the bar. “Your choice.”

He says something to the other bartender, then takes off the apron and disappears out the back door. I think there’s an alley back there.

My heart rate speeds up. I stare at the drink in front of me. I look around the crowded room, thinking everyone here must know what’s going on, everyone must be staring at me, but nobody pays me any attention. Trina’s still on the dance floor, but with a different guy this time. I drum my pink fingernails on the lacquered bar. I sip the drink, and the whiskey burns its way down my throat and into my belly. I drum my fingernails some more.

“Oh, what the hell.” I slam back the rest of the drink, and head the direction Brian disappeared.

I push open the back door and step into the dark alley. It smells faintly of fish and cooking oil. Hmm. Not the most romantic place for a tryst. Still a step up from my ex. Glancing around, I see no one. The fact that it’s pitch black out here doesn’t help. “Brian?” I whisper.

Nothing. Maybe I was wrong, and Brian didn’t come out here.

I turn to go back inside, but the door has locked behind me. Shit. Well, isn’t this just great? I’ll have to walk through this dark alley by myself and around the block to get back to the bar and my friend. I wonder if Trina has even realized I’ve gone. Probably not. She’s probably draped over something by now—either a guy or a toilet.

I’ve barely taken two steps in my ridiculously high heels, when someone grabs my arm. I jump.

“Felicity,” Brian says softly, in his deep sexy voice. Then I’m in his arms and he’s kissing me like I haven’t been kissed in years. His tongue thrusts deep into my mouth as he pushes me up against the brick wall. His hand slides under my skirt and rips off my panties.

I should be annoyed—those were brand new panties—but I’ve never been so turned on before. I gasp as he thrusts two fingers inside me. My pussy has been wet since I first laid eyes on Brian, so his fingers glide easily in and out. He knows exactly where to touch me and I writhe against his hand, moaning when his thumb finds my clit. I slide my hands under his shirt, needing to feel bare skin. God, he’s got a great body. A great, young body. All muscle and bone.

I like muscle. I really like bone.

My body climbs toward a huge climax, and my pussy squeezes around his fingers. Then suddenly, he withdraws and pushes me down. “Suck me,” he commands, forcing me to my knees.

“What?” How dare he treat me like this, and push me onto my knees on the hard concrete? Little pebbles dig into my skin.

“Suck me,” he says again. “If you want to feel younger, suck me off.” He’s holding me down with one hand, and unzipping his pants with the other.

“If you think I’m going to suck you off now, you’ve got another think—” My rant catches in my throat when he pulls his cock out of his pants. Oh. My. God. I’ve never seen one so thick and full. A shiny bead of pre-cum glistens on its tip. My mouth waters just looking at it. Then he pulls another cock out, this one just as big. “You have two cocks.” I blink a few times, thinking my eyes just might be crossed from the drinks I had inside. Nope. There are still two cocks just inches from my eyes. And my mouth. “Uh, which one do I—?”

“Whichever pleases you.” He threads his fingers in my hair and tugs me toward him, although I was already moving closer of my own volition.

I’ll gladly suck him off if he’s willing to make it worth my while. I can only imagine the pleasure two cocks could bring me. Both of my holes pulse with desire as I contemplate the naughty things he could do to me.

I take a penis in each hand, my trembling fingers unable to reach all the way around the girths. I look back and forth between each cock. Eenie, meenie, miney, mo. I choose the one on the right to wrap my lips around. Brian’s sharp intake of breath pleases me and I start sucking with my mouth and pumping with my hands concurrently. God. He tastes amazing, his pre-cum sweeter than I’m used to as I stroke my tongue across the slit of the cock in my mouth, and rub my thumb across the other.

Blood engorges the shafts even more and I know he’s getting ready to blow. Pardon the pun. Vaguely, I wonder if both cocks will cum or just the one I’m sucking off. Hmm. If both cocks erupt, that’ll make a huge mess. I really don’t want jizz all over my face and dress—

As if reading my mind, Brian pulls out of my mouth and steps back, leaving me staring slack-jawed at his gorgeous, ginormous and throbbing cocks within a mouth’s reach. One of them is wet with my saliva and it practically sparkles in the dim light of the alley way. He reaches under my armpits and hauls me to my feet.

Before I can ask him what his plan is, he commands, “Turn around.”

Damn. The boy is bossy, but I do what he asks because I am so horny I can hardly stand it. His cocks look about ready to explode, and that cum has to go somewhere. My pussy is happy to oblige.

My hands curl around a wooden crate stacked against the brick wall. He shoves my skirt up around my waist, and the cool night air brushes my bare ass and exposed pussy. Both of them clench, wondering which hole he’ll use. I’m open to either option. Or both.

I almost cum right there on the spot as I think of the possibility of my two holes being fucked simultaneously.

He slips a finger into my cunt, pulls it out, then slips it into my ass. That finger lingers there, moving slowly in and out of me, stretching me. Readying me.


I can’t believe I’m about to let a young man half my age—and a stranger, no less—fuck me doggie style in the alley of a local bar. What the hell am I thinking?

Not thinking, apparently. And I’m good with that.

His hands grasp my hips and he positions himself behind me.

“Condom,” I blurt out at the last minute. There’s no way I can get pregnant—I had my tubes tied after my last kid—but I really don’t want to get a skanky disease. Not even from this gorgeous hunk of a man.

“No need,” he says, and without warning thrusts both cocks into me. One into my hot pussy, and the other into my tight ass.

I shriek as he shoves all the way into me, filling up both holes until his pelvis presses against my butt cheeks. I am stretched to the limit.

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