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Mated by Cerberus

A Monster / Bestiality Erotica

Cleo blinked, and she blinked, and she blinked a third time. No matter how many times she closed her eyes and re-opened them, the scene before her didn’t change. Her head felt muddled, like she had had too much wine, and concentrating seemed to sap all of the energy out of her. The young woman tried to swallow, but felt a foreign heaviness in her mouth. Spitting out the offending object, she stared dumbly at the coin in her hand, wet and cold from her saliva. Shaking her head, she looked out and around again.

She stood before a river, large and fast flowing. The dark waters were illuminated by immense fire pits set in the walls, periodically placed throughout the chamber. Stone surrounded the entire place, higher than Cleo could see. A cave. A cave and a river.

Squinting, the young woman could just make out a boat sailing towards her. The hull gleamed black in the firelight, with the black sails fluffed fully despite the lack of wind. Cleo watched silently as it pulled up to the shore, descending a gangway ramp down next to her. Automatically, she began to walk towards it. Her body moved forward even as her brain ran in circles.

A cave. A river. A coin. A boat. The dead!

The thought jolted through her body, and the girl jerked to a stop.

“Oh no, no no no,” she moaned, running her hands from her head down to her shoulders, her arms, torso, thighs, legs, and feet. Her golden blonde hair felt healthy enough, thick and swirling down to her shoulders, but her skin, oh, her skin! Instead of vitality and warmth, all Cleo could feel was the clammy cold of death, covering her from head to toe.

“No, no, no…” she moaned again, falling back on to the bench of the boat. Her head violently churned like a whirlpool, and the girl felt the confusion draining slowly but surely.

She was dead. Dead. Dead!

The word pounded through her body, replacing her now absent heartbeat.

But what had happened? Why was she dead?

Cleo shook her head as a dog would to clear it further. The last thing she remembered was going to the Bacchus Festival with her friends. All daughters of Senators, they had been escorted by armed guards to prevent any misdeeds. Annoyed at their presence, Cleo and Claudia had snuck away, intending to revel without a parental figure watching their every move. The two had drank, and drank, and drank, until Cleo’s head pulsed with convivial warmth. Some men had invited the young girls to party with them, and…

Oh Gods above! Dazedly, she saw the images in hazy detail play across her mind’s eye. They had taken Cleo to a nearby house and laid her on a bed of warm furs. She had giggled at the tickling sensation, and those giggles only grew as the men teased her thighs apart. Hands ran all over her body while still more helped her raise her head to drink more wine, always more wine.

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